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5 Ways to Create Backlinks free for Blogs and Websites

 Every user wants to create backlinks to  their new blog or website. We will help you in getting your first few quality inbound links . Backlinks are very important factors in search engine optimization. If you are  new and wants to learn building backlinks in easy way then raed this post thoroughly.  In this post we will help you in getting your backlinks at free of cost . Did you know "building backlinks from the very first day is one of the popular quality of professional bloggers". Here you can learn for 5 ways of getting backlinks to your blog/website .

Top 5 tips for creating backlinks Manually

Guest Posting

 This is the most common term in  'Search engine optimization' niche. Most of the bloggers post their best articles on Popular sites in order to get backlinks for their website. You can also post your popular articles as guest posts on other blogs to get direct dofollow backlinks.

So what is guest posting actually is ?

 In simple terms a guest post is writing articles for popular websites as guest of their site.

How to get backlinks from guest posting ?

Bloggers who post their articles as guest post , can get one or two backlinks to their website/blogs. This technique will help users in getting do-follow backlinks & " high quality traffic " to their site.

How to search for guest post enabled blogs ?

You can do a Google Search for high PageRank guest post enable blogs.
Example: 'Fashion blog Guest post' , or 'tech Blog guest post'.

Forum Commenting

  Forums are best sources of high quality backlinks and traffic. Most of the bloggers registered on forums related to their niche and start building their backlinks by replying other member's query.

What are forums ?

Forums are places for discussion on some particular topics. Users of forums usually ask their queries and others will try to solve that query. But some users ask questions in order to get backlinks.

How to get backlinks from forums ?

While registering on a forum you can place link to your website/blogs in about section. Also when you comment on forums you have option to put your website's link in signature .

How to find forums related to your niche ?

Again the answer is same , just google it . Example ,"  tech forums " for forums related to technology.
Or  you can see my post on " list of high quality do follow forums " .

Blog Commenting 

 This is best + easy way of building backlinks . This is the most popular way which is still used by professional blogger.

what is blog commenting ?

The technique in which a person comments on other blogs related to his/her niche and put his/her website link in comments is known as blog commenting for link building.

How to comment on other blogs ?

Read post of other blogs thoroughly and then find comment box. In comment box you will find a box for Placing website's URL as a signature. Some peoples also put their links in comments to get traffic along with backlinks.

How to find blogs for commenting ?

Search your query and put blog or blogspot in last . So your results will filter and you will get blogs on top .
Example: search "tech blogs" or "tech blogspot" or " tech" .
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Social Media

  Social media sites like Facebook ,Twitter , Instagram, Google+ etc have millions of monthly users. Social media sites can give you heavy traffic and the links are No-follow to prevent spam. However links are nofollow it doesn't mean that those links are not helpful. The more active you are on social media sites the more respect you will get from search engines.

How to get backlinks from social media ?

You have to signup for social media account of Facebook and twitter, etc, then post your link in  your Facebook status and twitter's tweet . 

Internal Linking 

  Internal linking is popular term in Search Engine Optimization . It helps in good search engine ranking because if your site have good strong internal links then you will get authority from google Crawlers.

What is internal linking ?

Linking to your website's contents with each other is know as internal linking. This helps in increasing page authority and page views also.

How to build internal links?

As in this post I had  linked my other post which are related to this post similarly, You can add links to your other post to get high count of page views.

Conclusion :

These are top 5 ways of generating backlinks to your blog or website. Use these methods to become successful in search engine rankings. Don't do spam and generate only few links and focus on quality of your articles.


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