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12 most popular Travel blogs in India

Hello bloggers, here is the list of top travel blogs of India.  These bloggers are famous travel bloggers and are very skilled and professionals. Here we have only 10 Most popular travelers and you can be one of them as there are 2 slots available right now.

 Some Basic factors for selecting top Travel Bloggers in India.

1. Website's traffic.
2. Industry Experience.
3. Popularity.
4. Writing skills.
5. Achievements.
6. User engagements on Blog.
7. Photographic skills.


Top 12 most popular Travel blogs in India

1. Shivya Nath

The Shooting Star

     She is just a girl who travels and At the age of 23 she quit her job. She hitchhiked along Romania's northern countryside, lived with the chocolate farmers in Costa Rica, journeyed along Canada's great wilderness by train and swum with black tip sharks on Malaysia's east coast.
Her world famous travel blog - The Shooting Star - was awarded India's best travel
blog at The Indian Blogger Awards 2013 held by Indiblogger.
She was featured by many news channels out of which BBC Travel and NDTV are enough to show her popularity.
Blog: The Shooting Star
Twitter: @shivya

2. Sankara

Be on the road

     The next on our list is Sankara, a Professional Travel Blogger. He started travelling, blogging in Aug 2009 as a passionate hobby and now it is his career.

     Check out about me section picked up from his blog.
I am one of those people who feels at home when he is on the road. Travel is my life. It is my career. It is my passion. And it is my inspiration. I have been traveling across the world since I left my 8-year old corporate sales and marketing career in the IT industry 6 years ago. I am passionate about de-mystifying the world of travel for Indians, digital marketing, blog management, travel photography and travel consulting. And the output of all this is ‘be on the road’ and its surrounding consulting ecosystem. 
‘BE ON THE ROAD’ is my travel and photography blog. I love travelling, blogging and photography and this is where all those thoughts, pictures and videos find a place to live. It talks about Travel Tips, Travel and Vegetarian Food, Travel and Fashion, Travel and Technology, Travel Gear, Travel, and Finance, Travel and Visas, Travel in India, Experiential Travel Stories, Rich Global Travel Photos and much more.

3. Mridula Dwivedi

Travel Tales From India

     The third, travel blogger who is a big passionate traveler is Mridula Dwivedi. She started her blog in 2005 and in the last year may 2015 she quit her job as a professor. Her blog helped her in seeing world sharing her experience with her audience.
She has been featured on the BBC, the Guardian, National Geographic TV, Yahoo! India Lifestyle, Gonomad Writer Profile, RediffRediff Adventure Travel, to name a few.
She was invited by Tourism Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur as a speaker in their travel blogging conference. She has worked with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, South African Tourism Board, Jordan Tourism Board, Cambodia Tourism Board, Sabah Tourism Board to name a few. She has worked as a blogger/writer with Taj Safari, Suryagarh Jaisalmer, Della Adventure Lonavala, Fisherman’s Lodge Bhimtal The Chalets Naldhera, Sky Waltz Hot Air Balloon Safari and more. She was invited by Silk Air, Makemytrip, Nokia on overseas trips.
Every word speaks the popularity of her blogging skills.

4. Prasad Np

Desi Traveller

     Prasad  comes with decades of experience in startups as well as well-established global companies where he headed India Operations. Prasad has scaled up operations from scratch and built the business in multiple domains as varied as healthcare to financial services for global companies across geographies servicing portfolios worth billions of dollars.
As the itch to click got stronger Prasad decided to switch to photography and writing full time. Prasad refuses to be labeled and clicks people, wildlife and travel pictures with equal passion. He writes the popular travel blog from India desi Traveler, and his work has appeared in both online and print media. 

     The beauty The of desi Traveler blog is that it is read by real readers, and by that, we mean his readership is far beyond just the blogging community. Desi Traveler is read by real people who come to Prasad’s blog for practical information, breathtaking pictures and actually visit that destination.

     Prasad has worked on prestigious assignments for global brands like Sony, Oppo, Tata Motors --- Mercedez Benz also. He was part of the first Kerala Blog Express, where Kerala Tourism has invited travel writers from around the world.  Prasad has worked with tourism boards of countries like Jordan, Thailand, and Singapore. Prasad has traveled to more than 10 countries around the world and 22 States in India. Prasad regularly invests and consults travel startups and help them formulate their go to market strategy and identify a profitable niche. Besides his own blog, Prasad's work has appeared in print media in prestigious magazines like Lonely Planet, JetWings International, Indian Express, Travel + Leisure to name a few.  

     Prasad is also a certified Eco-volunteer for tiger conservation and has worked as a volunteer with The Karnataka Forest Department and has walked in the Bandipur forests with forest guards, staying with them in the Anti-Poaching camp as part of his training, something he is very proud of. Prasad also volunteers his time and manages the social media accounts of one of the largest adventure travel clubs in India with more than 50,000 followers.

