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Review on Jabong Coupons from CouponRovers

     Today, Everyone loves to do shopping online just because of better price as compared to local shops. But still everyone wants more and more discount so that he/she can save more. We Indians love discounts as much as possible. This is the reason we usually spent few hours in search of coupons but due to the fact that there are thousands of Coupon sites that are claiming to give you coupons and deals but a majority of sites have outdated coupons or fake ones. 


     Now a question will come in your mind that how to find real working coupons?
Ultimately it becomes very difficult to find a working coupon for your online shopping. But still it is possible to get some for your shopping.

     Now you will ask me how to save more on online shopping. And I will recommend you one website which is my all time favorite.
     A research says that there are 65% peoples who are willing to try a products which is recommended by a old user. That's the reason I am here to save your time as well as to save your money. Today I will recommend a website which is already giving me a variety of coupons for my favorite online store. Every time when I shop online , no matter it is Snapdeal, or Flipkart, or Jabong, I always got my best deals just because of Yes the site I am recommending here is It is the best in the market and have variety of offers which you will never get on other coupon sites. 

Lets check in depth.


     It is one of the largest directories of Online Coupons and deals which are latest and updated directly from the online stores like Jabong, Myntra, flipkart, Snapdeal etc. The aim of this website is to provide you latest Coupons, Promo codes, Deals at one place. It help you save more every time when you shop online, so that you can get your deals at best price. The best way to get latest offers from this website is to subscribe their daily newsletter so that you will get to know about all the latest deals in advance.
     At this time have 15886 Coupon Codes, 1283 Online Stores And 22583 Subscribers. These stats are enough to show the popularity of this website.

Coupon Rover

What types of Coupon are provided by

It provides, Direct Deals, Discount Codes, Promo Codes. There is a big list of coupons from different categories. Out of which the top categories are listed below.

Top Categories of coupons

  1. Appliances Coupons
  2. Fashion Coupons
  3. Sports & Fitness Coupons
  4. TV, Audio/Video & Movies Coupons
  5. Web Hosting & Domains Coupons
  6. Flowers, Gifts & Jewellery Coupons
  7. Automotive Coupons
  8. Beauty & Health Coupons
  9. Computers, Laptops & Gaming Coupons
  10. Education & Learning Coupons
  11. Food & Dining Coupons
  12. Books & Stationery Coupons
  13. Cameras & Accessories Coupons
  14. Entertainment Coupons
  15. Kids, Babies & Toys Coupons
  16. Mobiles & Tablets Coupons
  17. Recharge Coupons

Stores on

      At you will find almost every online retailer as a store. You just have to visit on a particular store to get all the current available deals at one place. So it becomes easier for you to find or track on latest offers that are currently running by a seller.
      As there is a big list of stores, I would like to show you only popular ones.


8. Dominos
     Lets pick one store from the list. I choose as I already did a little bit of shopping from Jabong. And my past experience shows that I was unable to find a single working coupon for my deals except from CouponRover.
     So I visited Jabong Store on and found that there are so many offers available.
The offers were flat 40% off , 25% off on purchase of above 1500, upto 60% off + 20%  extra on purchase of  rs 1699,  etc. . Its very interesting that you have lots of offers to choose. After doing my calculation, I found that 25%  discount coupon is giving me 500rs discount which was shocking for me as I never got this much of discount on already discounted price.

Jabong Store

There are two type of offers on Jabong Store.

1. Get deal:  In this type of offer, will activate a deal for you, and you will visit to your retailer to grab that deal. In my case I visit to get my deal. I found that my deal was activated automatically and it didn't require any coupon code to avail discount.
2. Get code: In this type of offer, you will get a special coupon code by which will give you discounts by applying it on checkout.

Some features of Jabong store on

1. Deal added date.
2. Deal expiring date.
3. Terms and conditions.
4. Deal status ( active or expired )
5. Over 100 different offers are available.
6. Directly visit to product page for easy checkouts.


    Finally we can conclude that is passed in our check. I would like to give 5 star rating for their separate stores for different retailers. The user interface is pretty awesome and I will give 4.7 stars to it. The reason is every time I Click on get code or get deal , it opens the same webpage in new tab which is not a good practice but overall its good as compared with others.
For online coupons codes again I will give 5 stars because all the Jabong Coupons are working on and I have got my discount on shopping.

