Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Future Of Jobs, A Great Initiative by Axis Bank to Increase Jobs in India

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     In the month of Feb, 2017, Axis Bank had invited all innovative talents from all parts of India. This is the biggest initiative by third largest private sector bank of India(Axis Bank). The Idea behind this initiative is to help those who can create more jobs in coming future. As, we all know that there is no working policy of our government to create employment or to help unemployed citizens. So, this Initiative is really a great Initiative to create more job opportunities.

     The competition was open for age group of 18 to 30 years old. This initiative is very successful as it received over 21000 responses and out of those 81% were students. On 8th April, the day of the Grand Finale, top 15 Teams gave their final presentation in front of Jury members.

You can check more details about this contest at  http://www.fojindia.com website.

While the Jury was deciding top 5 finalists, Axis bank had conducted some live polls which I want to share here.

1. What are the biggest trends effecting the Future of Employment space.
     The Majority of people voted for Artificial Intelligence and Automation. Some votes were there for robotics too. According to some research, 44% of work activities across the globe can be automated.

2. What elements do Millennials seeks at the workplace?  
      Everybody wants to get a Meaningful job with flexibility. Also 2X people will have post secondary education and more digital spending in future.

     It was very hard to eliminate contestants as their ideas were so brilliant. Thanks to Jury members for selecting top 5 Finalists who really deserve to be in top 5.

The top 5 Finalists of Future of Jobs campaigns are below with little brief.

  1. BeRozgaars : A platform connecting employers to job seekers through a smartphone app.
  2. Team Bodhi : An environmental friendly E-Waste management startup.
  3. MyColor: To make natural colors and to decrease the use of harmful synthetic colors.
  4. Crayonts : Helping farmers with equipment to reduce their cost of farming.
  5. Chai Pe Charcha: Growing vegetables on the roof so that people can trust that vegetables are fresh and also they are cost effective. 

     After the selection of 5 finalists, everybody gave their best presentation. While those who made their business model on government subsidies, got some negative marks as according to Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Ayog, the Government is very poor in terms of providing subsidies and sometimes you have to wait for months to get your subsidy.

     After long discussion, Jury finally came out with Second runner up. The 2nd Runner up is team Bodhi for their environment friendly E-Waste management idea.
Check out the below video tweet.

    Now, it's time to 1st runner up and they are Team BeRojgaar for their brilliant idea of connecting job providers to job seekers.  

     Finally, the winner is MiColor, everybody was impressed with this PHD holder team. Their business idea is truly in favor of nature as while making synthetic colors, the byproducts are hazardous to aquatic life and also harmful to human skin. The demand of natural colors is very high in Indian as well as global market. Check out The video tweet.

     The event was truly awesome and I am happy to see such a large number of innovative Ideas. Innovation can make a country great and India is ready to become world's largest innovative country.

If you want to see all videos and tweets of this event the you can visit this given tweet search link.



Friday, 7 April 2017

TRAI asks Reliance Jio to withdraw its Summer Surprise offer

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     Everybody was happy to know that jio is giving complementary 3 months extra validity when you become Jio prime customer and then pay Rs 303 or higher. In this offer, you are getting 3 months extra as summer surprise offer with 1 month pack of Rs 303 or higher. So, in just Rs 99 + Rs 303 you are getting free services for next 4 months. Isn't is a chota packet bada dhamaka offer? yes it is.
     Unfortunately, In India You can't expect something extra because there are lots of money Hungary companies. When Jio tried to gives us best value offers, other operators tried to stop Jio from giving offers to us. So TRAI is now asking Jio to withdraw its Summer surprise offer saying they are not as per their guidelines. How can you say that? they are charging us 303 Rupees so it is clear this is not a free offer,, it is just a better deal. After long Discussion, Jio accepted to withdraw this offer as soon as possible. However Jio said that it will took some time to make this rollback operational. Also they said that people who already did and going to do recharge before discontinuation of this offer are fully eligible for 3 months complementary offer.

Jio Summer Surprise

So, here i am giving you some FAQs for easy answers for your questions.

FAQ on Jio summer surprise offer

 1. Already paid for Jio prime membership and Rs 303 recharge. I am afraid about this offer.
Ans. According to Jio officials, you are eligible for 3 months complementary offer.

2. I am a Jio prime member and did Rs 303 Recharge today but still no message received from Jio about surprise offer.
Ans. Don't worry, the Jio summer surprise is still available and according to reports, people are receiving confirmation message with some delay. So,sit back relax and enjoy  3 months extra validity.

3. I want to get complementary offer but heard that it is withdrawn by Jio.
Ans. Rivals are spreading rumors that jio had withdrawn its summer surprise offer but in actual Jio is still giving this offer to all customers. So, hurry up and do your jio recharge now to enjoy extra benefits.

4. When Jio is going to stop Complementary offer?
Ans. At the moment, Jio had only said we are going to withdraw this offer but it will took some time as it is not easy to do all changes in few minutes. Also according to some guys, this offer will become available for few more days.

I Hope, everything is now clear after reading FAQs, if still there are some queries then do ask in comments.

Also, I want to inform you about petition people are running on change.org website.

"The Average Indian Needs Affordable Internet Access" by Amit Bhawani. 

I would request you to sign this petition if you want affordable internet for every Indian. This petition shows that people are ready to unite against all bodies who want to charge us extra for internet usage. It is our right to get affordable internet and it is our Prime Minister's dream to make whole India fully digital. 