5. Arun Bhat

Indian Travel and photography blog

     Arun Bhat, is one of the top travel bloggers in India who loves to share his true travel experiences.
Over the years, he has published his works in several magazines, newspapers and leading companies. He regularly leads photography tours for Darter photography and conduct photography workshops in several cities across India. Just Visit to join a photography tour led by him.
Here are some achievements of him. 
  1. Winner of prestigious HIPA international photography award (2014) in Dubai
  2. Winner of Tamron Photography Challenge India, 2013
  3. Winner – Best Travel & Wildlife Photographer India at GCCA Bangalore

6. Joshi Daniel

Joshi daniel pghotography

     Joshi Daniel loves to share photographs and started his photo blog on 1, August 2008. His images are of high quality and are always exciting.
He only uses different shades of grey for every content on his site. And without having colours, his photographs are worth a million dollars.

Featured as the GoPro Photo of the Day, and won the 2015, 2014, BlogAdda award in the ‘Photo & Video‘ category.
Exhibited his images at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2011, held in Mumbai under the theme ‘Faces’.

7. Deepti Asthana

DA Travelography
     For Deepti Asthana aka ‘DA’ life revolves around her travels, experiences and photography. Travelling and photography is where she finds solace.Recognized as the top photo blogger of 2016 recently, Deepti’s photos will help you relive her travel experiences, and connect with the instant positivity that strikes you through the photos and brings a smile. Deepti is representing Indian solo female travelers who are breaking stereotypes and pursuing their dreams.

     Deepti was awarded by UNESCO as International Youth photographer for their annual report on child education. From an engineer to a self learned photographer Deepti has touched the different genre of photography from Travel to Documentary and her blog has constantly been ranked as Top Travel blogger of India. 'DA Travelography' is an excellent collection of photo stories and travelogue. With the camera as her powerful weapon in the name of her recent project Women of India , where the photographs capture the everyday battles these women are fighting, not for a personal or political agenda, but mere survival.

     She has exhibited her work in various national and international platforms in group exhibitions. Recently her images have won the National Travel photo contest for the portraying culture of Northeastern states - Meghalaya and Nagaland.

8. Siddharth joshi

Sid the wanderar

     Sid The Wanderer is a travel and living blog founded by Siddharth is of of the most popular and most followed travel blogs in India. He shares his stories of travels from across the world, along with travel and photography tips. He is extremely passionate about inspiring the world around him to travel more, as he.
     He truly believes that only travelling can break barriers and make us more tolerant of our differences. He hopes sometime in his lifetime, he could throw his passport in a bin and travel freely across the world :) and currently he is working on a project called 'World Without Borders' to meet this end.
     His work has been appreciated by and published in both International and national media, including CNN International, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Asian Age, Huffington Post, The Social Story and many more. 
He also have worked extensively with tourism boards across the world, including Switzerland, Jordan, Singapore, Germany, Spain among others.
This year he also spoke at a TEDx event in Mumbai about his work using travel and storytelling as a means of bringing the world closer - World Without Borders.'  His innovative idea was well appreciated and enjoyed by the audience there.

9. Venkat Ganesh

Indian backpack motorbike

     The founder of India Backpack Motorbike travel blog, shares the experiences he has while travelling so that you can enjoy your trips in a more fashionable way. Just like others, he quit his job to explore the beautiful country India.
     India Backpack Motorbike aims to share travel experiences through posts about places, people, food, cultures and beautiful discoveries that amaze you to your last breath and beyond. It's about taking doing things that you never knew existed or though where possible, breaking the shackles of the old school and taking the road less travelled. India Backpack Motorbike will influence and inspire you to travel. As Mark Twain said “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”


10. Arti S

My yatra diary

     Arty S founder of My Yatra Diary... is a 6 year old and rapidly growing travel blog. This blog is geared towards travel loving people of all ages, backgrounds and nationality that began its journey in the blogging world since November 2009. The site features a variety of travel-related content, including travel stories and tips, destination guides and travel photos from destinations - primarily India and also abroad. Attracting around 60,000 monthly pageviews,

     My Yatra Diary... has ​been constantly featured as one of the top Indian travel blogs in several media like Hotel Depot's - Top 30 Travel Sites from India, Thrillophilia's top 25 Indian travel bloggers, The expeditions - Top 50 Travel websites in the world (based on Google Analytics stats), and has bagged several awards including all expenses paid trips to Japan courtesy Expedia and Melbourne courtesy Tourism Victoria and IndiBlogger among others.

11. Niranjan Das

Tales of nomad

      Niranjan Das is a travel blogger who only loves being on the road. Be it long bike rides or treacherous trekking or leisure holidaying or backpacking through the countryside or an engrossing train journey, he loves to do anything and everything that involves travel. His dream of setting foot on every single country on planet earth and meeting adorable strangers, traversing untrodden roads, learning new tongue twister languages, tasting mouth watering cuisines, studying vibrant cultures, experiencing breathtaking adventures and capturing exotic landscapes.
He finds atlas and travelogues as the most exciting books. He believes life is a travelogue and we are all nomads.

12. Shubham Mansingka

A boy who travels

     He is a traveller who gave up a normal life to follow his dreams. He was struggling with asthma until travel freed him of all his worries, now he treks in the high Himalayas. He is a full time travel blogger, A freelance photographer, and a social media addict too. He has been published in HuffPost, HT Brunch, The Hindu Sunday Magazine and Mint Lounge.

