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How to make Blogger template Responsive & mobile friendly


How to make blogger template responsive

You are thinking How are Responsive Layouts Designed. For me it's very simple to design responsive blogger template. In fact every template can be changed into responsive template. The only thing you need to know is HTML and CSS. If you know both ,  then it will be very easy to make your template responsive.
Every template can be made responsive in just 2 simple ways which are: 
1. Meta viewport.
2. @media queries.
Normally browsers opens Webpages in desktop view. It is OK to view Webpages in desktop but when you open your Webpages in mobiles and low resolution screens, it becomes very hard to read and click on links. You have to zoom every time you want to read a portion of Webpage. To overcome this situation we need to help our browser in detecting device-width which is done with metaview ports.
Meta viewport helps in detecting device width for the browsers. Now the next step is to add media queries. In media queries we use custom CSS for different screen sizes. Media queries acts as the conditional if else tags for the browsers. Example. For desktop view you set 3 column view and for tablet you use 2 column view and similarly you use single column for mobile phones. Now when a person opens your website,  then the browser will detect screen size with the help of meta viewport and then will call appropriate css for that device. To make your website responsive you need to follow two basic steps which I will explain below.

Step by step to make responsive templates.

Step 1:  add meta viewport just below the <head> tag of your blogger template.
<meta name="viewport" content=" width=device-width , initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1"/>

Step 2: Add media queries to your css file.
/* Laptops & Desktops */
@media only screen and (max-width : 1280px) {
/* css here will be rendered if and only if device width is less than 1280px */
/* Tablets 1024px */
@media only screen and (max-width : 1024px) {
/* css here will be rendered if and only if device width is less than 1024px */
/* Tablets 768px */
@media only screen and (max-width : 768px) {
/*  css here will be rendered if and only if device width is less than 768px */
/* Phones 640px */
@media only screen and (max-width : 640px) {
/*  css here will be rendered if and only if device width is less than 640xpx */
/* Phones 480px */
@media only screen and (max-width : 480px) {
/* css here will be rendered if and only if device width is less than 480px */
/* Small Mobiles 320px */
@media only screen and (max-width : 320px) {
/* css here will be rendered if and only if device width is less than 320px */

Helpful Tips:

1. Always Use percentages in writing CSS values instead of numeric values to define width of columns. This will make your template highly responsive.
2. Always use  max-width, box-sizing, and min-width properties.
3. Use css like below and only make changes with percentages.
@media only screen and (max-width : 320px) {
.sidebar{ width: 100% ; float: none; }
4.  If you want to hide any particular section just use Display:none; in the css.

Note: there are many breakpoints for media queries but here I show only common breakpoints that are sufficient for every type of device width. You can see my template which is highly responsive and I use only these media queries.

How to enable responsive template for blogger mobile.

If you successfully followed all the above steps then it's time to activate your responsive template for blogger mobile view.
Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard.
Step 2: Click on Template.
Step 3: You will see a gear icon in mobile template. Click on that icon.
Step 4: Now you have to select " Custom ”
Step 5: Save all the changes.

How to make blogger template mobile friendly without editing template and media queries

If you find about method difficult or you don't know how to use media queries with css. Then you need to use this method to make your blogger blog mobile friendly.
Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard.
Step 2: Click on Template.
Step 3: You will see a gear icon in mobile template. Click on that icon.
Step 4: Now you have to select “Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.”
Step 5: Save all the changes.

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How to backup BlogSpot blog (Blogger Site) & Template in easy way

     Friends, today I will tell you How to create a backup copy of your blogger blog in easy way with few clicks. This backup copy will help you in restoring your blog articles & templates or to migrate in other platform like WordPress. You can download entire blog's copy in XML format including posts and comments. 
      This all magic is possible in blogger with handy Import & Export feature of blogger.
This export feature you can download a complete backup of your blogger blog and in any case if you accidentally delete your blog articles then you can easily restore all the deleted blog posts.
One of the major reason why people dislike blogger is because Google can delete your blog for violating their terms & policies. If in any case your blog is deleted by Google then you can migrate your blog content to other platforms easily. So make a habit of downloading your blog once in a week.

To access this setting you need to follow some below steps.
Step 1: visit to your blogger dashboard.
Step 2: Click on setting menu.
Step 3: Now click on Others and you will find below settings.
Import Export Blogger

step 4: Click on Backup Content and then download your blog in XML format.