Please sign it and make this petition successful. Lets build digital India together.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Airtel's Fastest Internet Advertisement is Misleading, Confirmed by ASCI

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     Guys, we all know that TRAI my speed App results are accurate and they showed that Airtel is slowest network. After this, Airtel has got certificate of being fastest network in India by a foreign company Ookla. After this Ad campaign, many  true Indians were not happy so they tried to boycott Airtel as they tried to prove our TRAI speed test results wrong. This is truly shame for everybody as TRAI is government body and they are proving TRAI Speed Test wrong by continuous misleading advertisement on various platform.
     So, on March 20 Jio had filed a complaint with ASCI, urging to take appropriate action against this misleading advertisement.

     Finally, on 29 March, Fast Track Complaints Committee (FTCC) found that Airtel Ad is misleading and they informed Airtel to remove or modify Ad by 11 April 2017.

     After this, Airtel Said that we are not agree with ASCI decision and will file an appeal as per guidelines.
Airtel statement on ASCI decision

ASCI points out some reasons to support their decision of declaring Airtel's Ad as misleading.
  1. It is also noted that Airtel’s TVC does not state that the speed results pertain to a specific period.
  2. TVC has visuals with reference to 4G, whereas Ad was not specific to 4G technology as per Advertiser's claim. 
  3. In Advertisement, they shows poor signal strength for the other service provider. FTCC considered this representation to be misleading by ambiguity and implication.
  4. Airtel used term "OFFICIALLY" while their test was not based on any government organization or authority like TRAI, hence it is misleading. 
      So, once again Airtel is on backfoot and still struggling to find a way to get some relief from this incident but the sad thing is they are not finding ways of improving their network. They are spending huge sum of money on advertisement which are misleading and already paid fine in some cases since last year. Airtel is trying to show other operators poor so, to show them better and strong, while in actual they are not doing anything. On the other hand Jio is spending money on improving their signal strength, coverage and quality. Recently Jio announced to add 100k towers to extend their network in every part of India.

Now, it is clear that Airtel's claim of being fastest network is false. So, here I want to show you some speed test results from TRAI myspeed website.




monthly speed

     Here is monthly trend of all operators, Jio is still providing top speed for whole month, while all other operators are providing below  8Mbps.


monthly speed 4g
     Here is monthly 4G speed comparison and here jio is still providing top speed while other are far behind in comparison of 4G data speed.


Speed India

     This is speed test of India and it is clearly visible that Jio 4G speed is still better than Airtel and Idea.


Speed Mumbai
     In all my past comparisons of Jio speeds, Mumbai is the only state where speed is very high. And also in every test Jio is able to give above 23 Mbps in Mumbai.


Speed Delhi
     Delhi is small but density is very high as people from other states usually came here everyday for various purposes, which give too much load on network operators. Here Jio speed was below 10 Mbps throughout past months but now it is 13.19 Mbps which shows Jio is improving day by day.


Speed Kolkata
     Again, in Kolkata, Jio is leading in speed test results. While Idea overtook Airtel and got 2nd position.


Speed Chennai
     In Chennai, Vodafone is winning by marginal difference and we know within a month Jio will become topper in speed test results of Chennai.



Speed comparison

     Here is a small comparison of speed test results of various operators. Here Jio is providing almost double speed than Idea and thrice than Vodafone. You can check more data on TRAI my speed website. The only thing I want to say is, Jio is our savior, Jio is best. 


10 Best and Free Classified Ad Websites in India

    Some of our visitors asked " where to post ads for free " , I told them that there are various classified sites but they only want best & top websites for ad posting. They even don't want to spend money on advertisement so I here compiled a list of top 10 best classified sites in India for better ad posting services. Now you can post ads for free and you don't need to purchase ad slot in newspapers. This makes advertisement in India absolutely free & also effective.
     Online classified sites have various categories ranging from buying, property, selling, jobs, matrimony and others. Every person needs to sell something or to purchase, so, here comes the need of classified sites that do the work of advertisement for you without paying any money. These days classified sites have facilities of chatting where a buyer and a seller can do important conversations easily. Today, on request of various visitors , I am giving a list of top and best 10 classified websites in India or you can say review of top classified sites in India .

     Note that these sites have minimum Alexa rank of 50000 worldwide. There are many sites available online but you will find these sites are widely popular and have high Page Rank of above pr 5. As a premium customer you can ask for a do follow back-link easily. This list have links to homepage of classified sites and their respected Alexa  ranks .

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  3. Top 100 Indian Classified sites

Top 10 classified sites in India for free ad posting

1. OLX

     Every Indian have seen the ads on television about OLX with a slogan "Bech De". This is a platform where a person list his products to sell it online at best price. Whereas a buyer can easily get things at a very cheap rate. You can sell any type of product here. Ranging from cars to laptop, tablets, clothes etc. Everybody trust OLX and it is easy to buy and sell things on their platform. You can post a copy of your ad for free at OLX which will give you backlinks if you have a website. Olx have a popular application to find and list products from your android smartphones. You can see the popularity of this site with his Alexa rank.
Global Rank
Rank in India
Link : http://olx.in/

2. Quikr

     After OLX, Quikr is very popular in India . It is very hard to tell that OLX is at number one or Quikr is on 1. Actually both have equal points in services and platforms. This is one of the oldest companies in India. This classified ad posting company have various ads on television and becoming bigger and better every day. You can sell your old items at a perfect price or you can buy from others. You can call the buyer or seller to know more about the product you are buying or selling. You can sell your old mobiles, laptops, books, cars and every type of products. Now Quikr have Quikrcars to sell and buy only cars in India. This is the most trusted brand in digital India.
Global Rank
Rank in India
Link : http://quikr.com

3. Click.in

     You know how to post classified ads about services, products, cars, books etc but this site is double packet double blast type site. You can post and see jobs related ads easily. So if you are a job seeker, just check out the best job search portal in India .
Global Rank
Rank in India
Link : http://www.click.in/