Thanks for reading this post, if you are a famous travel blogger then please add your bio in comment section,.

please note: If you want to edit this post just email me here at


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How to Find the Best Smartphone for You


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7 Blogger Template Edits to make your blog more seo friendly. Remove post atom, wrench icon, blogger Attribution gadget and navbar .

    We knows blogger templates are lighter and easier to customize. We all have seen how beautiful are bloggers blog but still there are some useless codes present in Blogger's template. To make your blog faster to load , we need to make it more and more lighter by eliminating those parts which are not necessary in blogs like bloggers wrench button ,  powered by blogger Attribution widget, subscribe to post atom and navbar. Deleting these elements from your blog will make your template lighter and the calls to resources will become less. As a website owner you should focus on its speed because a majority of people's closes websites taking more than 3 seconds to load. So it becomes necessary to reduce your page load time. You can check your page load time at for free. Today you will learn how to remove unnecessary codes from your blogger template. 

Bonus tip:  Compress your your entire blogger template with and reduce your template size to 70%. 

Let's see how to customize Blogger's template in easy way.

1. How To Remove Blogger Attribution Gadget easily by editing your template.

Remove Powered by blogger
The Attribution gadget is a gadget which is present in your footer section saying " Powered by Blogger". When you try to remove this you will note this this gadget is locked by default. So if you want to remove powered by blogger Attribution widget then you need to unlock this widget by using your template editor.

Follow these simple steps to unlock your Attribution widget.

Step 1. Go to then login and head over to your blog.
Step 2. Now go to Template >  HTML .
Step 3. Click anywhere inside your editor and press CTRL+ F to open search box. 
Step 4. Copy below code and paste it on above mentioned search box and hit enter </head> .
Step 5. Now it's time to add some CSS code to remove blogger Attribution widget.
Now Just above </head> add below code:
#Attribution1 {
display: none;
Step 6. Last step is to save the changes we have done in above step. Just click on save template and wait for the changes to be saved. That's all check your blog now.

2. Remove the navbar to make your Blog more SEO Friendly.

I am not a big fan of this blogger navbar. These days this widget have no use. It also makes your blog looks similar to other blogger blogs. There is a next blog button present which divert your reader to next available blog. It's not good for seo to have Blogger's navbar on your blog because you will loose your precious readers +  the links on navbar to next blog are dofollow. So it is always better to be on save side. 
Remove Blogger NavBar

So to remove it follow some steps below.

Step 1. Visit dashboard > layout .
Step 2. Click edit on navbar and a popup window will open.
Step 3. Click on turn off the Navbar and your navbar will remove.
3. how to remove subscribe to posts (atom) using template editor.
Step 1. Visit Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
Step 2. Click on your template editor box and open Blogger's search box by pressing Ctrl+ F.
Step 3. Copy below lines and find it on your template.
<b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>
Step 4. Just delete them from your template and save all the changes.
Now subscribe to: posts (atom) link will be removed from your blog. 

3. How To SEO Optimize Your Blogger Blog Titles For Higher Search Results

 Read complete article about seo optimizing post titles here

4.  How to remove wrench icon/quick edit pencil in Blogger's blog.

When you open a blogspot blog you will find a editing tool or quick edit pencil on different widgets. These widgets are unnecessarily present in your blog. To make your template even more lighter you should remove this utility from your Blogger's blog. 
Remove quick edit pencil

Follow some simple steps to remove this.

Step 1. Open your Blogger's dashboard > Template > Edit HTML .
Step 2. Paste below code before </ b: skin> .
.quickedit {display : none ;}
Step 3. Click “ Save ” on your template.

5. Remove the comments from your About and Contact pages

About us and Contact page doesn't require comments necessarily so it's good idea to remove them from these pages.
To disable comments visit pages, edit page and disallow readers comments present in right sidebar.

6. how to make blogger template seo friendly

There are some changes to do in blogspot blog for max seo. And one of them is changing heading tags in post titles. By default post titles are H3 which have low seo precedence then H1 tags so we will change them to H1 using template editors.
Find < h3 class= ' post- title' > and change < h3 >  to < h1> . See below example for correct changes.
<h1 class=’post-title’>
<b:if cond=’’>
<a expr:href=’’><data:post.title/></a>
<b:if cond=’data:post.url’>
<a expr:href=’data:post.url’><data:post.title/></a>
Save all changes and you are done. 

7. how to make blogger template mobile friendly

Just few months ago Google launched mobile friendly seo update in which those websites which are not mobile friendly will loose rankings on mobile devices. So here you will make your blogger website mobile friendly with some below steps. 
Mobile friendly blogger's template

Step 1. Open Dashboard > Template.
Step 2. Click the setting icon for the mobile template.
Step 3. Now select “Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.” and choose your theme!or leave it default.
Step 4. Click the save button.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial very much so please comment here with your reviews and also let me know is there any more seo trick and tips for blogger.