How to Backup your Blog Template

Sometimes you need to make changes in your blog's template and in any case if you make unnecessary changes and are unable to find then you can restore your blog template with this method.
This copy of your template can also be used if you want to share it with other bloggers.
Just follow below steps and you will get your copy of your template in XML format.
Step 1: visit to your blogger dashboard.
Step 2: Click Template>Edit HTML
Step 3:  Click inside Blogger Template code.
Step 4: Press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C to copy the code.
Step 5: Open notepad on your Computer and press CTRL+V.
Step 6: Now save the file as Template.xml

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How CMOs can leverage Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing?

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computers in which a computer programmer adds human like decision making power into a program. This is done by adding situations in the programs with solutions and the ability to learn by experiences. A Natural Language Processing is needed to Make Expert System Interactive with User.

How CMOs can leverage Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing?

This can be done very easily with proper planning and better research of marketing needs and technologies. In this post, i am giving you 5 areas where Artificial Intelligence is successfully installed in B2B marketing by Big Companies.

1. Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is very popular since Google is using it on their platform. Now its already a big Business in online marketing and Advertising. This Type of advertising is done by automation of ad planning, buying or selling, optimization of ad size and format, so that it becomes easier for advertisers to target specific audiences and demographics.
     Nowadays it is used for online advertising(Display ads, and Text ads), and social media campaigns. This Programmatic advertising finds optimized time and ad for a marketing campaign to make it 100% efficient. This approach is also used by TV channels to show high paying ads at the time of highest number of audience. According to a recent survey, it's clear that 50% of online display ads are bought programmatically in the US.
The biggest example of this approach is Google Ad Exchange. This Ad exchange Platform is an Artificial Intelligence platform which is known for its efficiency while doing ad campaigns for a client. They care about 100% success rates without wasting a single penny of the advertiser.
     This Ad exchange platform automatically sets the cost of display ads in an efficient way which is very hard for a human to do. The benefit of this platform is its simple concept, efficiency, full automation and better customer targeting for increased sales.

So we can say that Programmatic approach is widely used by big companies and the same can be used in B2B marketing by CMOs.

2. Content production

In above approach, it is clear that AI can generate Optimizes Ads and Optimized targeting for increasing the sale. Now it's clearer than AI can take decisions and do a process automatically without human involvement.
So, it should not be a new thing if a say that AI can create content like articles, ads, summary, and NEWS. AI is very helpful and Successful in generating reports to analyze a Business Performance.
AI can be used as virtual authors for writing automatic Press releases and News Contents to Balance sheets of a company.
Gartner predicts that by 2018, 20% of business content will be authored by machines.
Associated Press ( is already using an Artificial Intelligence system to produce many of  their financial stories in seconds.
  If you still have doubts in auto content generation bots, then check it here  and see at the end this is written “This story was generated by Automated Insights".

How cool is this right?
 The performance of this AI But is too much higher. It can create 2000 articles per seconds for companies like AP, Yahoo, and Samsung.
So, AI with Content Production skills can also help in B2B marketing. It can show Ad Campaign summaries, performance, weak and strong points of marketing strategy and a high level report.

3. Insight from data

As we know data is king in online or offline marketing and without data, we can't prepare our marketing strategies. As we have big data generated from various sources of a business, we can generate an insight to improve our strengths. But doing this without An expert System, it will take years to get a single bug free report. And in many cases the complexity of data is beyond human understandings. In this case, we use application of AI to generate insight from Raw data.
This insight will help CMOs in their marketing campaigns.
lets take an example of a Google Street View project, where people have the task of capturing street photographs and tagging addresses of the buildings. It will take years if humans will do it manually, but thanks to Google AI power, it was possible to complete above task in France in less than 1 hour. This type of technique is very accurate and are free from human errors.
AI can generate insight from big data within minutes for you.
One Example of this technique is here. We all know how big is the database of Google Analytics and there are too many views and custom channels are there. So, it becomes hard to analyze the data from Google Analytics. Here comes the Narrative Science’s Quill, that will show you professional reports in an easy and understandable way.

SO, AI can be easily used in getting Insight from big data to make future strategies and to set goals.

4. Social Media Influencer Marketing by CrescendoSPeak

CrescendoSPeak is a social media marketing company which is known for doing viral campaigns. They have a special AI bot which will find the right time of doing social media campaigns. So that it can reach to the huge number of online people easily.
 The idea behind this startup is promoting a campaign as a social cause. I did some basic research about their work and found that they were able to touch around a million lives with their campaign! Suppose you have 200 followers on Facebook and at CrescendoSPeak you have 10 friends who have 200 friends each. So, logically you have 200* 10+200= 2200 friends. When you start your campaign, the CrescendoSPeak will automatically post on all your social profiles including your friends' profiles. In this way this AI tool will post your marketing ad to all connected social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, etc. You should try this service because it's 100% free right now.