4. Sulekha

     Sulekha is one of the best Indian classified sites and provide various categories except matrimony types ads. So if you are not interest in matrimonial ads, you can use this site for free traffic and backlinks or you can sell or buy stuffs easily with Sulekha .
Global Rank
Rank in India

5. Craiglist

     Craiglist, the international brand in online classified site have its own presence in Indian market. Currently it is only classified site which is available in 50+ countries. The countries like USA, India, Canada, UK and Brazil have its own version of Craiglist . You can buy sell anything with this site . As this site covers almost every Indian city, it is easy to sell or buy products in short time .
Global Rank
Rank in India
Link : http://craigslist.org/

6. IndiaList

     It is India based company, Indialist is a part of use big brand Bharatmatrimony group . However this site is not popular as of above sites it still provide all the facilities of above mention sites. So we are not telling you what type of ads you can post here. You can get premium ads at a very cheap price or you can post your ads for free .
Global Rank
Rank in India
Link : http://www.indialist.com/

7. Locanto

     A popular international brand Which provides classified ads for free. You can post jobs, services, rental, personal, events, vehicles, pets etc without paying any fee.
Global Rank
Rank in India
Link : http://m.locanto.in/

8. KhojLe

     Khojle means do search in English have a large inventory of products and services posted by its users.
They accepts categories like education, electronics, jobs, services, property, and matrimony.
Free as well as paid options are also available.
Global Rank
Rank in India
Link: http://www.khojle.in/

9. VivaStreet

     With millions of ad inventory, this site becomes one of the huge classified site. Vivastreet have huge website traffic and daily lots of peoples come and search for their ad inventory. People always come here to see existing ads or to post new ones.
Global Rank
Rank in India
Link : http://vivastreet.co.in/

10. Jagran Classifieds

     Ever heard of jagran.com? This website is a part of them. Jagran is a Hindi news portal and is used by millions of Indian peoples daily.  You can post your ads online at free of cost and can get easy flood of referral traffic to your website.  Now you can publish almost every type of ad in their huge category section. This is the only one classified site that accept posting of ads in both English and Hindi. You can also publish your articles in their local newspaper
Global Rank
Rank in India
Link :http://classifieds.jagran.com/

Friday, 31 March 2017

Jio Prime has Acquired 72 Million Subscribers Already & Counting.

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     Hello guys, Today I am here to say congratulations to all Jio Lovers as Jio Prime has acquired 72 million customers already and to see the tremendous response, Jio is extending last date for Jio prime recharge to 15th April. Its really a good news for all Jio subscribers as more people are loving Jio services and conversion rate from Free to Paid service is record breaking. Jio made many records so far, e,g Fastest 100 million and most data consumption per subscriber and now rate of conversion from free to paid services.

     Recently, there was some rumors on social media platforms that only 12 million customers has opted for Jio Prime membership, so the official data is now out from Jio Headquarter that 72 Million subscribers has enrolled so far for Jio prime membership.

     Check out some pictures of Jio stores in different cities. People are still coming to get Jio Prime membership.

Jio Prime Response
Jio Prime Response

     Now after getting tremendous response from customers, Jio is now happy to extend last date of Jio Prime offer to 15th April. So, if you missed this offer by any case you can now enroll for Jio prime till 15th April.

     This tremendous response by Jio customers are slapping those who were saying that People are ready to throw Jio SIM after expiry of Free Services.

     On the top, Jio is giving complementary offer to all Prime customers in which people will be getting 3 months of free services instead of 1 Month. So, you just need to be a Jio Prime member and then need to do a recharge of Rs 303 or higher to get free services for 3 months. Also note that the paid tariff plan of rs 303 and higher will be applied only on July after expiry of free services.

     So, in just 303 Rs recharge you are getting 3+1 month of free services, this is best complementary offer a telecom operator is giving to their lovely and loyal customers. So, what are you waiting for? go and get your Jio prime recharge done before last date and do not forget to pay using Jio money to get 50Rs cashback.

3 more Good news for Jio customers

  1. Jio is now world's largest greenfield LTE 4G Wireless broadband network and now they are ready to make it more bigger and better by doing more Investment in it. Jio is now ready to add 100,000 more towers in India at a huge investment of 200,000 Crore Indian Rupees, which is also largest investment in the world. This investment will expand Jio services in each and every part of India. 
  2. Mobile Number Portability is already available on Jio and lakhs of people has already ported their numbers to Jio. So, what are you waiting for? come and join word's biggest customer friendly Telecom Network and also enjoy special benefits. 
  3. Finally, Jio International roaming is fully available, so if you are International traveler then you can enjoy Jio data and calls at best rate in the industry.


     Jio is world's fastest growing 4G network provider and still trying to make it more stronger by doing regular investment in their network. The Installation of 100,000 more towers shows that they are always ready to make their services batter before getting complaints. Jio is only network provider who is giving free services for about 1 year.
     Jio plans are your pocket friendly and far better than other operators. Also Jio is now giving 3 months extra free services if you are a Jio Prime member and doing recharge of Rs 303 and above. So basically it is giving you 4 months of Jio services at just Rs 303.
     There is no reason to think about this offer, just go and get it before last date.

Friday, 24 March 2017

10 Best Keyword Density Checker/Analyser Tools

     Ideal Keyword density is very important for on page seo optimization. We can maintain this ideal density of keywords with best seo tools for calculating keyword percentage i.e. No. Of time a keyword is repeating in an article . Google gives importance to optimal keyword density for ranking in search results that's why it is necessary to find best websites to check seo keywords / suggestions . Google doesn't have any tool or calculator for keyword analyzing but there are 10 tools given below in this article . Link to these 10 websites are also given in brief reviews . These are keyword checker free to use . This is the perfect seo book on internet and helps you in site keyword checking for free.