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Top 15 Working Ways to Make Money with Your Website [ 100% Real Methods]

When I start writing this post I found that a lot of people are searching about the best way to make money with a website and without website. Then I checked the websites appearing in Google and found that only few of the methods listed for earning money are working and some of them are duplicate. So I decided to list only top earning methods that actually works. You can make money from a website without selling anything. There are also some ways to make money off a website. Now earn money with working ways and not outdated methods of earning. Now get paid to advertise on your site. Here I provide detailed information about the domain of earning so that it makes easier to understand and also easier to figure which one is perfect for you. If you want to know pros and cons of earning online then I will recommend you to read this article thoroughly. I did a lot of research and hard work to write this post and that's why I want feedback from you, please comment below and let me know how much you like this post.

I hope I will solve your query of earning online and you will find perfect ad network for you. Let's enjoy reading this article. 

1. PPC / CPC Advertising Networks

When it comes to PPC AD networks, Google Adsense directly comes to our mind. This is because Google Adsense is the best PPC ad network in the world. PPC means pay per click , it means you will earn money for every valid click on your website's ads. The earnings for this program totally depends on website's traffic and it's site structure. More traffic will increase more ad clicks and good quality articles with good keyword placement will increase cost per click( CPC). Cost per click also depends on the niche you have, it means if you have high paying niche like financial, Web hosting, cars and automobiles then you will earn more. On the other hand sites like music, games, will give you less cost per clicks.
The source of traffic you are getting can also impact on your earnings. Peoples don't like to click on ads when they are here to get information. Also for sites like mine who have visitors related to websites/Blogs can have low Click thorough rates (CTR).
The last thing is getting a Adsense account is not a easy task. You need to fulfill many requirements. 

You should check out the requirements for Adsense approval. If your account will not approve then you can apply to other ad networks listed below.
  1. Infolinks.
  2. (now manages both the Yahoo and Bing ad Networks)
  3. Vibrant Media
  4. GumGum
  5. Kontera
  7. Chitika

2. Cost Per Mile Advertising ( CPM )

  Cost per mile tells that how much money you will earn for 1000 impressions. This type of ad networks are good because you will earn money only for displaying ads on your site. Also you will not loose your visitors because no one will click on your ad. CPM networks are good for those who have huge monthly page views. So if anybody have 200000 monthly visitors and then CPM for ad is 1$ then you will earn 200$ per month. Please note impressions means unique page views and 1$ CPM can be more or less depending on your niche.

The most demanding CPM ad networks are
  1. Casale Media
  3. Tribal Fusion
  4. Technorati Media
  5. Right Media
  6. Burst Media
  7. CPX Interactive
  8. Value Click

3. Text Link Ads or Intext ads

In this type of advertisement you are allowed to put ads in between your articles. For example, if you are writing an article about latest smartphone then you can place ads about latest mobiles. The earning for this type of ads are good because it's hard to find that they are ads or a internal link of the site. You can see example of  XDA developer's forum for text based ads.

The popular In-text ad providers are
  1. Text-Link-Ads
  2. LinkWorth
  3. Text-Link-Brokers
  4. DigitalPoint Link Sales Forum
  5. TNX

4. Sponsored posts & articles

You know that this is the easiest way of earning money from blog ?  Get paid for what you love writing. Get paid for articles as well as get traffic to that article. These are due to sponsored posts. Some big brands or companies gives you money for writing about their products or services. Sponsored posts are also known as paid reviews. The earning is quite good as you can charge 100$ for a 500 words article or more depending upon use customer. If you don't want to earn money from ads then start writing paid articles and earn money without ads.
Although it is hard to find sponsored posts directly but it is easy to find one for you from website's like , blogadda and indibloggers.

List of sponsored reviews and paid blogging networks:
  1. indibloggers
  2. Sponsored Reviews
  4. ReviewMe
  5. PayPerPost
  7. Smorty
  8. BlogVertise

4. Direct Banner Advertising/direct ads

You can earn more with direct adverts. In platforms like Google Adsense , you have to pay 32%  of your money to them for providing ads. Now you can earn 32% more by directly getting ads from the brands. You will have your own ad formats ,  your own rules ,  your own prices and your own brands. The most popular banner formats on the web are the120×600 skyscraper, 728×90
leaderboard,  the 300×250 rectangle ,  the 300×600 large skyscraper and the 125×125 button. Again a problem exists here which is how to find Advertisers for Your Website or Finding Advertisers for Your Blog. Now we have 2 websites that will do the work for you . Now charge as much as you can for your ad spaces. The recommended banner price can vary from 100$ per month to 5000$ per month. So set the price according to the traffic and niche you have.
Recommended direct ad providers are.
1.BuySellAds – The most popular one.
2. AdvertiseSpace – I found it on other websites.

5. Sell your own digital product (common  example ebook)

Another simple way of earning descent money without the interfere of the middle man. Here only you and your client will present and you will get paid directly without long wait. Now sell your digital products directly from your websites without paying fees to the middle man. You can sell your ebooks or you can sell your video tutorials or simply your articles. Isn't the easiest and efficient way of earning money ? However it takes a long time to develop quality products but if your products have bad quality you will not sell a single product online.
For payments you can setup PayPal buttons for easier payments.