In B2B marketing this tool can give you above 100% efficiency in your marketing campaign. Your single ad will become viral and you will start getting huge business.

5. New product launches

Companies are coming with new marketing techniques, some are coming with smart technologies like LG smart fridge. But if we talk about marketing, we can get help from AI in new product launches.
However, much perfect product is developed by brand, however much detail is prepared and explanations are provided by them, there will be many customers who will still ask questions.
This shows the curiosity of customers about the product. And through AI we can provide them a personal guide for that product.
For Example, Recently you all have heard about a new tech named iGenius which is an ad campaign developed by BMW to increase the popularity of the very first electric car.
This way they are able to seek the attentions of other companies about their AI tech. iGenius have experience based and evaluation based learning capacities and it can memories previous questions to give meaningful answers for upcoming questions. They can handle queries very fast and are able to collect huge data for their knowledge database. The Company will use asked questions to improve their upcoming products.
So we can say an Artificial Intelligence Expert System can launch and market new products easily and companies are widely using this to grow their revenue.

6. New customer experiences

A computer can give you answers for the questions you have asked, but do you know it have limitations?
Yes, check out below questions.
USER: Who sings WHY NOT ME?
USER: How old is he?

So here, AI is well needed to overcome this type of limitations. Now brands are developing this type of AI to enhance Customer experience. 
 They are giving virtual assistants to customers so that customers can easily understand new product and its scope with new functionalities.
Let's take examples of 2 Big companies who are using virtual assistants to enhance customer experience.


Google was working with voice search for past few years, now they have their own virtual assistant which is GOOGLE NOW. But at this time this is very data hungry to provide much improved results.
A user need to say OK GOOGLE and it will automatically start Google Now voice search. Now ask your question and get answers within few seconds.


Apple, the brilliant smartphone maker has its very own personal assistant, which is Siri and is now fully optimized to serve you even in more better way. However, it requires an internet connection, but it's not data hungry as Google Now is.
It's capable of doing almost every electronic task like showing you pictures, playing songs, setting up the timer, answers to your questions etc.
At this time this tech is only available for Apple Devices making an apple product more valuable in the market.
So we can say that introducing AI in your devices and make your product more valuable and it will do product marketing without investing more in ad campaigns. In B2B marketing CMOs can implement this type of AI tech to make their product unique.

Hope you guys have understand the need of artificial intelligence in B2B Marketing.
Comment, if you have more ideas about leveraging AI in B2B marketing.

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12 most popular Travel blogs in India

Hello bloggers, here is the list of top travel blogs of India.  These bloggers are famous travel bloggers and are very skilled and professionals. Here we have only 10 Most popular travellers and you can be one of them as there are 2 slots available right now.

 Some Basic factors for selecting top Travel Bloggers in India.

1. Website's traffic.
2. Industry Experience.
3. Popularity.
4. Writing skills.
5. Achievements.
6. User engagements on Blog.
7. Photographic skills.


Top 12 most popular Travel blogs in India

1. Shivya Nath

The Shooting Star

     She is just a girl who travels and At the age of 23 she quit her job. She hitchhiked along Romania's northern countryside, lived with the chocolate farmers in Costa Rica, journeyed along Canada's great wilderness by train and swum with black tip sharks on Malaysia's east coast.
Her world famous travel blog - The Shooting Star - was awarded India's best travel
blog at The Indian Blogger Awards 2013 held by Indiblogger.
She was featured by many news channels out of which BBC Travel and NDTV are enough to show her popularity.
Blog: The Shooting Star
Twitter: @shivya

2. Sankara

Be on the road

     The next on our list is Sankara, a Professional Travel Blogger. He started travelling, blogging in Aug 2009 as a passionate hobby and now it is his career.

     Check out about me section picked up from his blog.
I am one of those people who feels at home when he is on the road. Travel is my life. It is my career. It is my passion. And it is my inspiration. I have been traveling across the world since I left my 8-year old corporate sales and marketing career in the IT industry 6 years ago. I am passionate about de-mystifying the world of travel for Indians, digital marketing, blog management, travel photography and travel consulting. And the output of all this is ‘be on the road’ and its surrounding consulting ecosystem. 
‘BE ON THE ROAD’ is my travel and photography blog. I love travelling, blogging and photography and this is where all those thoughts, pictures and videos find a place to live. It talks about Travel Tips, Travel and Vegetarian Food, Travel and Fashion, Travel and Technology, Travel Gear, Travel, and Finance, Travel and Visas, Travel in India, Experiential Travel Stories, Rich Global Travel Photos and much more.

