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Animated Recent Post Widget for Blogger

     Today we are here with blogging tips and tricks. I will discuss how to add recent post widget for blogger blog with the help of html/javascript. To do this customization you should have knowledge of adding html gadgets in bloggers layout feature.       Follow the steps below and get your featured widget of your own choice. Your new published post with some details will come exactly on the place where you add below HTML and JavaScript code. Here we provide 2 type of codes one is for only post title and next one is for post title with some details about post. Its your choice of implementing right code for your blog.     The two form of codes are given below and only one of them is needed to add on html gadget. Code 1 : Recent Posts Widget with post details <div id="hlrpsa"> <script src="http://"> </script> <script> var numposts = 5 ;var showpostdate =false;var showpostsummar

High Paying Adsense keywords with low competition

     It's not just about the keywords, it's about quality but when you want to earn high with little traffic you have to be smart. Smart here means better choice of high paying and low competition keywords that increase your earning/revenues from Google Adsense account.       As the adsense is primary source of earning of a blogger it becomes important to use proper keywords in articles. The adsense tip I am sharing today is use of high paying keywords, so that each click gives you money more than 15 low cpc clicks.       New Bloggers are in tension just because of low cpc eg they got 10 clicks at cpc of 0.1$ it means they made 1$ in a day and they also sent 10 visitors outside of their blog. But proper keywords can give you 3 to 5 $ for a single click and you will only lose your 1 visitor for that click. Pro adsense tip : to find adsense expensive keywords just use semrush and get all expensive keywords with trial account. Must Read : Get Adsense Account in easy steps  High p

7 ways to get quality traffic from USA and Canada

     Creating a blog just takes few minutes but when it comes to traffic it takes a lot of time and hard work. When peoples get traffic from search engines, they know how happy they are because they really know that they are not writing for aliens but for humans.       Many people are trying to get traffic from google but unable to get even a single visitor And others are getting a lot of google visitors but only few of them are from USA and Canada, and Brazil. Today, earning online is not a difficult task, every other person over the internet creates a blog and monetize it with google adsense.      Some of them are getting a huge amount of organic search traffic from google but still earning very small amount of revenue. The reason is that countries like USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore etc are developed countries and advertisers in these countries are paying a huge amount of money to google.       So whenever a person from these countries clicks on ads on our webpage we get

Create 21 Backlinks Manually to Your Website

In this post, we are going to help you in creating your high quality backlinks manually. In order to build your good backlinks you have to follow below steps. This list will help you in getting backlinks free without any software or bot.       These are good because these are not automatically generated backlinks by using softwares for faster link building. So, lets go, and start building your backlinks profile with quality and quantity because google loves both quality and quality of backlinks. After completely Implementing below steps you will get backlinks from pr 8 7 and 6 sites. You can also get 30 backlinks from  high PageRank profile linking sites . If you want more backlinks you can visit  PageRank 5 profile backlinks sites and forums for getting 205 backlinks.  also  get 11 more backlinks from Pr 9 sites for perfect PageRank. PageRank 8 backlinks 1. Visit This website have dofollow backlinks for comments , now just comment there and you will get a email from the

10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Free[ Case Study]

     Every new blogger or a website owner wants to know the way of generating fast and free traffic to his site. So today I am gonna give you 10 effective ways of creating quality traffic from trusted sources. Implementing this tips will start showing better results in less than 10 days. Bookmark this site and comment here to get backlink from this website. 10 tips for faster website hit or visitors 1: Get traffic from social networking sites     Research shows that a good website drives 35% traffic from social networking sites. Today, every person is on social networking sites, so it's important to get more targeted traffic from social sites. Sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus have huge % of active daily visitors and you can drive this traffic to your website for free.       You need to share your website link and active users will come to your site if they found your link interesting, so, it is necessary to give better anchor text to drive quality traffic. See

Remove powered by blogger(Attribution). 2 Methods.

     I have found 2 ways of removing " powered by blogger" from your blog. When you start a blog with subdomain, it is ok to have this attribution but as soon as we buy a custom domain, you don't want to show this on your blog.      So, people start finding tricks to remove blogger attribution link and use their own. In this article I have 2 methods 1st is easy method and just use css style to stop showing powered by blogger attribution in your footer of blog. 2nd one require some carefulness and will remove blogger's attribution permanently from bottom of your blog. Method 1 : easy one with css style Step 1: Log in to your blogger's account and then open your blog's dashboard. Step 2: Click on "Template" then "Edit HTML" Step 3:  You will see html code of your template now Click in that code and press the " CTRL + F"  to find search string. Step 4: Type </head> in search box, this is closing tag of your html te

Get adsense account approved in easy steps

Get adsense approval easily within a week of your new blog. What is adsense ??      It is a program run by google to earn money with publishers in partnership. Google will give you opportunity to get 68% earnings from your websites and rest 32% will of google.      In India google can issue cheques for their publishers. Also for Indians, there is no deduction of tax for online earnings so you can skip this step. How to sign up ?      You can sign up from google's adsense website easily. There you will find a form for adsense account. Fill that form and send complete application to google.       Within 3 days google will review your site and approve it if your site meets there conditions. Otherwise they will reject your application. What is there eligibility criteria ? To get approved your site should meet their eligibility criteria which are :- High and quality traffic. Site must be older than 6 months(only for India and China). Does not contain illegal contents like gambling, hack