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Top 10 free Backlinks checker tools [Best]

 Every new blogger /website owner ask a popular question " how many backlinks do I have " the answer of this question is this article which gives you most accurate and free backlinks checker tools that will check both inbound links and outbound links. If you want to check Google links the search in Google search engine and you will find links to your site if you have with backlinks checker Google tool . These tools are specially developed to find link popularity of websites . The key to success is link building and some SEO persons try to build dead links or broken link building and for this purpose it becomes necessary to use a dead link checker tool for free . Here in this article I have reviewed 10 best online backlinks checker tools , read and comment if you found any new tool. Now check your backlinks details online without installing any software at your personal computer .

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What is the  need of Backlink checker tool?

If you know good links can increase your PageRank and website traffic then you should know how bad links can affect your website . Bad links are those links which are coming from dead webpages , pages that have PageRank of 0 , and websites that are blocked by Google . If you got links from these type of website you should immediately inform Google about these links otherwise after some time you will see a small or maybe large decline in organic traffic. Backlinks checker tools are available to all countries like India USA Canada China Singapore and Russia . The easiest way of link building is to steal your competitor's link profile . This can be achieve by using backlinks checker tool to find good links of your competitors and ultimately you can get those links in same manner your opponent get . Now just check inbound links/backward links  from below top 10 websites for free .

1. Ahrefs: [Best and Most Popular ]

Ahrefs is the larget and frequently updated backlinks checker tool and most accurate backlinks checker tool for me . Its database is updated in every 15 minutes . This tool is widely used by all seo persons and website owners. It is very convenient to use because of its simple user interface . A person can easily find its backlink profile just by putting his domain name in ahrefs search bar. This tool comes with both paid and free versions. In free versions you can check you backlinks count , domain rank , ahrefs PageRank , unique linking domains , edu backlinks , gov backlinks , net and org backlinks in a simple dashboard along with com domain. The limitation of free tool is that you can check only 2 or 3 domains per day from a ip address and only 5 results will be displayed for free users. You can also check index pages of your sites for free .


2. BuzzSumo [Top Backlink Checker Tool ]

It is one of my favourite tool after ahrefs for content marketing . Similar to ahrefs it have both free and paid versions. The paid version gives you the option of checking backlinks to any link that is to your root domain or to a single webpage . The best part is that you can download your links in excel or .csv formats .

3. Alexa backlinks.[Quality tool]

Alexa backlinks are those backlinks that are detected by Alexa's online backlinks checker tools. The benefit of this tool is that it gives you 1 link from 1 domain. When I start building backlinks ahrefs start showing backlinks within 4 hours but Alexa took almost 10 days to refresh my link profile . But it shows some of deep links which are hard to find for other tools , that's why it is best known backlinks checker tool for webmasters. It comes with paid membership that refresh backlinks profile everyday and you can check all of your links without any restrictions.
Link :

4. BackLinkWatch:

It is Another popular backlink checker tool which is on 1st position on Google search results. This tool is good for old webmaster because it takes lot of time to update its database. Its 3 month now and this tool shows that I have no backlinks , go and build on first and then they shows ads about building backlinks which is very annoying . This tool uses ahrefs database to show link profile of a user and displays all the links in a list . This list shows which links are nofollow and which ones are dofollow with exact anchor tags and PageRank .

5. Open Site Explorer: [Trusted and accurate data ]

Moz the no. 1 seo company have its own backlinks checker tool. This site gives you all the backlinks they found with moz rank , domain authority , dofollow/nofollow and page authority . But only pro users can check all links with their respective data . You can compare 2 or more domains with this tool . The free version is good for building links which your competitor already have . Other name for this tool is backlinks checker seomoz .

6. Link Diagnosis

Link diagnosis is best free tool that gives you the ability of checking backlinks , moz rank, alexa rank , Google PageRank ,nofollow , dofollow links , anchor tags etc in a single click. You can also select detailed report or optimized report for faster access . This tool is free and also have Firefox extension to install on your browser .

7. SmallSEOTools  Backlink Checker

Smallseotools is the first backlinks checker tool I used in my life . This tool gives all links from all domains including Facebook , twitter , Google plus etc . This tools shows 10 results at a time with dofollow /nofollow attributes , PageRank and links count . This tool user JavaScript for displaying links and that's why some of mobile users experienced problems with this tool. This tool is completely free and site owners earns money with Google adsense programs.

8. Dig Backlink

This tool is not popular but still its a usefull tool for users who want free backlinks checker tools. Yes , this tool is completely for analyzing your backlinks but you have to signup with Facebook to generate your backlinks report . It shows both text and image links and also shows PageRank and moz rank of referring domains.

9. Rank Signals

Rank signals is another free backlinks checker tool that gives you report of links and domains . You can also see Alexa rank and Google's PageRank with the free report .

10. Analyze Backlinks

Analyze backlinks have algorithms similar to Alexa . It shows 1 link from 1 domain . This tool helps users in finding how many domains linking to your domains. The user interface is simple and easy ko use . This tool gives you the opportunity to find anchor tags , anchor clouds for your backlinks . This tool have variety of filters you can use to customize your reports. It not only check inbound links but also checks outbound links , so that you can control on your external links and hence save your site from diluting your PageRank.


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