Read:Best Domain Authority Checker  & Top 5 Keyword research tools 

1. Free Keyword Density Analyser Tool

top keyword density checker tool     SEOBook is best place for wonderful seo tools and services around the web and their results are quite accurate which helps in SEO optimization with best seo checker tool. When you check for keyword density checker on Google ,  you will find this tool on top of search engine result page.

Features of seo book keyword density analyzer :

  1. You can check both text as well as URL for keyword density .
  2. You can set "Include Meta tag Keywords " option to count meta keywords also .
  3. You can set "Include Meta tag Description " option to count keywords present in description tag .
  4. You can set "Include Page Title" to count keywords present in page title .
  5. You can set " Minimum word length and Minimum word  occurrences" while calculating keyword percentage for optimizing your article.

Link : http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword-density/

2.  SEO Tools : Keyword Density Checker -Keyword Cloud

     Its is simple but reliable tool for checking keyword density percentage and word count . It also gives keyword cloud present in your web page . It doesn't have option to check plain text keyword density but their formula for checking keyword percentage is quite good .

Link: http://www.webconfs.com/keyword-density-checker.php

3.  Keyword Density Checker- smallseotools.com

     Smallseotools.com is well known for its reliable seo tools and services . The best known tool from this site is backlinks checker tool ,which provides all the backlinks with their attributes and PageRank . But in keyword density checker tool they are present at 3rd place on Google .

Features of small seo tools keyword analyzer .

  1. Check both URL and plain text for keywords.
  2. Check title tag keywords and meta tag keywords .
  3. It also check image alt text for keywords .
  4. You can check for long tail keywords and set maximum word count limit .
Link: http://smallseotools.com/keyword-density-checker/

4.  Keyword Density Tool - seoCentro.com

     This keyword checker contains only URL analyser to check keywords. SEOCentro have many seo tools like seo analyzers to check your site's seo performance. It get 4th position on Google but still it is more popular than other tools.

Feature of this tool:

  1. Only URL checking .
  2. Include meta tag and title for keywords.
  3. It check for numeric keywords also . 
Link: http://www.seocentro.com/tools/seo/keyword-density.html

5. Keyword Density Analysis Tool- marketing ninjas

     Marketing ninjas are evolving fast in online market and they develop this tool which count both words and keyword phrases as well . This tool can get 1st position if they add plain text checker and make it simple for users .

Features  of Keyword Density Analysis Tool .

  1. Count total words present in webpage .
  2. Count links keyword in webpages.
  3. Count words repetition and percentages.
  4. Count no. Of words coming together e.g. 1 word keyword and 2 word keyword .
Link: http://www.internetmarketingninjas.com/seo-tools/keyword-density/

6. Keyword density checker - iwebtool.com

     Personally , its not my favourate tool because , they have limitation on every tool . When I first check backlinks from this site , it shows no.of request exceed for this hour. It never gives my backlinks profile. But it gives you 10 attempts to check for keywords .

Features of iwebtools keyword checker .

  1. Only URL option is available.
  2. It displays keyword cloud .
  3. It displays no. Of words for keywords .
Link : http://www.iwebtool.com/keyword_density

7. Keyword density check - searchmetrics.com

     Searchmetrics gives powerful tool for checking keyword density for specific keywords . Eg if I want to check keyword density for term seo , I have to add seo in keyword textbox and then this tool shows no. Of repetition for seo keyword.

Feature of searchmetrics.com

  1. Check webpages for keywords .
  2. Can count specific keyword density .
Link: http://rapid.searchmetrics.com/en/seo-tools/keyword-tools/keyword-density,18.html

8.  Free Keyword checker by keywordanalyzer.org

     It is only tool which is completely free and available with plain text feature . You can check your keyword density by putting your article in plain text analyser.

Feature of keyword analyzer tool.

  1. You can Check the keyword density of your articles before you publish them with plain text feature .
  2. You can check your long-tail keywords .
Link: http://www.keywordanalyzer.org/

9. Ranks NL

     Its not a free keyword checker tool but if you have budget for investment you can use this tool and get all paid benefits of ranksnl tool.
Link: www.ranks.nl

10. Live Keyword Analysis

     This tool is simple and you can paste your article in textbox and check for specific keywords up to 3 type of different keywords .
You can edit your content and at the same moment your keyword percentage will change without pressing enter or submit button .
Link: https://www.live-keyword-analysis.com/

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Best Free and Paid Infographics Sharing Sites list from all countries 2017

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     Infographics for seo is consider to be helpful but only for few people. Other thinks that its a waste of time . But let me tell you info-graphics tells big things in short and good info-graphics can increase your brand awareness . Infographics helps in seo is true because when you create a viral infographics then other people gives you back links which increase your Page Rank , domain authority and page authority . So its not a waste of time to make infographics. You can make your own infographics or you can ask others to create some awesome viral infographics . So you are ready with your own infographics and looking to make them viral ? Yes ! Then you have 2 choices which are :
1. Paid infographics submission ( easy to make viral ) .
2. Free infographics ( little bit harder to make viral ) .
     Now in this article , you can get free infographics submission sites list as well as paid ones . So make your own infographics and start publishing them on below infographics submission sites of 2015 . You will get backlinks from these infographics submission sites that's why I make this list according to their PageRank , so its on you whether or not to use low pr sites and only create links from high pr sites .