     Finally, if anytime you want to save more, just visit and find one best deal for your product and save time and money both.


Sunday, 8 May 2016

5 Easy Ways to Make Money with Instagram

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     Instagram is the fastest growing photo sharing site and now it have more than 100 million monthly active users, along with 400 million monthly and 75 million daily users. Due to its growing popularity of many of the top brands are investing some portion of their digital marketing budget on Instagram marketing.
      So, it's good news for those who have good  number of followers on Instagram. This opportunity will help Influencers to earn some extra bucks. And if you have millions of followers than you can earn even more from big advertisers. 

Make Money with Instagram

     The benefit of earning from Instagram is you will content to promote +  you will get new followers & more popularity. As an Influencer I love to promote brands just because I get to know what are the future products of brands and when they are launching them. And the most precious gift from brands is they will follow you if you promote their brand seriously.
This gift is precious for me because I think one brand follower is equal to 1000+ public followers. There are many top brands who are following me on twitter and Instagram.

Today in this article you will learn 5 easy ways of earning money from Instagram. You can earn quick bucks for just posting images on Instagram. But this is not so easy, you need to have thousands of followers which are active and are relevant to your niche. 

Follow below steps to increase your follower base.

Method 1: follow all of your friends on Instagram. Most probably all of your friends will follow you back. 

Method 2: Start Following your mutual friends. Mutual friends are those who are friends of your friends. There is 65% chance that mutual friends follows you back. 
Follow us on Instagram
Method 3: Fill out your bio with relevant information about what you like and what you do. This will attract more followers. Say if you are a fashion blogger you will stuff keywords related to fashion and all who loves fashion will follow you for your posts. 

Method 4: Post relevant content according to your profile like pictures of dishes if you are a food blogger or you have a restaurant. This will give you more shares and likes which will increase your followers in easy way. 

Method 5: Use hashtag in your posts and always respond to your followers. This will make your followers feel happy and engaging and they will do more sharing of your content.

Wow! Now you have good number of followers. Good here means more than 2500 followers and you are ready to earn money from Instagram.

How much money can you make on Instagram

It totally depends on what you are doing on Instagram. I mean you are promoting others or doing affiliate sales or just growing your online business.
If you have a business than you will earn more than other methods. Or if you are promoting others than it totally depends on the number of followers you have and the number of advertisers you are getting.

How to make money on Instagram easily and quickly

1. Influencer platform

Blogmint is a platform where brands connects with influencers. Here brands get influencers who will promote brands and influencers get advertisers to support their living. At blogmint you will get best price for your work whether you are brand or influencer. The best part of blogmint is that you can negotiate for a blog ,  for a tweet or for a instagram picture. Blogmint is the first platform that is providing you the opportunity to monetize your instagram account. If you have good following base then you can charge as much as you want. I know many fashion instagrammers who are charging 1500 to 2000 for a single instagram picture. This is the highest per picture price you can get in the market. For few hundreds followers you can charge 100 to 500 per insta but still it will be great if you have many quality followers. 


At blogmint payment is cleared as soon as possible and it may take 15 days as maximum. So the payment is usually done faster. There is also no minimum payment amount required. Feel free to join blogmint if you want to earn money with ease.

2.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing as you know is the powerful source of earning money but it needs very hard work and targeted audience. If you have a good follower base and all of them belongs to a unique niche then you can start doing affiliate marketing. Suppose you are a seo expert and your following are learning seo. Then you can do affiliate marketing with your Instagram and conversion will be high as your followers are related to your niche. Try to sell those products which you think will convert more. For example if you are tech seo and blogging then you can promote Web hosting packages. I bet this will convert high. You can't sell kitchen item to your blogger audience easily. Affiliate marketing is all about conversion rates. Higher the conversion higher you will earn.
Example: this blog focuses on bloggers and their queries. We promote bluehost Web hosting which is the best in this industry. 99.9% up time and easy to use cpanel makes this Web host the best in its class. As all of our audience have blogs and websites we get higher conversions with blue host products. You can also start promoting right product to earn more.
At Instagram you can't add backlinks in photos but you can add links in your bio as your website. So to earn from Instagram people generally divert traffic to their bio and then to their affiliate product.
If you want to give links you can add them in caption but remember those links will not convert in hyperlinks. 