6. Donation

If you tried all the ways and not earning money and you don't want loose your money then you can earn good sum of money from donations. Over Internet there are many people which donates money for quality sites or to those who solve specific problems through their articles. You can ask your visitors for donations as you did hard work for writing articles and you have to pay your domain and Web hosting charges.
So before asking for donations you need to tell your visitors that why you want donation then setup proper donation button widget from PayPal.

7. Premium Content

Some of blogs and websites are giving free tutorials while there are various blogs who charge for their contents. You know a popular site then you know they are famous for their site explorer. What ahrefs did is they show 6 backlinks for free and rest are available for only paid members. In this way makes millions of dollars from their clients. Another example is of a popular blog and community for learning seo.  They have both free as well as paid contents and their visitors are allowed to get excess of contents via paid membership.
So it's better if you setup some paid contents on your Website but please keep in mind that you need a large audience to be successful in this business.

10. Sell Your Site

If your site have gone following and you have good monthly visitors plus you have a good looking website then you can 100 times more by selling your website directly.
People sometimes purchases new websites and convert them into bigger brands and sell them in huge rates. This is one of the business popular nowadays.
Also if you have a good domain name you can also earn money from your domain name. 
So how to sell your website ?  We have sites like flippa that will find best buyer for your site. Just head over to it and see the best price for you.

11. Affiliate Marketing

  This is one of the method which doesn't need a website for earning money. And this is the only method which gives 10 times higher revenue then ads. An affiliate is one who sells the products for a company and after sales he gets the commission for that product. There are two type of programs present in affiliate companies which is CPA and CPL. CPA is cost per action which means any valid action for the ad program and  CPL is cost per lead which is a sale of the product. The best examples of CPA programs are surveys where you get money for filling surveys. And for CPL it contains anything which leads to online purchase i.e any type of product you sell for example sell web hosting and get upto 50% as commission. Web hosting affiliate products are high paying because cost for Web hosting is high and people generally purchase hosting for at least 3 years. So if 3 year hosting cost 150$ then you will get 75$ in your account. The example of web hosting affiliate are godaddy and bluehost , where bluehost gives 65$ for every hosting space you sell.
List of popular affiliate marketplaces and networks:
  1. Azoogle Ads
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Link Share
  4. ClickBank
  5. Bluehost( direct affiliate)
  6. BigRock( direct affiliate)
  7. Hostgator( direct affiliate)

12. Advertising/ monetizing Widgets

This is the new method of monetizing your blog or website. A number of people are using advertising widgets to increase their revenue. These widgets are designed so that they can be easily placed on every blog/ website and they offer PPC , affiliate programs and text ads. Isn't it easier to put a widget on your blog and earn money for 3 different programs from a single widget.

List of companies that provide monetization widgets:
  1. ScratchBack
  2. WidgetBucks
  3. SmartLinks

13. Private Forums/ public forums

There are two type of forums one is private and other is free. Free forums are those where people interact with other members. You will find many free forums like quora where Peoples usually ask questions which belong to any type of field. The other type of forum which is private can cost you money for using it on monthly basis. This type of forums are organized by some Peoples having specific knowledge about a topic. Example are pro community where you can excess private articles . Another example is SEO Blackhat which charges 100$ monthly from its members. But if you want to charge this amount from your members then you need to provide some real value so that they will pay you happily. You can also run a free forum like quora and then you can earn money from ads on your site. If you want to establish free forum then try some free forum softwares.

List of popular forum software:
  1. vBulletin
  2. Vanilla
  3. Simple Machines Forum
  4. phpBB

14. Classifieds sites

These sites are popular nowadays and popularity of these sites are increasing gradually. Classifieds sites are known for ad listing and these sites are great source of dofollow backlinks. Classifieds sites gives you ability to post your ads as free as well as paid ones. If you want high traffic + dofollow backlinks then you should purchase paid listing. This is how classifieds sites earn money. So if you want to earn money then try to start a classified site. Sites like and olx are earning huge from paid listing of ads. 

15. Start consultancy services

  Teach or consult others in your field of expertise. You can charge a minimum of 100$ easily for 1 hour of consultation. To start consultancy just create a new page in your site and put all the details about your experiences and what charges you will charge for your consultancy. 


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Top 10 Handpicked Widgets for Blogger

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This article will help you in installing top and most popular widgets on your blog. Here are 10 cute widgets for blogger blogs that will beautify your blog. These widgets are necessary if you want to make a professional looking blog. These 10 handpicked widgets are best in its category. After installing these cool blogger gadgets your blog will look like a professional blog and your readers will love to stay at your website. Gadgets like popular post will allow your readers to read your most valuable content and this will increase your page views. If people stay on your site for more duration then it will help your website in better search engine rankings because it will decrease your bounce rate.

Top 10 widgets/gadgets for blogger blogs

 Author box / profile

Author Profile Infiblogger

This is the must have widget for a website. The idea is , your visitors should know who is the owner of this blog so that they can follow you everywhere. If you provide quality articles to your visitors then your audience will eager to know about you and your work. A author profile should consists of your short bio of you and your career. Your bio should consist of your projects + your achievements + social media links. This gadget is necessary if you want others follow or know about you.