Best Free And Paid Infographics sharing sites

  High pr infographics submission sites/directories list 2015

PageRank 9

    1. Flickr.com

      PageRank 8

        1. reddit.com/r/infographic/
        2. mashable.com/category/infographics

        PageRank 7

          1. http://visualising.org
          2. visual.ly

          PageRank 6

          1. http://dailyinfographic.com
          2. http://coolinfographics.com /
          3. http://datavisualization.ch
          4. http://9gag.com /
          5. http://good.is/infographics

            PageRank 5

              1. http://graphs.net
              2. http://nowsourcing.com
              3. www.infographicsshowcase.com
              4. www.aniartdesign.com
              5. www.easel.ly

              PageRank 4

                1. http://nerdgraph.com
                2. http://infographicsmania.com
                3. http://submitinfographics.com
                4. http://dailystatistic.com
                5. www.infographic.ca
                6. http://picographic.tumblr.com
                7. http://html5infographics.com
                8. www.loveinfographics.com

                PageRank 3

                  1. http://vizualarchive.com
                  2. http://infographicdatabase.com
                  3. www.infographicpost.com
                  4. http://infographic-directory.com /
                  5. http://mediacaffeine.com
                  6. http://theinfographics.blogspot.com
                  7. www.infographicpins.com
                  8. http://infographaholic.tumblr.com /
                  9. http://infographiczone.com
                  10. http://infographixdirectory.com
                  11. http://infographicsonly.com
                  12. www.infographicsposters.com
                  13. www.infographicsking.com
                  14. http://infographicimages.com
                  15. infographicsamples.com
                  16. onlyinfographic.com
                  17. bestinfographic.co.uk

                  PageRank 2

                    1. bestinfographics.co.uk
                    2. http://infographicstyles.com
                    3. cooldailyinfographics.com omginfographics.com
                    4. ratemyinfographic.com
                    5. www.infographicsarchive.com
                    6. http://videoinfographic.com
                    7. creativegraphs.net
                    8. http://infographics.socialnama.com /
                    9. goodinfographics.com
                    10. bestinfographics.info
                    11. infographicszone.com
                    12. www.infographicgallery.co.uk
                    13. http://latestinfographics.com
                    14. http://brandlessblog.com
                    15. www.infographiclove.com
                    16. http://medicalinfographics.wordpress.com
                    17. http://infographics.idlelist.com /
                    18. http://datavisualizations.tumblr.com /

                    PageRank 1

                      1. datagraphie.com
                      2. http://healthinfographics.wordpress.com
                      3. http://freeinfographicssubmit.wordpress.com
                      4. www.justinfographics.com
                      5. www.infographicsubmission.com
                      6. http://newinfographic.com
                      7. www.fineinfographics.com
                      8. http://elearninginfographics.com
                      9. http://infographicsgallery.com
                      10. http://infographiccafe.com
                      11. www.infographaholic.com
                      12. www.infographicportal.com
                      13. http://krishnainfographics.com
                      14. www.amazinginfographics.com
                      15. http://infographicpics.com
                      16. www.infographicscoop.com
                      17. https://shithotinfographics.wordpress.com

                       Paid infographic sites

                        1. http://infographic-submit.com
                        2. http://infographic.co.za
                        3. www.discoverinfographics.com /
                        4. www.info-graphic.co.uk /
                        5. www.infographicsmaze.com /
                        6. http://infographicheaven.com /
                        7. www.aceinfographics.com
                        8. http://infographic-police.blogspot.com
                        9. www.pureinfographics.com /
                        10. www.infographicreviews.com /
                        11. http://infographicsonline.com
                        12. http://lkrllc.com

                        Wednesday, 22 March 2017

                        Jio Money Offer on Jio Recharges.

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                             Here is good news for Jio lovers, now get 50 Rs discount when you pay using Jio Money wallet. Currently lots of companies are providing offers on Jio Recharge. MobiKwik is giving 20Rs cashback to old customers. Paytm is Giving only 10Rs discount on Rs 99 Recharge. And Now, our favorite wallet Jio Money is giving us 50Rs discount. This is best offer so far you are getting from any company. So, if you are using Jio money for recharge of Rs99 then it will cost you only 49 Rs.

                        Jio Money Offer

                             So, what are you waiting for? Just enroll for Jio Prime and get 50Rs cashback. This offer is valid for all customers.

                        How to Pay using Jio Money App

                        You Just need to follow some simple steps for successful payment through Jio Money App.

                        1. Open Jio Money App or Download if you are using it for first time. 
                        2. Now Open MyJio app, visit payment tab, and do a recharge of Rs 99.
                        3. Now select payment method as Jio Money.
                        4. Now complete Your Transaction using Jio Money App. 
                        5. Done, now just wait for two working days to receive your 50Rs cashback.

                        Note: You can use this 50Rs cashback on 303 and above recharges. 

                             So, still thinking about offer? hurry up guys, do not waste more time. Just pay your Jio Prime subscription fee and get 50Rs cashback with Jio Money Wallet. It is like getting offer on offers.

                             There are some terms and conditions which I want to discuss here. Jio terms and conditions are very customer friendly and they are same for everyone. Like other operators Jio do not have any hidden terms and conditions.

                        Terms and Conditions

                        1. This is a limited period offer, which starts from 15th march 2017. In order to get cashback, you have to pay Jio Prime subscription fee as soon as possible as this is a limited period offer.
                        2. To become eligible for 50 Rs cashback, you have to do Jio recharges of Rs 99 or above using your Jio money Wallet within offer period.
                        3. After successful transaction of Rs 99 or above, customers will get a 50Rs discount Voucher in Jio Money App.
                        4. This 50Rs discount is only applicable on recharge of Rs 303 or higher. 
                        5. You can redeem your discount code from 25 March to 30th June 2017. 
                        6. You can use this offer only 5 times during offer period. 


