Monday, 19 September 2016

Truth about IMEI lock in Jio SIM and other Rumors

     Hello friends, today I am writing this article to clarify some rumors about Reliance Jio. We all know that Reliance Jio services are revolutionary and reliance wants to make 10 crore customers in 1 year. Reliance Jio is offering high speed 4G internet and free voice calls, that's why competitors are spreading new rumors every week. These competitors have fear that they will loose their money laundering business and customers. We all are aware of fake 4G speeds of Airtel, IDEA and Vodafone. You can watch ZEE NEWS report on 4G Internet Speed Scam on YouTube. Now these companies are spending more by creating false information against Reliance Jio.

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Rumor 1. Once you purchase & insert the Jio SIM, your mobile will be locked for Jio only and no other SIM will work on your phone.


Sim Locked

    We all are living in 21st Century right?. we all are aware of Rules and Regulations made for telecom operators by government. So, How can it be possible to lock your smartphone without your permission? You are the sole owner of your smartphone and not the operator then how can an operator lock your SIM card?

     Basically a rumor is spreading these days that if you insert a Jio SIM then it will lock your smartphone to use only Jio SIM card. If you have a Dual SIM smartphone, then your sim slot will be locked with that sim.
     Did you Ever heard about smartphone hacking through Sim Cards? No, Right? Basically Sims are manufactured just to store few Kilobytes of data which is being used to store your contact details. So don't fear about getting locked by using Jio SIMs because there is no technology developed so far to hack your smartphone with Sim Cards.
     Initially reliance was asking for IMEI numbers just because Jio SIMs were available for only few smartphones including Samsung and LYF. And many were visiting Jio stores with Other Manufacturer's Handsets. So, they have only asked for your IMEI number for verification purposes. But now Jio SIM is available for every 4G smartphone.

     Reliance Jio have over 10 Million of customers and none of them complain about this issue. You can ask your friends about the truth. I am using Jio and i can use any operator's SIM on my phone.
If you still think that there is a chance of getting locked, then you can take every legal action against jio as you have your smartphone bill and you are the owner of your phone and not Jio.

     So, don't waste your time by reading rumors and get your Jio SIM and enjoy the true welcome offer of the Reliance Jio Network.

Rumor 2. After 90 days of Jio offer, your tariff will be enhanced.


     Reliance Jio is a very big company having 10 million of customers. They are offering free voice and data till 31st December as Reliance Jio Welcome Offer. After  31st December Jio will not increase your tariff. Everything is rumor that jio will charge you more after this welcome offer.
     Lets clear this Rumor.
    Jio has already announced their tariff plans which are highly competitive in this industry. You can check all the plans on their official website
      So, think guys when their Tariffs are very clear to everyone why will Jio charge you more?
You will still have the option to choose Postpaid or Prepaid connection. So it's clear that Jio cannot charge you more after welcome offer and everything is fully transparent.

Rumor 3. You cannot Port your number to other operators.


     This is again a rumor. Mobile Number Portability is a facility and mandated by the government of India. Every operator has to follow the rules of MNP. So, to run the network, every operator need to adhere to MNP. And the truth is Reliance Jio is also following this Rule of Government.

     Guys, it's our Decision of selecting our operator and you are free to Port to your favorite operator.
So, don't trust this rumor. You can Port from Reliance Jio to Your selected Operator.

Rumor 4. Before signing the documents, read the terms and conditions very carefully.


Terms and Conditions Jio
   It is good to read every terms and conditions before signing every document. Here some are spreading rumors that please read Terms & Conditions carefully, but they are not telling what is wrong in those terms and conditions.
     Guys, before trusting anyone always find the proof. Don't trust blindly on everyone.
Let me clear you that Reliance Jio's Terms and Conditions are all customer friendly and transparent. Read all and you will find that everything is rumor and other competitors are spreading this.
You can also read those terms and conditions at

     So guys, all 4 Rumors are cleared by me. Go Get your jio sim. Enjoy welcome Offer and if you found any problem with Jio, You are free to Port your Mobile number.

     Please let me know if you have heard about more rumors, i will clear those too.


  1. After 31 first December can reliance jio charge bill of uses of data and voice call ?

  2. Hello
    I got what you meant. What I want to ask if I generated my offer from a phone (not lyf), but then I want to change my handset, will my jio sim still work?

  3. yes,but since jio uses 4g connectivity for voice calling, the tariff won't be that much, about 50 rupees per GB data.

  4. If jio offers end on dec 31st,will they block phone imei,intern it will block our phone???kindly answer me

    1. No they will not block anybody. there is no way of blocking smartphones via SIM cards.

  5. JIO SIMS are supported by all 4G enabled smartphones only..

  6. But in my phone other (idea previously used) is not working now and it is showing emergency calls only...

  7. hi
    all 4 Rumors clear for me but Reliance Jio STILL sharing customers call information with foreign countries, there are some proof

    1. Reliance is not a small or a startup company. They don't need to sell your data to foreign countries. Everything is rumor.

  8. Amit, I have this jio sim that i bought using bar code generated with my handset. It works flawlessly on my phone but not on any other (tried on mom's yuphoria) .(both are 4g enabled primary sim)

  9. Why bar code is required for reliance Jio Sim.

  10. Whether reliance Jio 4G Sim registered for one 4G handset can be used in another 4G handset

  11. jio sim slote other sim insert not working

  12. i dont know about this
    is there any bills will be provided for our usage after the dec end.......bcoz thinking about paying money for the welcome offer

  13. After 31 first December can reliance jio charge bill of uses of data and voice call ?


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