If you want to start earning from affiliate marketing then you can join below websites.
  1. Sharesale
  2. Stylinity
  3. Like to know

3. Become A Brand Ambassador

Ever tried to become a brand ambassador? If not then you can become brand ambassador because of your Instagram account. These days a fashion Instagrammer can easily become brand ambassador for a fashion brand easily if he/ she have good following base. You can earn as much as you can think. But it's not easy to get a brand to promote as a brand ambassador. You have to work hard with your followers. You have to be active,  posting reply to your followers and posting viral Instagram pictures will give you boost.
I hope you will get your chance to be brand ambassador.

4. Sell Your Photos

If you are a photographer and can click high quality viral photos then you can earn by selling your photos at instagram. This way you can earn a minimum of 19$ for a single photo. So if you manage to sell 5 photos in a day you can earn 95$ easily and everyday. 

Here are few sites that may help you in selling your photos at higher prices.
  1. Twenty20
  2. Community Foap

5. Promote Your Business, Products Or Services

Are you a businessman? Or you have a product or service to promote? Then you can increase your business to 200% easily. Just create viral photos and share them in your Instagram account and see the increase in your business revenue.


Sell Your Instagram Account

Finally if you can't make money with above step the you should try out this way to make money from your instagram. But you need to have quality followers if you want to sell your account.
 Try below sites and get as much money you can.
  1. Fame swap
  2. Viral accounts


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How Startup Expo gives mileage to Student entrepreneurs

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Hello bloggers. Today I wish to share my experience of the Startup Expo held at the Epicentre Gurgaon recently. The place was buzzing with so many aspiring student
entrepreneurs and I learned a lot about upcoming startups. I will explain everything I learned at the Startup Expo in this article to help you build your startup idea.
At the Startup Expo event, many young minds shared their dreams with investors and bloggers like us and it was such an uplifting feeling. Out of all the sessions, the one that
caught the eye was the student entrepreneurs section. It was about a bunch of young inspiring student entrepreneurs who marvelled all with their confidence and were willing to
help others by sharing their experiences.

Some experiences shared at the event are as under:

1. Renewable energy by Aeolus consultancy group

This startup is really great and I would love to put them in the first position just because they are supporting our environment. The idea behind this startup is to support clean and
green environment and at the same time make money by manufacturing wind turbines. They claim that their re-designed wind turbines will give 1.5 times more energy than
conventional methods of generating electricity. They are also providing facilities like EMI to make it affordable.

2. It and waste management by the scrapwala

The next startup in my list is again related to environment. Today waste management is a major problem and Scrapwala is trying to solve just that. They are aiming at providing the best waste management facility, including facilities like commercial waste management, in the industry. They want to change the face of industry with this revolutionary idea behind waste management.
Link to website:

3. Energy sector by Piezo electric developers.

This is a new way of generating electricity through piezoelectric concepts on tiles. I didn’t understand much about its technical functionality but they assured me that it is one of the best forms of generating electricity. This startup is at the 3rd position on my list because electric power plays a key role in India’s development and hence this startup has my vote of appreciation.
You can connect with them on twitter @piezodeveloper

4. Event management by Capclub

Number 4 in my list is Capclub for it is a great idea of organizing events, workshops, trips for youth at reasonable cost with assurance of quality services. You can hire them whenever you want to hire professionals for your events.
Link to website:

5. Social media Influencer marketing by CrescendoSPeak

This is something related to our niche. The idea behind this startup is promoting a campaign as a social cause. I did some basic research about their work and found that they were able to touch around a million lives with their campaign! Suppose you have 200 followers on Facebook and at CrescendoSPeak you have 10 friends who have 200 friends each. So logically you have 200* 10+200= 2200 friends. When you start your campaign, the CrescendoSPeak will automatically post on all your social profiles including your friend's profiles. You should try this service because it's 100% free right now.


Runway to success was a multi-staged initiative by Lufthansa in partnership with the business experts at TiE to motivate young startups and to flame the spirit of Indian
entrepreneurship. Finally, I can say that Startup Expo witnessed great responses from both startups and the
audience. You can check for conversation on twitter with hashtag #StartupExpo which was trending on the day of the event. You will find many images and quotes from great leaders like Mr. Amitabh Kant and Alexander which will help you in the long run. Also, website is where all the details videos, images are updated.