3. Mridula Dwivedi

Travel Tales From India

     The third, travel blogger who is a big passionate traveler is Mridula Dwivedi. She started her blog in 2005 and in the last year may 2015 she quit her job as a professor. Her blog helped her in seeing world sharing her experience with her audience.
She has been featured on the BBC, the Guardian, National Geographic TV, Yahoo! India Lifestyle, Gonomad Writer Profile, RediffRediff Adventure Travel, to name a few.
She was invited by Tourism Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur as a speaker in their travel blogging conference. She has worked with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, South African Tourism Board, Jordan Tourism Board, Cambodia Tourism Board, Sabah Tourism Board to name a few. She has worked as a blogger/writer with Taj Safari, Suryagarh Jaisalmer, Della Adventure Lonavala, Fisherman’s Lodge Bhimtal The Chalets Naldhera, Sky Waltz Hot Air Balloon Safari and more. She was invited by Silk Air, Makemytrip, Nokia on overseas trips.
Every word speaks the popularity of her blogging skills.

4. Prasad Np

Desi Traveller

     Prasad  comes with decades of experience in startups as well as well-established global companies where he headed India Operations. Prasad has scaled up operations from scratch and built the business in multiple domains as varied as healthcare to financial services for global companies across geographies servicing portfolios worth billions of dollars.
As the itch to click got stronger Prasad decided to switch to photography and writing full time. Prasad refuses to be labeled and clicks people, wildlife and travel pictures with equal passion. He writes the popular travel blog from India desi Traveler, and his work has appeared in both online and print media. 

     The beauty The of desi Traveler blog is that it is read by real readers, and by that, we mean his readership is far beyond just the blogging community. Desi Traveler is read by real people who come to Prasad’s blog for practical information, breathtaking pictures and actually visit that destination.

     Prasad has worked on prestigious assignments for global brands like Sony, Oppo, Tata Motors --- Mercedez Benz also. He was part of the first Kerala Blog Express, where Kerala Tourism has invited travel writers from around the world.  Prasad has worked with tourism boards of countries like Jordan, Thailand, and Singapore. Prasad has traveled to more than 10 countries around the world and 22 States in India. Prasad regularly invests and consults travel startups and help them formulate their go to market strategy and identify a profitable niche. Besides his own blog, Prasad's work has appeared in print media in prestigious magazines like Lonely Planet, JetWings International, Indian Express, Travel + Leisure to name a few.  

     Prasad is also a certified Eco-volunteer for tiger conservation and has worked as a volunteer with The Karnataka Forest Department and has walked in the Bandipur forests with forest guards, staying with them in the Anti-Poaching camp as part of his training, something he is very proud of. Prasad also volunteers his time and manages the social media accounts of one of the largest adventure travel clubs in India with more than 50,000 followers.

5. Arun Bhat

Indian Travel and photography blog

     Arun Bhat, is one of the top travel bloggers in India who loves to share his true travel experiences.
Over the years, he has published his works in several magazines, newspapers and leading companies. He regularly leads photography tours for Darter photography and conduct photography workshops in several cities across India. Just Visit to join a photography tour led by him.
Here are some achievements of him. 
  1. Winner of prestigious HIPA international photography award (2014) in Dubai
  2. Winner of Tamron Photography Challenge India, 2013
  3. Winner – Best Travel & Wildlife Photographer India at GCCA Bangalore

6. Joshi Daniel

Joshi daniel pghotography

     Joshi Daniel loves to share photographs and started his photo blog on 1, August 2008. His images are of high quality and are always exciting.
He only uses different shades of grey for every content on his site. And without having colours, his photographs are worth a million dollars.

Featured as the GoPro Photo of the Day, and won the 2015, 2014, BlogAdda award in the ‘Photo & Video‘ category.
Exhibited his images at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2011, held in Mumbai under the theme ‘Faces’.

7. Deepti Asthana

DA Travelography
     For Deepti Asthana aka ‘DA’ life revolves around her travels, experiences and photography. Travelling and photography is where she finds solace.Recognized as the top photo blogger of 2016 recently, Deepti’s photos will help you relive her travel experiences, and connect with the instant positivity that strikes you through the photos and brings a smile. Deepti is representing Indian solo female travelers who are breaking stereotypes and pursuing their dreams.