                             Jio Money wallet is best if you want to save your hard earned money. No other company can ever think about giving this type of offer while Jio is giving us. The terms and conditions are very simple and clear and there is no hidden condition which is a feature of Airtel. You can use this offer 5 times per user, so it is going to save your 250Rs per user Id. You can make more user Ids to get more discount vouchers. Jio money wallet is highly secure and also it is the fastest way of doing online transactions.


                        Friday, 17 March 2017

                        Related post widget for blogger with thumbnails and summaries

                        1 comment
                             After search for related post widget every where on google to add one for me into my blogger blog , I found one perfect related post plugin that can be easily included in blogger template . This widget is perfect just because it works smoothly without slowing your blog's loading speed . It is true if you use other type of related post widgets you will suffer from slow rendering spreed which takes too much time in loading web page.
                             The source for this widget is helplogger.blogspot.com , which always helps me in designing my blogs. To check how this widget works just see this widget below this post for demo.

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                        Steps to add related post widget to blogger with animated effects and Summaries and thumbnails .

                        1. Log in to your blogger account and go to dashboard of your blog .
                        2. Click on Template and click on edit HTML button .
                        3. Click on textbox where your code of template exists .
                          Press  CTRL + F to open blogger search box to find something in your code.
                        4. Copy </head> and paste it on your blogger search box and hit enter to find this tag inside your template.
                        • After finding this tag , just paste Below script just above

                        </head> tag .
                        <script type='text/javascript'>
                        var relatedTitles = new Array();
                        var relatedUrls = new Array();
                        var relatedpSummary = new Array();
                        var relatedThumb = new Array();
                        var relatedTitlesNum = 0;
                        var relatedPostsNum = 4 ; // number of entries
                        to be shown
                        var relatedmaxnum = 75 ; // the number of
                        characters of summary
                        var relatednoimage =
                        s1600/no_image.jpg "; // default picture for
                        entries with no image
                        <script src="http://
                        posts-with-thumbs-and-summaries.js" />

                        Customization :

                        Increase or decrease number of post that are displaying by modifying 4 in relatedPostsNum = 4 .
                        Change relatedmaxnum = 75 ; to increase or decrease number of characters displayed in post summary .
                        • Now you got related post widget but to make it look beautiful you need to add below css and your related post widget will become awesome .
                        • Now  Paste the following code above
                          the same </head> tag:
                        .relatedsumposts {
                        float: left;
                        padding: 0px 10px;
                        overflow: hidden;
                        text-align: center;
                        /* width and height of the related posts area
                        width: 120px ;
                        height: 200px;
                        border-right: 1px solid #E5E5E5;
                        display: inline-block;
                        .relatedsumposts:hover {
                        background-color: #F7F7F7;
                        .relatedsumposts img:hover {
                        -webkit-transform: rotate(360deg);
                        -moz-transform: rotate(360deg);
                        -o-transform: rotate(360deg);
                        .relatedsumposts a {
                        /* link properties */
                        color: #linkcolor ;
                        display: inline;
                        font-size: 10px;
                        line-height: 1;
                        .relatedsumposts img {
                        /* thumbnail properties */
                        margin-top: 2px;
                        height: 82px ;
                        padding: 5px;
                        width: 82px ;
                        border: 1px solid #fff;
                        -webkit-border-radius: 100px;
                        -moz-border-radius: 100px;
                        border-radius: 100px;
                        -webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0,
                        0, .4);
                        -moz-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0,
                        box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, .4);
                        -webkit-transition-duration: 0.8s;
                        -moz-transition-duration: 0.8s;
                        -o-transition-duration: 0.8s;
                        transition-duration: 0.8s;
                        -webkit-transition-property: -webkit-
                        -moz-transition-property: -moz-transform;
                        -o-transition-property: -o-transform;
                        transition-property: transform;
                        overflow: hidden;
                        .relatedsumposts h6 {
                        /* title properties */
                        display: table-cell;
                        height: 3em;
                        margin: 5px 0 0;
                        overflow: hidden;
                        padding-bottom: 2px;
                        vertical-align: middle;
                        width: 130px;
                        .relatedsumposts p {
                        /* summary properties */
                        border-top: 1px solid #E5E5E5;
                        border-bottom: 1px solid #E5E5E5;
                        color: #summarycolor ;
                        font-size: 10px;
                        height: 4em;
                        line-height: 1;
                        margin: 5px 0 0;
                        overflow: hidden;
                        padding: 5px 0 15px 0;
                        text-align: left;
                        #relatedpostssum {
                        background: #F3F3F3;
                        height: 200px; /* related posts container */
                        padding: 5px;
                        width: 100%;
                        .relatedpoststitle {
                        font-size: 19px;
                        font-weight: bold;
                        border-top: 3px solid #FB8227;
                        color: #777;
                        display: inline-block;
                        padding: 5px 10px;
                        width: 190px;
                        float: left;
                        margin: 0px -200px 0px 20px;
                        transform: rotate(90deg);
                        transform-origin: left top 0;
                        -ms-transform: rotate(90deg);
                        -ms-transform-origin:left top 0;
                        -webkit-transform: rotate(90deg);
                        -webkit-transform-origin:left top 0;
                        font-family: Gill Sans / Gill Sans MT, sans-

                        Customization :