It was a day well spent and I now look forward to Runway to Success Season 4 on coming soon on ET NOW which is another platform for startups supported by Lufthansa and TiE.


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

GetResponse Review: The Best marketing Software for Any Business

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Businesses have seen a rapid boom over the years. All thanks to technology and globalization. Online marketing has come as a hope for many businesses. A large percentage of world population is using internet. This is the reason why most of the businesses are going online these days. Email marketing has become a popular activity over the internet. Businesses are using email marketing tools to expand their reach to larger audience around the globe. Not only email marketing tools, but several landing page creators available online has also helped the businesses to attract more clients.

Get Response World's Easiest email Marketing
GetResponse is the Email marketing/ Landing Page Creator software which has been involved in branding activities of most of the businesses. A lot of exaggerating features are offered by GetResponse to its clients. The appealing templates added with responsiveness and drag & drop functionality makes its really simple for the users to edit templates and create email newsletters. The tool is efficient enough to carry productive email marketing for your business. Let us study about some of the features of GetResponse.

GetResponse- A Complete Know-How

Some of the most powerful features of GetResponse email marketing tool have been discussed here. Go through some of its best features and decide whether to go for it or not.

Appealing Template Designs

A variety of template designs can be accessed to create eye pleasing email newsletters that can be sent to your subscribers. The templates are designed awesomely by the creators and will definitely grab the viewer’s attention. The content can be well organized with images, videos or text and links.
GetResponse has a collection of nearly 600 templates that can be edited as per user needs. The WYSIWYG editor makes its really easier for the users to edit the template by using drag & drop feature. A user without any technical knowledge can create an amazing newsletter. You need not to write HTML codes for creating or editing these templates.

Get Response Email Templates

Email Previews

The Inbox Preview tool of GetResponse lets the users to check out the exact view of the email newsletter they have created. This view is very similar to the view which appears on popular email services like Gmail or Outlook. With the help of these tools one can easily check smallest flaws in the newsletters that can be rectified before sending it to the subscribers. The makers of GetResponse don’t charge any extra amount to provide this service.

Get Response Email Previews

Import the Contacts with Ease

Easy Import tool of GetResponse lets the users to import email contacts at ripening fast speed. The contacts can be downloaded as excel spreadsheets and the unsubscribed emails are removed automatically. You can even upload the new contacts directly to GetResponse interface if you have them as spreadsheets. GetResponse picks the contacts from different sources and arrange them in precise manner.

Get Response import contact feature

Video Tutorials

The learning centre of GetResponse offers advance learning material to all the users. You can learn more about GetResponse email marketing and landing page tool. The video tutorials can be accessed you can help yourself in understanding the tool in a better way.


GetResponse is a user friendly and user engaging software. Once a user joins your subscriber list, he/she will be welcomed with an auto generated message through GetResponse’s Auto-Responder System 2.0. The welcome text can be edited and modified easily.

Get Response auto responder tool

Responsive Design

GetResponse offers responsive templates that are compatible with all the mobile devices and web browsers. The landing page templates can also be adjusted automatically on any devices. Let it be desktop or mobile, the templates with adapt the screen size easily.

Landing Page Creator

Not only email newsletters, users can also create fabulous landing pages through GetResponse landing page creator. It provides 100+ templates to the users to create awesome landing pages. You can easily choose from template designs representing different types of industries.

Get Response Landing Page Creator


GetResponse is an efficient tool having a unique integration feature. The newsletters and landing pages can be connected to users’ social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter and other major social media platforms. You can even integrate the landing page or email newsletter with Google Analytics so that more accurate data can be collected and used for better results.

Spam Protection Tool

Unlike many other email marketing tools, GetResponse has its own spam protection tool named as ‘SpamCop’. This tools checks the spammy words in your email newsletters and hints the changes to be made so that the spam filters of subscriber’s emails do not put your newsletter in the spam box.

Interface & Usability

The user friendly interface of GetResponse allows you to navigate through different options at ease. You will find all the options available at home screen and these options can be accessed directly.
Report Analysis
You get complete data about the performance of your landing page as well as email newsletter. The number of bounces, unsubscribes, top performing links, clicks, and other details can be tracked about the newsletters. Also, you can get the complete report in form of table and graphs that can be downloaded for future references.