Contact Form

Infiblogger contact form

Contact Form is equally important as of profile box. There are large number of people who want to ask  queries privately or who want to advertise on your site will contact you through contact form. The contact form can give you lot of sponsored work for your blog and at the same time if anybody wants any change in your content can ask you privately.

Search box

Search box let's your visitors to search any article of your website. This will save visitors time searching needy articles. You should always set a search box in your menu bar. If you have adsense account then you should add custom search by Google. This will show your website's content along with Google ads which will increase your revenue. Google custom search engine allows you to show search results of your choice.

Email subscription box

subscription box infiblogger

Email subscription box is the best widget for every website if you want to run your website for long term. There are many successful website's and bloggers who gets lots of visitors only from email lists. Email lists have ultimate power if you manage to build it large. If you are serious about your business or your blogging career then you should install this widget because Google have many algorithms for penalising websites and if any anytime in future your site search results hurts by Google algorithms then email lists are only one to get direct traffic to your websites.

Facebook like box

facebook like box infiblogger

Like email lists growing your social profiles are always found to be beneficial. You can convert your website visitors to your Facebook fans. If you make your Facebook fan page large then you will also see increase in your social traffic. Also note that the more Facebook fans you have the more they will share your articles directly from your fan page. So please install the Facebook like box widget into your blog.

Twitter followers box

Twitter is my favourite social network and currently I have 12k followers. Twitter help me in building my blog bigger. About 5% of my blog traffic comes from twitter and I have seen the visitors from twitter makes 5+ average page views which is very good number for blogs. If you make your twitter profile very large then you can join many sponsored tweets programs from different companies.

Popular posts widget

Show your visitors your best content. The most viewed content will be definitely your best content. The popular posts widgets help your website in increasing more page views and less bounce rate. Also your most popular content will be shown in everypage of your blog it means your top articles will be getting internal links from all of your pages. This will make strong internal linking and will pass link juice to your internal pages. Hence better search results and more organic traffic.

Floating sharing social media button

Social media sharing button helps your visitors to share your Web pages directly to their social networks. If your visitors share your articles then you will get backlinks from social sites +  those links will drive targeted traffic to your site. If you want to increase your website's indirect traffic +  popularity of your article then you should install social sharing widgets to your site.

Label or category gadget

Like Wordpress we can add labels in our blogger blogs. Labels sort your articles according to a specified category. Like seo articles we will have a seo label and all the articles which have seo as label will sort out when you click on a seo named label.
You can refer this article to know more about labels and categories in blogger blogs.

Related posts widget

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Sunday, 31 July 2016

How to Add AdSense below the Blogger Post Title or anywhere inside blogspot blogs

Today i will help you in increasing your Adsense CTR and CPC with right placement of ads in Below Titles and Above comment section. These 2 places are known for higher CTR. You will also learn how to Add Adsense widget to your blog. This is a complete tutorial for implementing ads on your blog. Like Wordpress Blogs we don't have Plugins to do this work at one click but we have this useful guide for doing same on blogspot blogs.

How to put Adsense on blogger Blog using Adsense widget.

Step 1. Log in to your Dashboard.
Step 2. Click on Layout.
Step 3. Now your Blog's layout will open. find appropriate location for your Adsense ad. 
Step 4. Click on "ADD A GADGET" button in your layout.
Blogger layout add a gadget

Step 5.  Now a new popup will open just like below image. Now click on Adsense to add adsense widget.

Blogger add a gadget widget

Step 6. Now select the format and color settings for your ads. For higher performance choose only recommended ad units.
step 7. Save changes and see your blog.

How to Parse Adsense code/ Adsense converter

Step 1. Get your Adsense ad code from your Adsense account.
Step 2. Open Adsense Parser.
Step 3. Paste your Adsense ad code in textbox and click on encode button.
Step 4. Copy your Parsed Adsense ad code and you are done.

How to put Adsense ads below Post Title in Blogger

Step 1. Log in to your blogger blog.
Step 2. Click Template >> Edit HTML .
Step 3. Backup your template by selecting all the template code and pasting it on a notepad file. This step is mandatory as this will help you in restoring your changes if you make unnecessary changes or you delete blogger template code by mistake.
Step 4. Press Ctrl+F to open Blogger's search box. Now find below code in your template.
<data:post.body/> .
You will find this code more than one time in your template but you need to stop at the second one.
Step 5. Now copy below code and paste it just above <data:post.body/> tag.
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType ==&quot;item&quot;'>
Step 6. You already know how to parse your Google Adsense ad code. Now replace " PLACE YOUR PARSED ADSENSE AD CODE HERE "  with your Google Adsense ad code.
Step 7. Click on Save Template button and wait for the changes to be saved.
Step 8. Open your blogger pages and check that it works or not.
Step 9. If you are unable to make changes or by mistake you deleted your precious template code then please restore your template from your notepad file.

