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20 best Domain name suggestion tools

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best domain name suggestion tools
Buying a domain is not difficult but finding right domain that will boost your business is difficult . Your domain is your key to success because keyword rich domains can get lot of search traffic from search engines. Below  I am giving you 20 best domain name generator tools . You can use them and find your domain suggestion and also find expired domains . You can also check domain authority with my post on " best tools for checking domain age " . You can use bulk domain finder and get domain suggestion in bulk . Only few of below sites supports bulk checking of domain names .

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1. BustAName

bustaname domain suggestion tool
This is the perfect domain finder or domain search tool . You can check domain names in bulk and select best and keyword rich domains for your niche .  you can use word combiner and get domain name suggestions . You can also check whether your desired domain is available or not and if it is not available you can directly purchase from owner else you can purchase it from available registrars .
You can use domain maker and get domain name suggestion according to our searched keywords and search preferences .

2. DomainsBot: Available domain , suggestions,expired

domainsbot domain suggestion tool

Domainsbot check available domains , already purchased domains and expired domains . It gives you more than 50 searches for a given keyword . The major feature is that it breaks your keyword into small keywords and then merge them with domain extension to give you best available results . You can filter your search results with  com, org, net, info, biz, co, me, us and
new gTLDs .

3. DomainIt: Domain Name Suggestion Tool

domainit domain suggestion tool

It is a company available from 1996- to present . It gives you search results from various top level domains and you can customize your maximum word length and keyword suggestions. They gives you search results by adding some text or deleting some characters from your keyword . Example , for search query seosmolinks , the results are like and .

Link :

4. Domain Suggestion Tool

nametumbler domain suggestion tool

It is best domain search tool and have simple user interface . The key feature is adjective section , in this section you can add adjectives into your search results . When I add seosmolinks in keyword and add adjective as basic words I got 500 domain suggestions and a link to see next 500 . It is truly most powerful search engine for domain names .
The generic top level domains are

.academy , .agency , .bargains , .bike , .boutique , .build , .builders , .buzz , .cab , .camera , .camp , .careers , .center , .cheap , .clothing , .club , .codes , .coffee , .company , .computer , .construction , .contractors , .cool , .dance , .democrat , .diamonds , .directory , .domains , .education , .email , .enterprises , .equipment , .estate , .expert , .exposed , .farm , .florist , .foundation , .gallery , .glass , .graphics , .guru , .holdings , .holiday , .house , .institute , .international , .kitchen , .land , .lighting , .limo , .luxury , .management , .marketing , .menu , .photography , .photos , .plumbing , .recipes , .repair , .shoes , .singles , .solar , .solutions , .support , .systems , .technology , .tips  , .today , .training , .uno , .ventures , .viajes , .voyage , .watch , .works , .zone


5. Domain Name Generator For Perfectionists uses synonyms and antonyms and combine them with your searched keywords and gives you best search result with popular domain extensions. If you separate your keywords then you will get improved search results.

Link: www​.

6. Bulktopia-com

 It is a search tool that will combine your desired keyword with top level domain extensions . If your search result contains pre owned domains , then you can see whois information and make an offer to owner about selling their domains.


7. Domain Suggestions - Find Domain Names- DomainTools

domaintools domain suggestion tool

 Domain suggestion by is very simple to use . You have to enter the keywords you want to use in your domain then , the search engine gives you top similar search results with top level domain extensions. You will also see some related domains available to purchase. The bad feature is that you can't see expired domains because they don't have any expired domain search tool. But don't worry they will include it in future .

Link : www​. domaintools .com

8. Domain Name Suggestion Tool : Available Domain Names

This tool will suggest top domain names with your keywords by adding popular adjectives at starting of your keywords. You can directly purchase a domain from them at reasonable price. You can filter your domains according to your desired domain extensions.


9. Keyword-Rich Domain Suggestion Tool -WebConfs

Webconfs provides powerful search tools which gives us option to select our domain extensions and keyword . It add high targeted keywords and make your domain keyword rich. Do you know keyword rich domain can boost your search engine rankings because of seo factors .

10. Domainr

 Domainr is a perfect domain name suggestion tool. It uses whois details to check the data of purchased domains and gives you the opportunity to purchase domains directly to their owners at reasonable prices. If domain is available you can buy domain name from more than 225 registrars .
Example : for search seosmolinks we get /s /s /ks /nks /links /olinks
.se /osmolinks

It maintain your keywords and gives you perfect domain .


11. Dot-o-Mator

do-to-mator domain suggestion tool is best tool and you can find domain names containing your keywords . It creates domain names that are relevant to your desired keywords. After suggestion you can save them in your clipboard .
Link :

12. NameBoy

Its a domain name generator engine and gives you opportunity to search your keywords from their large database . You can use one word or two with hyphens or rhyming words. The sites structure is very simple, you have to search your keyword and at the same time you will get results with domain extensions. It also shows which domain is available for purchasing or which one are already purchased . 

13. Domize

domize domain suggestion tool

Domize is simple , fast and reliable domain suggestions generator . You can signup for pro account to get pro features . When you search keyword like seosmolinks you will get results like



14. Impossibility!

Impossibility provides search results by adding adjectives in the beginning or and with domain extensions and shows whether they are available or not . 


15.  Namestation

The features of namestation is that you can combine your keywords with popular keyword lists, add suffixes, adjectives, synonyms  and antonyms.  When you will type your keywords you will get alternative and related search suggestions . 


16. Lean Domain Search

Leandomainsearch is fast and efficient search tool that consist of popular prefix and suffixes and generate best domain name for your new business. It check that exact domain is available or not for your keywords. You can set filters and get results according to your settings. 
  you can add your searched domains so that you can see them any time in future . 

17. NameStall consists of powerful set of programs that combine your keywords with adjectives before or after your keyword and filter them with top level domains. And whenever you found a domain you can purchase that domain easily . You can add more than 3 keywords and create your own keyword rich domain . 

18. Panabee

panabee domain suggestion tool
It provides simple search bar and you have to enter 2 keywords to get keyword rich domain . With this website you can  find your seo friendly domain name. Its suggestions contains abbreviation and popular / frequently used search results .

19. Wordoid makes words that are unique and sound to look good for seo and brand name . You can not get suggestions above 10 words but you can choose 5 languages. You can select quality level of your search results and also add quick words in your query . 


20. Domain Puzzler


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