                        Use comment lines to customize the appearance of related post widget.
                        • Again open search box on Blogger and search the following code
                        <a expr:href='data:label.url'
                        cond='data:label.isLast !=
                        • Now add below code snippet just below above found code .
                        <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType ==
                        <script expr:src='&quot;/feeds/posts/
                        default/-/&quot; + data:label.name + &quot;?
                        results=50&quot;' type='text/javascript'/>
                        • The entire code after adding above code will look like below code .
                        <b:loop values='data:post.labels'
                                    <a expr:href='data:label.url'
                        cond='data:label.isLast !=
                        <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType ==
                        <script expr:src='&quot;/feeds/posts/
                        default/-/&quot; + data:label.name + &quot;?
                        results=50&quot;' type='text/javascript'/>
                        • At last , find below code
                        <b:includable id='postQuickEdit' var='post'>
                        • After finding the above code , just add below code above the  </b:includable> tag,
                        <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType ==
                          <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-
                        <div class='relatedpoststitle'>RELATED
                        <div id='relatedpostssum'>
                        <script type='text/javascript'>showrelated
                        <div style='clear:both;'/>
                        • Click on save template and see that all changes are saved or not . If you find difficulties just comment below and our team will help you in installing related post widget in your blog.

                        Note: This related post with animated effects using css will only work if you have proper labels and more than 2 posts per labels in your blog. Otherwise you will not see any related post in your articles.

                        Friday, 10 March 2017

                        Get 10000 visitors daily for new blog case study

                             Today we are giving you some tricks and tactics to get 1000 of daily visitors for your new blog .I know you are struggling a lot to get visitors but still you are unsuccessful, and this situation is very frustrating situation. But don't worry i am writing this post to help you out in getting 1000 of visitors .

                             All you need is thorough reading of this post and implementation of all the tricks and tactics of this post . We are assuring that you will definitely receive 1000 visitors daily . So lets discuss the tricks and tactics of getting 1000 visitors . How to get traffic to your website for free , Follow below tips and increase website Traffic for fast and  free without using any software and tools.

                        Increase Wesbite visitors/traffic and pageviews

                        1). Facebook

                             Facebook is widely used social media and have a large no. Of daily users . You can use Facebook to boost your traffic and can easily get 1000 of visitors . In order to get maximum benefits from Facebook you have to create a Facebook fan page , it will take few minutes only , then you have to share your blog's links there and people who will see  your post will visit your website or blog . Further if people will like your shared link there friend will also see that post in their news fees thus makes your post more popular .
                             The 2nd benefit of using Facebook fan page is that when you share your link you will get a backlink from your Facebook page to your blog's post thus , will help your blog in high ranking . High ranking means high traffic . Facebook also useful if you want targeted website visitors or traffic from targeted locations . The traffic from are always free and groups of Facebook are known to be traffic generator for web site owners .

                        2) Yahoo Answer:

                             Another online website that will drive huge traffic to your blog is yahoo answers . 1000 of peoples ask questions daily in yahoo answers , and you can drive this traffic to your blog easily . First of all you have to sign up to yahoo answers . Then always try to give correct answers to the questions , you will earn points and these points will increase your level . Now when you cross level 1 you can comment links to your blog . This link drive traffic to your blog and also give you a backlink that will drive traffic from Google search engine .

                        3).  Blog Commenting:


                                 Blog commenting is most successful way of getting traffics from other blogs . All you need is commenting your blog's link on other blogs . This will give you backlinks and direct traffic to your blog .Blog commenting are well known for seo benefits and can increase organic as well as referral traffic to your site . Don't Try blog commenting software and build links manually for higher seo benefits .
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                        4). Guest Blogging: -

                               Guest blogging is very effective way of getting traffic and backlinks.
                        All you have is to write an article and publish on some website that will accept your article . They will give you backlink if they approve your request . Most of the peoples submit their popular articles to the big websites just to get a backlink from them . This backlink will definitely increase your organic traffic .
                        So make a habit of guest posting to be successful in getting organic search traffic .

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                        5). Forum posting:

                            forums are also a great way of diverting traffic to your blog . And also forums give you high quality backlink . As you know quality backlink are key to success . So , register to some high quality do follow forums and start replying to conversations and post your blog's link sometimes only . . Posting too much blogs link will make you  spammer and you will removed from that forum.

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                        6). Twitter :

                                 Every time when I write a post for my blog . I tweet it on tweeter too . This not only give me PageRank 10 backlink but also a high amount of organic traffic . So , create a tweeter account if you have not a one . Millions of peoples use tweeter and this is the benefit to bloggers .
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                        7). Promote your site unofficially :

                            A free way of promoting your site and get direct traffic to your blog is writing your blog's address in appropriate places . Like road side , bus stands, Walls etc are good places to place your  links and then get high traffic and all are free .

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                             You can get organic visits from search engines but for that you have to write good contents with good selection of keywords. however if you find writing good contents difficult you could refer to above ways of getting visitor or traffic to your  website for free 

                        Wednesday, 8 March 2017

                        Customize/Redirect Custom Page not Found in Blogger

                        1 comment
                             Today , I am writing on 2 topics in the same post which are mutually related to each other . Some people wants to show custom 404 error message and some of them wants to redirect their traffic to homepage or other URL . This can be achieve when you follow below guide/tutorial completely . I added both type of custom 404 page handling techniques which are
                        1. Custom 404 page with navigation links and
                        2. Redirection to homepage technique .

                             Both of the techniques are widely used but most preferred one is first technique . The season being that in 2 redirection technique your visitors doesn't know that you have an error ,. Because the time limit for redirection is only 5 seconds.
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                        What is a 404 error page .

                             Its a page that shows . A error message when your server doesn't find a url pointing to valid webpage of your website. Its good to show custom 404 error so that a visitor knows whats the cause for that error.

                        Steps to customize bloggers 404 error page.