Please note ,  Adsense will take few minutes before it will start showing your ads on your blog. So till then you have to wait for displaying ads.

How to Float adsense ads on left or right of your blog 

<div style=”margin: 5px ; float: left ;”>
Put your Adsense ad code here

How to add ads between posts in blogger. 

Step 1. Go to your Dashboard >> Layout.
Step 2. Click on Edit button under blog post.
Blogger layout edit post

Step 3. A popup will open and you have to click on show ads between posts from the menu.
Blogger post settings

Step 4. Click on Save and you are done.

How to add Adsense code to below blogger post or above comment section

This is very simple to add adsense ads below post or at the end of post or just above comment section. This is easy because for implementing this type of ad placement we only require to put our code below <data:post.body/> and then your code will be displayed on post end and above comment section.
So All the steps for this section will be same as for adding ads below post titles but only change in step 5. here we need to ad code below <data:post.body/>.

How to add Adsense code in middle of posts

Step 1. Parse your Ad Code by using Above mentioned Parsing Tool.
Step 2. Open your post for editing and click on HTML.
Step 3. Paste your parsed ad code anywhere you want to add.
Step 4. Publish your article and You are done with your Customized ads.


Friday, 29 July 2016

How can I earn Rs 50k within a month with my laptop and internet?

     10 years ago Earning 50k in a month was very hard, but now it becomes easier if you have skills or a business mind. Today there are many companies which will give you online jobs to do and for that they will charge 20 to 30% of your earnings. However, many people complain about giving this much of the commission, but it's really great if you don't know how to get direct advertisers or jobs to do. You don't need to reach brands and advertisers for jobs and this all work will be done by various online platforms like Blogmint, Fiverr, Freelancer etc. These are various ways of making money online, but today I will tell you only best and working methods. Out of which some jobs require skills while others don't require any special skills.
     Choosing right skill to monetize with a job is very important. I would suggest you to check all types of online jobs posted here and then choose the best suited one. If you still have questions about making money, then feel free to contact me from my contact me page.

Technical Freelance Jobs

Technical Freelance Jobs need technical skills and can only be if you have technical skills like web designing, logo designing, Android app development, Data Entry, search engine optimization and social media marketing etc. These jobs are highly paid jobs and your skills will give you more out of it. There are many companies which give technical freelance jobs and some of them are freelance and Fiverr.
There website will offer you work for their clients from various industries. These websites are free to register for limited accounts and if you want more jobs than you need to pay for premium account. However, there is a commission which is fixed by these companies, and will be deducted from your total earnings. It can be anywhere from 20 to 30%, depending on the website you are using.  For it is only 20%  and same is for . As a newbie, you should continue as a free account and after that you can shift to a paid account to earn more. 

There are many technical projects available and many technical experts are present to do the job. Some many bid low cost then you so how you will get your project? Actually, it depends on your skills and ratings. A seller with 5 star rating will preferred in case there is many experts are present. But what if you don't have any star I mean you are new on these websites? In this case you can offer lower prices to your clients with some bonus services. So it will not be difficult for your first job.

Non Technical Freelance Jobs

You are here, as you don't have technical skills or maybe you want to earn more money. So what if don't have the technical skills to earn money? Don't worry, this section will help you in making money without any technical skill. As I already said making money online is now easy, but without technical skills you may not get higher payouts. But still you can earn money.

How to make money online in easy way with or without technical skills?


Fiverr, is everywhere if it's related to making money online. This is my favorite website because their business model is very simple. You can make 1000 of $  easily from this site. There are various categories to sell or buy and one category is another in which you can put every unrelated service. Fiverr is a marketplace where one person lists what he can do or what are it's services and then another person finds and order his service. In this way a seller sells and buyers buys the services. And to offer this service fiverr cuts a 20% of your earnings. It means if you earn 100$ online you will get 80$ as finalized earning. This is also one of my favorite sites because here you don't need to find advertisers or don't need to bid for a service/project however advertisers will find you and will order your services. One good thing is the minimum price you can charge is 5$ and you may add add-on packages for buyers. Add-on packages will help you in earning more from your existing services.
There are an infinite number of services you can offers and out of which some popular services are below.
At Fiverr, your gig can be "I will hold your logo and will click a picture for your company ".
I will sing a song for your birthday only for 5$
I will post your website link on my twitter account.
But remember, only creative and unique ideas, sells more than copied ones. So start thinking what you can sell which is not sold by other fiber experts. In this way you can earn 100 times more.


Microjobs as the name shows are small and easy jobs which you can do for very small earning. The jobs are so easy that anyone can complete it. Jobs like liking on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, plus one on Google+  or it can be signing up for an account. For Micro Jobs you can earn 1 or 2 $  easily. So to earn in this way you have to do more jobs in a day.