     Deepti was awarded by UNESCO as International Youth photographer for their annual report on child education. From an engineer to a self learned photographer Deepti has touched the different genre of photography from Travel to Documentary and her blog has constantly been ranked as Top Travel blogger of India. 'DA Travelography' is an excellent collection of photo stories and travelogue. With the camera as her powerful weapon in the name of her recent project Women of India , where the photographs capture the everyday battles these women are fighting, not for a personal or political agenda, but mere survival.

     She has exhibited her work in various national and international platforms in group exhibitions. Recently her images have won the National Travel photo contest for the portraying culture of Northeastern states - Meghalaya and Nagaland.

8. Siddharth joshi

Sid the wanderar

     Sid The Wanderer is a travel and living blog founded by Siddharth is of of the most popular and most followed travel blogs in India. He shares his stories of travels from across the world, along with travel and photography tips. He is extremely passionate about inspiring the world around him to travel more, as he.
     He truly believes that only travelling can break barriers and make us more tolerant of our differences. He hopes sometime in his lifetime, he could throw his passport in a bin and travel freely across the world :) and currently he is working on a project called 'World Without Borders' to meet this end.
     His work has been appreciated by and published in both International and national media, including CNN International, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Asian Age, Huffington Post, The Social Story and many more. 
He also have worked extensively with tourism boards across the world, including Switzerland, Jordan, Singapore, Germany, Spain among others.
This year he also spoke at a TEDx event in Mumbai about his work using travel and storytelling as a means of bringing the world closer - World Without Borders.'  His innovative idea was well appreciated and enjoyed by the audience there.

9. Venkat Ganesh

Indian backpack motorbike

     The founder of India Backpack Motorbike travel blog, shares the experiences he has while travelling so that you can enjoy your trips in a more fashionable way. Just like others, he quit his job to explore the beautiful country India.
     India Backpack Motorbike aims to share travel experiences through posts about places, people, food, cultures and beautiful discoveries that amaze you to your last breath and beyond. It's about taking doing things that you never knew existed or though where possible, breaking the shackles of the old school and taking the road less travelled. India Backpack Motorbike will influence and inspire you to travel. As Mark Twain said “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”


10. Arti S

My yatra diary

     Arty S founder of My Yatra Diary... is a 6 year old and rapidly growing travel blog. This blog is geared towards travel loving people of all ages, backgrounds and nationality that began its journey in the blogging world since November 2009. The site features a variety of travel-related content, including travel stories and tips, destination guides and travel photos from destinations - primarily India and also abroad. Attracting around 60,000 monthly pageviews,

     My Yatra Diary... has ​been constantly featured as one of the top Indian travel blogs in several media like Hotel Depot's - Top 30 Travel Sites from India, Thrillophilia's top 25 Indian travel bloggers, The expeditions - Top 50 Travel websites in the world (based on Google Analytics stats), and has bagged several awards including all expenses paid trips to Japan courtesy Expedia and Melbourne courtesy Tourism Victoria and IndiBlogger among others.

11. Niranjan Das

Tales of nomad

      Niranjan Das is a travel blogger who only loves being on the road. Be it long bike rides or treacherous trekking or leisure holidaying or backpacking through the countryside or an engrossing train journey, he loves to do anything and everything that involves travel. His dream of setting foot on every single country on planet earth and meeting adorable strangers, traversing untrodden roads, learning new tongue twister languages, tasting mouth watering cuisines, studying vibrant cultures, experiencing breathtaking adventures and capturing exotic landscapes.
He finds atlas and travelogues as the most exciting books. He believes life is a travelogue and we are all nomads.

12. Shubham Mansingka

A boy who travels

     He is a traveller who gave up a normal life to follow his dreams. He was struggling with asthma until travel freed him of all his worries, now he treks in the high Himalayas. He is a full time travel blogger, A freelance photographer, and a social media addict too. He has been published in HuffPost, HT Brunch, The Hindu Sunday Magazine and Mint Lounge.

Thanks for reading this post, if you are a famous travel blogger then please add your bio in comment section,.

please note: If you want to edit this post just email me here at


Top 5 Home Service App in India

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     Hi guys, today I am reviewing the top 5 Home Service apps in India. My reviews are based on apps that excel in customer service, ratings, and pocket friendliness.  Home Service apps are those apps which give you the options of ordering services like Pest Controls, Plumbers, Laundry, Ac Service or Mechanic.
     The best aspect of these apps is that they have active professionals who are known for their works. You can check their ratings and reviews before getting any service. They can't charge you more cost for a service while your local service provider can charge you too much for same service. So there is transparency in every service and cost. You can also set the time as well as professional for a specific service which makes it all the more customer friendly.