Split Testing

 Split Testing allows you to check viewer’s response on 5 different versions of same template simultaneously. The response can be recorded and you can find the best performing landing page to attract the readers.


$15 for every month is the minimal amount that you need to pay to get started with GetResponse. With this package you get access to all the above mentioned features and you can send email newsletters to 1000 subscribers each month. The maximum package at GetResponse costs $450 and newsletter mails can be sent to 100,000 contacts. The packages can be upgraded and downgraded as per your needs. For anything above 100000 subscribers, GetResponse will give you a quote in demand. You can even go for 30 days free trial offered by GetResponse and check the efficiency & authenticity of its services.

Get Response Pricing

Final Thoughts

Above mentioned were the phenomenal features of GetResponse email marketing & landing page builder tool that is helping the business to outrank their competitors in no time. GetResponse is the effective marketing & branding solution for businesses around the world with over 300 thousand customers worldwide.

GetResponse provides a variety of email marketing as well as landing page templates to its users. Users or companies can utilize the phenomenal features of GetResponse and carry out effective marketing campaigns to bring more business. Its features are unmatched with most of the other tools available online. The webinar tool is an extra feature in GetResponse’s trunk that aids the user with conferencing functionality. Any company or individual looking for competitive branding or marketing must try GetResponse for once.


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How to backup BlogSpot blog (Blogger Site) & Template in easy way

     Friends, today I will tell you how to create a backup copy of your blogger blog in easy way with few clicks. This backup copy will help you in restoring your blog articles & templates or to migrate in other platform like WordPress. You can download entire blog's copy in XML format including posts and comments. 
      This all magic is possible in blogger with handy Import & Export feature of blogger.
This export feature you can download a complete backup of your blogger blog and in any case if you accidentally delete your blog articles then you can easily restore all the deleted blog posts.
One of the major reason why people dislike blogger is because Google can delete your blog for violating their terms & policies. If in any case your blog is deleted by Google then you can migrate your blog content to other platforms easily. So make a habit of downloading your blog once in a week.

To access this setting you need to follow some below steps.
Step 1: visit to your blogger dashboard.
Step 2: Click on setting menu.
Step 3: Now click on Others and you will find below settings.
Import Export Blogger

step 4: Click on Backup Content and then download your blog in XML format.

How to Backup your Blog Template

Sometimes you need to make changes in your blog's template and in any case if you make unnecessary changes and are unable to find then you can restore your blog template with this method.
This copy of your template can also be used if you want to share it with other bloggers.
Just follow below steps and you will get your copy of your template in XML format.
Step 1: visit to your blogger dashboard.
Step 2: Click Template>Edit HTML
Step 3:  Click inside Blogger Template code.
Step 4: Press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C to copy the code.
Step 5: Open notepad on your Computer and press CTRL+V.
Step 6: Now save the file as Template.xml

Monday, 28 March 2016

How can I earn Rs 50k within a month with my laptop and internet?

     10 years ago Earning 50k in a month was very hard but now it becomes easy if you have skills or a business mind. Today there are many companies which will give you online jobs to do and for that they will charge 20 to 30% of your earnings. However many peoples complaint about giving this much of commission but it's really great if you don't know how to get direct advertisers or jobs to do. You don't need to reach brands and advertisers for jobs and this all work will be done by various online platforms like Blogmint, Fiverr, Freelancer etc. These are various ways of making money online but today I will tell you only best and working methods. Out of which some jobs requires skills while others don't requires any special skills.
     Choosing right skill to monetize with a job is very important. I would suggest you to check all type of online jobs posted here and then choose the best suited one. If you still have questions about making money then feel free to contact me from my contact me page.

Technical Freelance Jobs

Technical Freelance Jobs needs technical skills and can only be if you have technical skills like web designing, logo designing, Android app development, Data Entry, search engine optimization and social media marketing etc. These jobs are highly paid jobs and your skills will give you more out of it. There are many companies which gives technical freelance jobs and some of them are freelance and Fiverr.
There website will offer you work from their clients from various industries. These websites are free to register for limited accounts and if you want more jobs then you need to pay for premium account. However their is a commission which is fixed by these companies and will be deducted from your total earning. It can be anywhere from 20 to 30% depending on the website you are using.  For it is only 20%  and same is for . As a newbie you should continue as a free account and after that you can shift to paid account to earn more. 

