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List of best micro blogging sites


List of best micro blogging sites
Hello friends , today we are giving you review of 12 best micro blogging sites which will help you in developing your blogging career as well as your website . These sites gives you quality back links that in turn gives many seo benefits. Use wisely and see the magic of these micro blogging platforms. These popular micro blogs can make your blog more popular. The list is specially designed to help Indians in getting targeted traffic from USA and Canada.

1. Plurk:

Plurk is about 2 years old and become highly popular in USA and some parts of Asia . It have a user interface in time line format . Its great to check this site for your micro blogging career .

2. Twitter

As everyone knows Twitter is most popular micro blogging platform among rich peoples and celebrities but these days this site is commonly used by website owners to get traffic to their site as well as to get backlinks from them. Twitter have a perfect PageRank of 10 and Alexa rank of 10 in the world. Twitter is world's best micro blogging site and you can only publish messages of 140 characters at most . You can share photos , website URLs and everything less than 140 characters.
There are millions of users blogging on twitter everyday .

3. Yammer

Its a private and highly secure social network site for enterprises . They support phone calls and online submissions as well. You can create your account or can directly sign in through Microsoft email account. You can contact your friends and followers directly. Hash-tagging is popular feature of this site. Its our suggestion to check this site for micro blogging career.


Actually is more acknowledged
as a dating site. It is almost like facebook.
This site is generally for finding their love
mates but in reality it does not happen
every time. You don’t see most of the bloggers
usually in this website for the promotion.


Tumblr is the 5th most popular micro blogging site in the world and is similar to Facebook pages where you can share your links , photos , articles etc. This site is also helpful if you are doing seo for your website and all is for free . Tumblr can be merged with your sub domain and your post heading will start with My tumbles .


Plerb the 6th in our list is widely popular social and micro blogging community. They don't have large audience but still their user interface and web experience is best. One cannot find hard to blogging with this site. You can blog only thorough words as there are no option to share audio , video , pictures etc.


This is another site which is new and is about 1 year old. Despite of its new presence in market they have many functionality like connecting with Facebook , creating new account with email etc. You can easily use this site as the interface is quite simple and rich.

8. Pounced

This is is not popular in world but when it comes to US market ,this site have very high US traffic and Alexa rank. This site is widely used to get backlinks and website traffic to your site . This is the only purpose why blogger is on this site .


The name identica is very beautiful just like their web interface. If we compare this site with twitter , you will find it very similar . But groups and Geo locations make it slightly different than twitter . You have freedom of blogging and can spread your voice in groups. I would suggest that you should check this site if you love blogging.

10. Hictu

This is specially for video bloggers . This micro blogging site give you freedom of blogging through videos , text , and audio . They provide WordPress plugin to drop YouTube comments. You can blog freely on hictu without any difficulties.

11. Dailybooth

The next micro-blogging platform we are showing here is daily booth . This is the site which deals only in pictures , infographics. You can upload your pictures , of any type i.e. your good looking hairs , innocent face , etc. They provide seo benefits to its users because they give sub-folders instead of sub-domains. As we know sub-folders shares root domain's powers , you can get quality backlinks easily to your website or blog. If you have eCommerce website then this site can boost your business because you can share your product's pictures directly to audience . The site is simple and easy to use .

12. 12 Seconds

This is another popular video micro blogging website. We can upload videos to any size to YouTube but in 12 seconds , we can only upload videos that are of 12 seconds , . This make videos interesting and easy to understand without waiting for right time in large videos. The site gives you high targeted traffic and it doesn't have sub-domain issue because your account of blogging goes in a sub-folder.


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