So, let’s have a look at those apps that have made it to my list.

Top 5 Home Service apps of India

1. Zimmber



Zimmber was founded by Amit Kumar, Gaurav Shrivastava and Anubhab Goel, in October 2014. Zimmber provides home services like AC servicing, home spa, pest control, electrical repair services, carpentry services, laundry, plumbing, driver on demand and painting services in major cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai,  and Gurgaon.
  Zimmber has changed the way people look at household chores. Zimmber makes life easier with their fast service which is very reliable and you can hire professional in any field within few minutes. All you need to do is order a service from Zimmber app. It is a perfect solution for any type of household problem. You can check background of Zimmber professionals and you can set your preferred time for your home services. The prices are transparent and highly competitive and you will always get professional home care services at the best price.
So guys, don’t wash, sweep or swap! Just Zimmber.

2. UrbanPro


     It was founded  by Rakesh Kalra in 2012. Now they have over three lakh active professionals, five lakh consumers and over a million visits a month.
UrbanPro aims at connecting consumers with professionals for various services. Recently UrbanPro has raised $2 million from Nirvana Ventures.
UrbanPro have services in Delhi (NCR), Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, covering all the major cities of India. 

3. UrbanClap


   UrbanClap was started by by  Raghav Chandra, Varun Khaitan and Abhiraj Bhal in October 2014. UrbanClap, a place where you can avail services like beauty services, house cleaning to interior designing and wedding photography too.  UrbanClap have a presence in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai with 10,000 active working professionals with all major services.
A recent news shows that the transactions of this platform is crossing $10 million dollar mark which is a huge turnover for a startup. They achieve this figure within 6 months of their mobile app launch and becomes one of the fastest growing companies in India.
     Due to their growth in recent months, the company is able to get more investors from their existing investors which are SAW Partners and Accel India.

4. as it suggests it's near you. It was founded in July 2014 by  Lomesh Dutta, Sunil Goyal and Akshay Khanna. Near. In is an app that lets you search for local home services. With their easy to use interface, it helps you to connect with service providers and working professionals.
This company was first launched in Gurgaon in December 2014. They provide all basic home services like Health and Wellness, Home Needs,  Events and Skills with more than 100+ services. They don't have huge investment, but now they are able to get Rs 1.8 Cr from some investors like Anupam Mittal and Manish Vij. 

5. Housejoy


    Housejoy was founded by Arjun Kumar and Suni Goel in 2015. This is a Bangalore based startup and they have raised $4 million in Series A funding
From Matrix Partners. It is growing at 30-40 per cent on a weekly basis and become one of the fastest growing startup in India. Recently a news was there that, this company crosses 4000 orders in a day. Now this company is working with 2000+ service providers in 9 major cities so India. The margin of this company is from 10% to 25%, depending on the type of service which is very great to attract more professionals

Please share this article with your friends so that they can enjoy doorstep services from professionals.

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Review on Jabong Coupons from CouponRovers

     Today, Everyone loves to do shopping online just because of the better price as compared to local shops. But still everyone wants more and more discount so that he/she can save more. We Indians love discounts as much as possible. This is the reason we usually spent a few hours in search of coupons but due to the fact that there are thousands of Coupon sites that are claiming to give you coupons and deals but a majority of sites have outdated coupons or fake ones. 


     Now a question will come in your mind that how to find real working coupons?
Ultimately, it becomes very difficult to find a working coupon for your online shopping. But still it is possible to get some for your shopping.

     Now you will ask me how to save more on online shopping. And I will recommend you one website which is my all time favorite.
     A research says that there are 65% peoples who are willing to try a product which is recommended by an old user. That's the reason I am here to save your time as well as to save your money. Today I will recommend a website which is already giving me a variety of coupons for my favorite online store. Every time when I shop online, no matter it is Snapdeal, or Flipkart, or Jabong, I always got my best deals just because of Yes the site I am recommending here is It is the best in the market and have a variety of offers which you will never get on other coupon sites. 

Let's check in depth.


     It is one of the largest directories of Online Coupons and deals which are latest and updated directly from the online stores like Jabong, Myntra, flipkart, Snapdeal etc. The aim of this website is to provide you latest Coupons, Promo codes, Deals at one place. It helps you save more every time when you shop online, so that you can get your deals at best price. The best way to get the latest offers from this website is to subscribe their daily newsletter so that you will get to know about all the latest deals in advance.
     At this time have 15886 Coupon Codes, 1283 Online Stores And 22583 Subscribers. These stats are enough to show the popularity of this website.