There are many technical projects available and many technical experts are present to do job. Some many bid low cost than you so how you will get your project? Actually it depends on your skills and ratings. A seller with 5 star ratings will preferred in case there is many experts are present. But what if you don't have any star I mean you are new at these websites? In this case you can offer low prices to your clients with some bonus services. So it will not be difficult for your first job.

Non Technical Freelance Jobs

You are here, as you don't have technical skills or may be you want to earn more money. So what if don't have technical skills to earn money? Don't worry, this section will help you in making money without any technical skill. As I already said making money online is now easy but without technical skills you may not get high payouts. But still you can earn money.

How to make money online in easy way with or without technical skills?


Fiverr, is everywhere if it's related to making money online. This is my favourite website because their business model is very simple. You can make 1000 of $  easily from this site. There are various categories to sell or buy and one category is other in which you can put every unrelated service. Fiverr is a marketplace where one person list what he can do or what are it's services and then other person finds and order his service. In this way a sellers sells and buyers buys the services. And to offer this service fiverr cuts a 20% of your earnings. It means if you earn 100$ online you will get 80$ as finalised earning. This is also one of my favourite site because here you don't need to find advertisers or don't need to bid for a service/project however advertisers will find you and will order your services. One best thing is the minimum price you can charge is 5$ and you may add add-on packages for buyers. Add-on packages will help you in earning more from your existing services.
There are infinite number of services you can offers and out of which some popular services are below.
At Fiverr, your gig can be "I will hold your logo and will click a picture for your company " .
I will sing a song for your birthday only for 5$
I will post your website link on my twitter account.
But remember, only creative and unique ideas sells more than copied ones. So start thinking what you can sell which is not selling by other fiverr experts. In this way you can earn 100 times more.


Microjobs as the name shows are small and easy jobs which you can do for very small earning. The jobs are so easy that anyone can complete it. Jobs like liking on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, plus one on Google+  or it can be signing up for an account. For Micro Jobs you can earn 1 or 2 $  easily. So to earn in this way you have to do more jobs in a day.

Make Youtube Videos

Become video blogger, the largest growing blogging community. You can earn money by creating videos for YouTube. You can create videos of any type you like.
You cannot use copyright contents in your videos if you want to earn from them.
Videos should be unique, creative and not boring. If you are good in creating interactive videos than you earn descent money from them. You can also create videos for companies to earn money or you can do reviews of products like mobile and tech gadgets. For a simple review you can charge a minimum of 150$ easily and can get more from bigger brands.
In India short films are going viral these days and every youtube video blogger is trying to create viral short films. This is easy way of going popular.
  On YouTube you will find a account DC Toys Collector which actually makes $4.9 million just by creating unboxing videos of disney toys. She is now famous as mystery woman as we can only see her hands in videos.


     Blogging is what I am doing on my blog. Blogging is of two type first one is hobby and 2nd one is for money. You should make a good combination of both if you want to become popular.
If you have good writing experience then blogging can be a good career option. If you don't have writing skills but still you want to earn money then you can hire content writers who will write for you.
      Remember, to start earning from blogging it may take somewhere between 6 to 12 months. However a lot of bloggers discontinue their blogging as they don't know how to earn money.
You can start blogging in niche which you like the most. But be sure to select unique niche and not multi niche or general category niche. If you want to become popular then you should focus on your niche. Example of popular niches are product reviews, tech how to ,  wordpress themes, seo etc.
But remember it will take time to earn money from this way and it will require lot of hardwork and dedication towards blogging.


This job can be classified as technical job and you can learn it easily from online courses or through a certified institute. SEO is short form of Search Engine Optimization which is easy to learn but very hard to implement. It is a fact that A person with some technical and analytical skills can easily learn this technical skill.

So what SEO basically is??

