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How to get Unlimited traffic from Reddit

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     Reddit is a community where people share information with each others , website owners shares their content to gain visitors. 

How many people use reddit

All knows Reddit have huge daily visitors which is the reason why most of the business are attracted towards Reddit . Also Reddit have maximum visitors from USA which makes Reddit most useful if you want to drive traffic from USA . As we know Reddit gets 174,088,361 unique
visitors from 186 different countries which makes more than 6,175,912,111 page views. The huge traffic helps reddit in making huge profit from advertising and with increase in this traffic , we see more competition in online businesses .

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How to use reddit to drive huge referral traffic

as already told , Reddit have huge number of daily visitors , every one knows hot to get huge traffic from Reddit without getting shadow ban. Want to know what is shadow ban ? Shadow ban is a special type of ban in which you will allow to comment , post link , upvotes , downvotes but other peoples will not see you which means you contribute in increasing Reddit page views but will not get traffic to your site . This type of ban is mainly for spammers .
Today , we will see how to get traffic without getting shadow ban .

Follow some steps and be on reddit for all time .

Step 1 : open a Reddit account .

Step 2 : verify your email . This will show that you are a verified users and it will let you post links on Reddit .

Step 3 : join sub-Reddits of your choice but prefer newbies groups like freekarma and others.

Step 4 : gain some link karmas from newbies groups because Reddit have some checkpoints for users . For example , after 20 link karmas , you don't need to enter Captcha codes while submitting links. And after 200 link karmas , you will get more trust and traffic .

Step 5: post 3 links but with a gap of 1 hour at Reddit's subreddits . (Only after getting 20 link karmas ).

Step 6 : be on Reddit for 1 month and you are free to share your links to drive huge traffic.

Note : if you post more than 10% of links to your own site , you may get Reddit shadow ban but remember , Reddit allows you to post your links with saturated mixture of links from other sites.

Reddit optimization tip : open 5 to 6 accounts for Reddit and post a link from your main account . After posting links  up-votes that post from all of your Reddit accounts . This will increase visibility and gives your trust from Reddit and you will never flag as spammers.

How to get traffic without reddit

If reddit is hard to optimize , then try other social bookmarking sites , social networks , forums and press release sites .

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