Coupon Rover

What types of Coupon are provided by

It provides, Direct Deals, Discount Codes, Promo Codes. There is a big list of coupons from different categories. Out of which the top categories are listed below.

Top Categories of coupons

  1. Appliances Coupons
  2. Fashion Coupons
  3. Sports & Fitness Coupons
  4. TV, Audio/Video & Movies Coupons
  5. Web Hosting & Domains Coupons
  6. Flowers, Gifts & Jewellery Coupons
  7. Automotive Coupons
  8. Beauty & Health Coupons
  9. Computers, Laptops & Gaming Coupons
  10. Education & Learning Coupons
  11. Food & Dining Coupons
  12. Books & Stationery Coupons
  13. Cameras & Accessories Coupons
  14. Entertainment Coupons
  15. Kids, Babies & Toys Coupons
  16. Mobiles & Tablets Coupons
  17. Recharge Coupons

Stores at

      At you will find almost every online retailer as a store. You just have to visit on a particular store to get all the current available deals in one place. So it becomes easier for you to find or track on latest offers that are currently running by a seller.
      As there is a big list of stores, I would like to show you only popular ones.


8. Dominos
     Let's pick one store from the list. I choose as I already did a little bit of shopping from Jabong. And my past experience shows that I was unable to find a single working coupon for my deals except from CouponRover.
     So I visited Jabong Store on and found that there are so many offers available.
The offers were flat 40% off , 25% off on purchase of above 1500, upto 60% off + 20%  extra on purchase of  rs 1699,  etc. . Its very interesting that you have lots of offers to choose. After doing my calculation, I found that 25%  discount coupon is giving me 500rs discount which was shocking for me as I never got this much of discount on already discounted price.

Jabong Store

There are two types of offers on Jabong Store.

1. Get a deal:  In this type of offer, will activate a deal for you, and you will visit to your retailer to grab that deal. In my case I visit to get my deal. I found that my deal was activated automatically and it didn't require any coupon code to avail discount.
2. Get the code: In this type of offer, you will get a special coupon code from which will give you discounts by applying it on checkout.

Some features of Jabong store at

1. Deal added date.
2. Deal expiring date.
3. Terms and conditions.
4. Deal status ( active or expired )
5. Over 100 different offers are available.
6. Directly visit to product page for easy checkouts.


    Finally we can conclude that is passed in our check. I would like to give 5 star rating for their separate stores for different retailers. The user interface is pretty awesome and I will give 4.7 stars to it. The reason is every time I Click to get code or get deals, it opens the same webpage in a new tab which is not a good practice but overall it's good as compared with others.
For online coupon codes again, I will give 5 stars because all the Jabong Coupons are working on and I have got my discount on shopping.

     Finally, if anytime you want to save more, just visit and find one best deal for your product and save time and money both.


How to Start a Self Hosted Blog in 15 Minutes

Nowadays, there are lots of Successful Bloggers in India and they are earning a very good sum of money. This is one of the reasons, many students are choosing blogging as a profession just like me. Here in this article I will help you in starting your blog which is a first step towards your successful career.
     Blogging needs good writing skill, lots of hard work and a complete research before writing on any topic. Add images to keep the interest of your visitors.

     So guys what are you waiting for? Start your blogging journey today. Follow below tutorial and enjoy your blogging journey.

 Blogging As A Career

 To make this tutorial simple, I have divided it in 5 easy steps. Check out all steps and sub-steps below. Don't miss a single line. Every line has much importance here.

The Five Steps to launching a blog

  1.  Register a domain name
  2.  Get a Webhost
  3.  Install latest WordPress
  4.  Get an eye catchy theme
  5.  Log in and start blogging
Let's elaborate all these 5 points in depth below.

How to Register a domain name for your website.

Bluehost Domain Name Registration

     The very first step to start a business is you need to register a name on it. Same here, we need to register a domain name for your blog.
     To get a domain name like you have to select a domain name provider.
It is highly recommended to purchase a domain name from a Web host because it will become easier to map your domain to your website. However, you will get a free domain with some Web hosting packages which is not free in other Web hosting companies.

Note: if you have an already purchased domain name you have to point the name servers to the Web host. To do this you can get help from Bluehost customer support.

How to Get a reliable Web host.