      You know how many websites are available online and out of which only few are managed to come in top 10 results for your search query. Do you ever think how a website come up or goes down in search result page? This all is the game of SEO. The more perfect you do the higher you will rank on search results pages. So it's clear that competition is too high for SEO and this competition is increased by many bloggers coming online in search of making money online. Without SEO your site will start loosing ranking which depends on more than 200 ranking factors.  Out we these 200 factors some factors are out unofficially which is the result of deep research of SEO experts.
     This job can be highly paid if you have good skills and yours client trust you otherwise you will see that client will bargain over price and will ask you for more work hours.
SEO can be your job or it can be your project and both want to increase sales and traffic of your client. You can earn as much as you can and minimum price for basic SEO can be something 30k to 50k.

Keep your price low for first few projects and maintain a record of your work and graph of your client's growth. It will help you in driving more projects at better price.

Paid To Click(PTC) Jobs

As the name suggest you need to click in order to earn money. These type jobs are the easiest and that's why payout of these jobs is lowest in the online market. However there are many websites that pay good amount for pay to click jobs. You can search over Google and will find that clicksense is the beast in this industry. Clixsense also offers you from earning money by doing surveys and completing other offers. It also offers micro jobs through Crowdflower to offers better options for their clients. The best part of clicksense is their affiliate program. With affiliate program you can earn commission on earning of your referrals. So if your referral earns 100$ then your will get some percent of it like 5 or 10$ as a reward.
If you start doing surveys you will not get many offers at level 0 but when you reach at level 1 you will start earning 1 to 3$ per hour.

 Get paid using your iPhone (or Android)

This is the new way of earning money online. There are many simple jobs like clicking pictures of you, updating traffic details etc. You can also earn from your phone by seeing ads on your phone. A new app is in market which is know as slide app. You just need to download the app and then every time you unlock your phone you will earn some money. This app will show ads on your lockscreen and when you click on ads you will get 0.05 rupees and for unlocking screen you will get 0.05. So it depends on how many times you unloc your mobile screen. You can earn 50 to 100 per day easily.

Teach English (or other language) classes online

English teachers are highly demanded in Asian countries that's why many teachers are now freelance English teachers.
There are many websites which required online tutors like This website act as a online virtual classroom for teachers and students. Anyone can become teacher and can charge as 15$  to 20$  per hour which is a fair charge for hour.
Become an online tutor with Transtutors and earn money for skills you know. The best way to earn money is to sell your expert opinion and your knowledge.

Rent out your car for $10+ an hour

This is not a new concept but now it become viral as you can earn money from your car. Have you heard about, if not then you should check out this website. If you are living in big city then this business can be more profitable. You can rent your car for 10$ per hour with guarantee by this website.

SKILLS Approx earning Scope of jobs

Here are some basic pay for a project of respective skills. Please note that these are estimated earnings and you can get more or less depending on your clients. 

  1. Stacks like LAMP extra ₹10,000 [ high end web applications ]
  2. J Query/ AJAX / Javascript  extra ₹7,000 [dynamic websites advanced ]
  3. PHP/Python Django / MYSQL extra ₹15,000 [dynamic websites with database]
  4. Ecommerce sites - Magento extra ₹25,000  [dynamic websites like Flipkart]
  5. HTML/CSS/JavaScript ₹15,000 [basic static websites]
  6. Basic Photoshop editing extra ₹5,000 [photo manipulation and basic editing]
  7. Illustrator & Photoshop extra ₹8,000 [Logo creation and advanced editing]
  8. CMS like Joomla/WP extra ₹15,000 [dynamic websites with CMS]
If you have any doubts, then feel fee to ask them in comments.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Top 10 free Backlinks checker tools [Best]

 Every new blogger /website owner ask a popular question " how many backlinks do I have " the answer of this question is this article which gives you most accurate and free backlinks checker tools that will check both inbound links and outbound links. If you want to check Google links the search in Google search engine and you will find links to your site if you have with backlinks checker Google tool . These tools are specially developed to find link popularity of websites . The key to success is link building and some SEO persons try to build dead links or broken link building and for this purpose it becomes necessary to use a dead link checker tool for free . Here in this article I have reviewed 10 best online backlinks checker tools , read and comment if you found any new tool. Now check your backlinks details online without installing any software at your personal computer .

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What is the  need of Backlink checker tool?