                        1. Go to Blogger.com >>
                        2. Go to Settings >>
                        3. Go to Search Preferences >>
                        4. Click on Custom Page Not Found under Errors and Redirection section .
                        5. Now click on edit button and a box will open and you have to paste one of the 2 below codes.

                        OPTION 1 : custom 404 page blogger

                        <!-- SEO SMO 404 error Page -->
                        <p style='line-height:
                        <font size='6' color='#ff0009' >
                        Ooops! </font>
                        <font color='#666667'>
                        The page you are looking doesn't exists . <br/>
                        Kindly do one of the
                        <ol style='line-height: 24px'>
                        <li><a href='javascript:history.go(-1)'>&#171; Go Back</a> </li>
                        <li>Go To Homepage by <a
                        href='YOUR HOMEPAGE URL'>Clicking
                        <li>Search THIS WEBSITE Using Below custom Search Box</li>
                        <br/><center><form _lpchecked='1'
                        action='/search' class='search-
                        form' id='search_mini_form'
                        <input id='searchinput' name='q'
                        onblur='if (this.value ==
                        &apos;&apos;) {this.value =
                        &apos;Type Here & Hit
                        Enter&apos;;}' onfocus='if
                        (this.value == &apos;Search the
                        site&apos;) {this.value =
                        &apos;&apos;;}' type='text'
                        value='Type Here & Hit Enter'/>
                        <input id='searchbutton'
                        style='vertical-align: top;'
                        type='submit' value='Search!'/>
                        <p align='center'><font
                        size='6'>Page Not Found!</
                        <br /> <br /> <br />
                        <p align='center'> <font
                        style='font-size:160px; font-
                        weight:bold;' color='red'> 404 error </
                        .status-msg-wrap {
                        margin: 0px;
                        font-size: 99%;
                        width: 99%;
                        position: static;
                        .status-msg-border {
                        .status-msg-body {
                        text-align: inherit;
                        position: static;
                        z-index: auto;
                        padding: 0px;
                        width: 99%;
                        .status-msg-wrap a {
                        text-decoration: inherit;
                        padding: 0px;
                        #sidebar-wrapper, #midsidebar-
                        wrapper, .gapad2, .blog-pager,
                        .post-header-line-1, .post-footer ,
                        { display:none !important;} #main-
                        wrapper { width:97%!important;}
                        .post { width:97%!important; }
                        #searchinput {
                        background: #FFF url
                        s000/search.png) no-repeat 8px
                        background-color: #FEE;
                        display: inline-block;
                        border: 1px solid blue;
                        color: #A0A0A;
                        height: 22px;
                        margin-top: 4px;
                        vertical-align: top;
                        font-size: 14px;
                        padding: 4px 12px 4px 24px;
                        margin: 0px;
                        border: 2px solid #bebebe;
                        box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(5,
                        95, 255, .1);
                        padding: 5px 15px 5px 28px;
                        #searchbutton {
                        box-shadow:1px 2px 1px 1px #
                        border-radius:4px 4px 4px 4px;
                        border:2px solid #fff;
                        6. Replace ” YOUR  HOMEPAGE URL HERE ” with your
                        blog’s  ADDRESS.
                        7. Click on SAVE CHANGES & You are Done.

                        OPTION 2 : Redirect 404 Error Page ( Page Not Found ) to Homepage in Blogger

                        Just copy and paste below JavaScript  code .
                        <b> Sorry, the page you're looking for in this
                        blog does not exist.
                        You will be redirected to homepage
                        shortly. </b>
                        <script type = "text/javascript">
                        BSPNF_redirect = setTimeout(function()
                        location. pathname= "/ "
                        }, 4999);
                        6. Customization :
                        1.   The 4999 value in above script is the time taken by your webpage to redirect you to your homepage .
                        2. If you want to redirect 404 error page to custom link , then just replace pathname with href and "/" with your custom link other than your blog's homepage .
                        7. Save these and you will see redirection of 404 page to your homepage after 5 seconds.

                        Pro Blogger tip :

                             Use option 1 for custom 404 error page and at the end of option one code just add JavaScript of option code . Be sure to modify time limit from 4999 to 9999 . So that your users have 10 seconds to read your error message .

                        Monday, 6 March 2017

                        Jio Fastest Again while Airtel speeds see a sharp drop again

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                             Now that TRAI has taken to announcing fastest speeds of networks on a monthly basis, networks are gearing up for an intense speed war. And it seems, round three of this battle has Jio on top again with TRAI speed tests showing Jio as the fastest network!

                             According to the latest data from TRAI’s MySpeed portal, Reliance Jio is the fastest 4G telecom operator in India offering an average download speed of 16.3 Mbps. A detailed analysis of the speed test found that Jio was back to it’s top position while Vodafone and Idea were at #2 and #3 with Airtel trailing at number four.
                             The tests, which were carried out on 6th March 2017 shows that Jio is currently on top with 16.3 Mbps followed by Vodafone and Idea providing 9.2 Mbps and 7.3 Mbps respectively. Airtel does not even make it to the top three as it currently offers a meagre 5.8 Mbps 4G speed just ahead of RCom’s 3.1 Mbps.

                        Monthly Speed Trend of All Operators vs Monthly trend of 4G operators

                        Jio Speed

                        Jio Speed

                              As you can see, Jio has come out on top in both these speed-test analyses. Jio does not need any backup speed to help boost its numbers.

                        4G Speed In The Metros

                        Below is the average speed in India of the top three operators
                        Jio Speed

                        The average speeds in metros are as follows:



                        Jio Speed




                        Jio Speed



                        Jio Speed


                        Jio Speed

                             It is therefore evident that Jio is doing extremely well in metros and will continue to give tough
                         competition to its competitors like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone in terms of speed as well as offers.

                        Jio Speed comparison