     First of all, to access your website it should be live 24* 7 so that everyone can access it anytime. To do so, we need a space on the server to save our websites and make it live so that our visitors can view it easily. So basically a Web host is a service provider which gives you hosting space on his server where your website will be stored and become live for all users. However to provide this service they will charge you some money. The charges can be from 0$ to 100$ per month depending on your host and you need.
     As there are thousands of Web host providers available in the market out of which some may give you free storage with some restrictions. I will recommend you about not using free hosting if you want to do blogging seriously. Free hosting are never reliable and your host will not give you high up-time and bandwidth.

So, to select a reliable Web host you need to do a little comparison of top Web hosting providers.

There are 7 comparison points that are very important to select a Web host. I am explaining every point here so that you will understand It's a little bit better

The major comparison points are below.

1. Disk space: it is the total space you are paying for. Just like a pen drive you purchase to store movies and documents. You can't store 9gb data on an 8gb pen drive. Similarly, for your website you need some disk space. There are many companies which are giving you unlimited disk space while some will give you only a few GB of storage. So you should try to get more disk space and prefer an unlimited disk space package.

2. Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the total exchange of bytes from your server to your website visitors. It's like buying an Internet pack of 1 GB for 1 a month and after crossing this limit your data pack will be expired. Same is in our case, if you have 10gb bandwidth and if your visitors are viewing your website regularly you will consume lots of bandwidth daily. It may increase your cost and you will be always worrying about your bandwidth limits. So it's my suggestion to select an unlimited bandwidth package for tension free blogging.

3. Up time: up-time is the time for which your website is available to your visitors. As there are lots of technical errors your website will become offline for a few minutes. If your website becomes offline, you will lose your precious visitors and revenue too. So, it's my suggestion to buy a Web hosting package which offers you 100% up-time or closer to 100%.

4. Security: There is a huge community of black hat hackers who always try to hack websites or their private data. If your Web host is not secure you will lose both your privacy and your website. So if you lose your website you will also lose your hard work.

5. Price: price is a biggest factor while comparing web hosts. Some will give you good hosting at 5$ and some will charge you 100$. But why should pay more when you are getting reliable Web hosting at cheaper prices? Also high charge Web hosting will reduce your profit earned from your blog. So sometimes your expenses may become higher than you're earning and nobody will try to earn in this way.
     Also, you should compare SignUp price of Web host and the renewal price. Some may offer you 5$ per month Web hosting for a year and after one year they may charge you above 50$ per month. In this case you will try to move your website from one host to another which is not recommended for serious bloggers.

6. Customer Support & community: every Web host may have some technical or support issue. You should choose a Web host which has good customer support as well as have a big active community. A community is very helpful if you want a solution without going for customer support.

7. Server location: geographical locations can impact your blog rankings. A blog hosted on a USA server will give you more preference of USA visitors and your server will work faster in the USA. Similarly, if you are in India and your target audience is from India, you need to have a server located in India. It will make your website faster and you will receive lots of visitors from India.
Here after comparing may top Web hosts, I will recommend you Bluehost as your Web Hosting provider. If you are living in India, you can get web hosting at Rs 249 per month only. You will get Indian servers for faster performance, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts. So you are getting premium Web hosting which is pocket friendly. So what are you waiting for? Order now and get one of the best Web hosting providers with 24* 7 customer support.

How to quickly Install WordPress.     

 Cool, now you have land for your business, you have a name for your business, now you need a building for your business where your processes will be done. It means, to start a blog, you need a blogging software. Here I will recommend WordPress which is most popular and number one blogging platform for professional bloggers.
     If you are a Bluehost customer, you need to click on one click WordPress installation button.
It will save your precious time in setting up your blog.

How to Get a theme for your WordPress blog.

       For blogs we have both free as well as paid themes.You can make your blog beautiful and eye catchy with premium WordPress themes.
     To get started with free theme I recommend Twenty Sixteen a simple and elegant theme.

Wordpress Themes Free

     Now, you have a building for your business and you want to give it a premium and eye catchy look what will you do? You will hire an interior decorator right?

How to Log in & start blogging.

Now your business is fully set up. You need to work hard if you want to run it for longer time. Do blogging seriously. Don't think about money, just blog as a hobby and you will start getting lots of visitors and advertisers.
To log in to your WordPress dashboard you have to open a URL
After successful login you have to click on "Posts" on the left hand side, then click on "Add New to write a new blog article.

Now guys, welcome to blogging community, happy blogging journey. If any time you feel any difficulty in your blogging journey you can ask me here. I will always help you in making you a professional blogger.