If you know good links can increase your PageRank and website traffic then you should know how bad links can affect your website . Bad links are those links which are coming from dead webpages , pages that have PageRank of 0 , and websites that are blocked by Google . If you got links from these type of website you should immediately inform Google about these links otherwise after some time you will see a small or maybe large decline in organic traffic. Backlinks checker tools are available to all countries like India USA Canada China Singapore and Russia . The easiest way of link building is to steal your competitor's link profile . This can be achieve by using backlinks checker tool to find good links of your competitors and ultimately you can get those links in same manner your opponent get . Now just check inbound links/backward links  from below top 10 websites for free .

1. Ahrefs: [Best and Most Popular ]

Ahrefs is the larget and frequently updated backlinks checker tool and most accurate backlinks checker tool for me . Its database is updated in every 15 minutes . This tool is widely used by all seo persons and website owners. It is very convenient to use because of its simple user interface . A person can easily find its backlink profile just by putting his domain name in ahrefs search bar. This tool comes with both paid and free versions. In free versions you can check you backlinks count , domain rank , ahrefs PageRank , unique linking domains , edu backlinks , gov backlinks , net and org backlinks in a simple dashboard along with com domain. The limitation of free tool is that you can check only 2 or 3 domains per day from a ip address and only 5 results will be displayed for free users. You can also check index pages of your sites for free .


2. BuzzSumo [Top Backlink Checker Tool ]

It is one of my favourite tool after ahrefs for content marketing . Similar to ahrefs it have both free and paid versions. The paid version gives you the option of checking backlinks to any link that is to your root domain or to a single webpage . The best part is that you can download your links in excel or .csv formats .

3. Alexa backlinks.[Quality tool]

Alexa backlinks are those backlinks that are detected by Alexa's online backlinks checker tools. The benefit of this tool is that it gives you 1 link from 1 domain. When I start building backlinks ahrefs start showing backlinks within 4 hours but Alexa took almost 10 days to refresh my link profile . But it shows some of deep links which are hard to find for other tools , that's why it is best known backlinks checker tool for webmasters. It comes with paid membership that refresh backlinks profile everyday and you can check all of your links without any restrictions.
Link :

4. BackLinkWatch:

It is Another popular backlink checker tool which is on 1st position on Google search results. This tool is good for old webmaster because it takes lot of time to update its database. Its 3 month now and this tool shows that I have no backlinks , go and build on first and then they shows ads about building backlinks which is very annoying . This tool uses ahrefs database to show link profile of a user and displays all the links in a list . This list shows which links are nofollow and which ones are dofollow with exact anchor tags and PageRank .

5. Open Site Explorer: [Trusted and accurate data ]

Moz the no. 1 seo company have its own backlinks checker tool. This site gives you all the backlinks they found with moz rank , domain authority , dofollow/nofollow and page authority . But only pro users can check all links with their respective data . You can compare 2 or more domains with this tool . The free version is good for building links which your competitor already have . Other name for this tool is backlinks checker seomoz .

6. Link Diagnosis

Link diagnosis is best free tool that gives you the ability of checking backlinks , moz rank, alexa rank , Google PageRank ,nofollow , dofollow links , anchor tags etc in a single click. You can also select detailed report or optimized report for faster access . This tool is free and also have Firefox extension to install on your browser .

7. SmallSEOTools  Backlink Checker

Smallseotools is the first backlinks checker tool I used in my life . This tool gives all links from all domains including Facebook , twitter , Google plus etc . This tools shows 10 results at a time with dofollow /nofollow attributes , PageRank and links count . This tool user JavaScript for displaying links and that's why some of mobile users experienced problems with this tool. This tool is completely free and site owners earns money with Google adsense programs.

8. Dig Backlink

This tool is not popular but still its a usefull tool for users who want free backlinks checker tools. Yes , this tool is completely for analyzing your backlinks but you have to signup with Facebook to generate your backlinks report . It shows both text and image links and also shows PageRank and moz rank of referring domains.

9. Rank Signals

Rank signals is another free backlinks checker tool that gives you report of links and domains . You can also see Alexa rank and Google's PageRank with the free report .

10. Analyze Backlinks

Analyze backlinks have algorithms similar to Alexa . It shows 1 link from 1 domain . This tool helps users in finding how many domains linking to your domains. The user interface is simple and easy ko use . This tool gives you the opportunity to find anchor tags , anchor clouds for your backlinks . This tool have variety of filters you can use to customize your reports. It not only check inbound links but also checks outbound links , so that you can control on your external links and hence save your site from diluting your PageRank.