Make YouTube Videos

Become video blogger, the largest growing blogging community. You can earn money by creating videos for YouTube. You can create videos of any type you like.
You cannot use copyrighted contents in your videos if you want to earn from them.
Videos should be unique, creative and not boring. If you are good at creating interactive videos than you earn decent money from them. You can also create videos for companies to earn money or you can do reviews of products like mobile and tech gadgets. For a simple review you can charge a minimum of 150$ easily and can get more from bigger brands.
In India short films are going viral these days and every YouTube video blogger is trying to create viral short films. This is an easy way of going popular.
  On YouTube you will find an account DC Toys Collector which actually makes $4.9 million just by creating unboxing videos of Disney toys. She is now famous as the mystery woman as we can only see her hands on videos.


     Blogging is what I am doing on my blog. Blogging is of two type first one is a hobby and 2nd one is for money. You should make a good combination of both if you want to become popular.
If you have good writing experience then blogging can be a good career option. If you don't have writing skills but still you want to earn money, then you can hire content writers who will write for you.
      Remember, to start earning from blogging it may take somewhere between 6 to 12 months. However a lot of bloggers discontinue their blogging as they don't know how to earn money.
You can start blogging in a niche which you like the most. But be sure to select unique niche and not multi niche or general category niche. If you want to become popular then you should focus on your niche. Example of popular niches are product reviews, tech how to,  Wordpress themes, SEO etc.
But remember, it will take time to earn money from this way and it will require a lot of hard work and dedication towards blogging.


This job can be classified as technical job and you can learn it easily from online courses or through a certified institute. SEO is short form of Search Engine Optimization which is easy to learn but very hard to implement. It is a fact that A person with some technical and analytical skills can easily learn this technical skill.

So what SEO basically is??

      You know how many websites are available online and out of which only a few are managed to come in the top 10 results for your search query. Do you ever think how a website come up or goes down in search result page? This all is the game of SEO. The more perfect you do, the higher you will rank on search results pages. So it's clear that the competition is too high for SEO and this competition is increased by many bloggers coming online in search of making money online. Without SEO your site will start loosing ranking, which depends on more than 200 ranking factors.  Out we these 200 factors, some factors are out unofficially, which is the result of deep research of SEO experts.
     This job can be highly paid if you have good skills and yours client trust you otherwise you will see that client will bargain over price and will ask you for more work hours.
SEO can be your job or it can be your project and both want to increase sales and traffic of your client. You can earn as much as you can and minimum price for basic SEO can be something 30k to 50k.

Keep your price low for the first few projects and maintain a record of your work and graph of your client's growth. It will help you in driving more projects at a better price.

Paid To Click (PTC) Jobs

As the name suggests, you need to click in order to earn money. These type jobs are the easiest and that's why payout of these jobs is lowest in the online market. However, there are many websites that pay a good amount to pay for click jobs. You can search over Google and will find that clicksense is the beast in this industry. Clixsense also offers you from earning money by doing surveys and completing other offers. It also offers micro jobs through Crowdflower to offer better options for their clients. The best part of clicksense is their affiliate program. With an affiliate program you can earn commissions on the earnings of your referrals. So if your referral earns 100$ then you will get some percent of it like 5 or 10$ as a reward.
If you start doing surveys you will not get many offers at level 0 but when you reach at level 1 you will start earning 1 to 3$ per hour.

 Get paid using your iPhone (or Android)

This is the new way of earning money online. There are many simple jobs like clicking pictures of you, updating traffic details etc. You can also earn from your phone by seeing ads on your phone. A new app is in the market which is known as slide app. You just need to download the app and then every time you unlock your phone you will earn some money. This app will show ads on your lock screen and when you click on ads you will get 0.05 rupees and for unlocking screen you will get 0.05. So it depends on how many times you unlock your mobile screen. You can earn 50 to 100 per day easily.

Teach English (or other language) classes online

English teachers are highly demanded in Asian countries, that's why many teachers are now freelance English teachers.
There are many websites which required online tutors like This website act as an online virtual classroom for teachers and students. Anyone can become a teacher and can charge as 15$  to 20$  per hour, which is a fair charge for an hour.
Become an online tutor with Transtutors and earn money for skills you know. The best way to earn money is to sell your expert opinion and your knowledge.

Rent out your car for $10+ an hour

This is not a new concept but now it becomes viral as you can earn money from your car. Have you heard about, if not, then you should check out this website. If you are living in a big city, then this business can be more profitable. You can rent your car for 10$ per hour with guarantee by this website.

SKILLS Approx earning Scope of jobs

Here is some basic pay for a project of respective skills. Please note that these are estimated earnings and you can get more or less depending on your clients. 

  1. Stacks like LAMP extra ₹10,000 [ high end web applications ]
  2. J Query/ AJAX / Javascript  extra ₹7,000 [dynamic websites advanced ]
  3. PHP/Python Django / MYSQL extra ₹15,000 [dynamic websites with database]
  4. Ecommerce sites - Magento extra ₹25,000  [dynamic websites like Flipkart]
  5. HTML/CSS/JavaScript ₹15,000 [basic static websites]
  6. Basic Photoshop editing extra ₹5,000 [photo manipulation and basic editing]
  7. Illustrator & Photoshop extra ₹8,000 [Logo creation and advanced editing]
  8. CMS like Joomla/WP extra ₹15,000 [dynamic websites with CMS]
If you have any doubts, then feel fee to ask them in comments.