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24 best off page activities/seo strategies

     Peoples always ask me about best seo checklist they should follow for their website traffic optimization. I then start collecting data about top 24 best seo techniques one should start implementing from today . This Is the latest and updated list for best optimization of traffic. Below is a checklist with links to useful pages so that you can understand easily what these activities are .
Off page activities are must for seo benefits and we compile this checklist for you which is most popular in 2015 . But don't forgot on page optimization because on page is equally important in seo .

Top seo activities list that you should never miss for seo optimization and seo juice  .

1. Community building in Social Networking Sites

     This is the first step which is Also known as online reputation management, to popularize your website/business online. Try best social networking site's communities and connect with your audience at a single place. This is the best off page activity and also gives your direct social web traffic. Use Facebook , Reddit , google+ , LinkedIn ,twitter and other social networking sites to achieve this task and grow your online audience easily .

2. Blogging

     To grow a company online blogs are the best way of interaction with their audience. You should start a blog online and publish your company's offers , new features , achievements etc . Through blog its easier to maintain all things at a single place. You can get dofollow links from your own blog . If you are not good at writing then you can hire a professional blogger and ask him to write precise and quality contents at cheaper prices. Quality contents will give you more search engine rankings and traffic.

3. Classified Submission

      Ad posting sites are great way of link building and also the best seo practice in today's time. Classified ad submission sites shows your website's ad on their listings and when people search for related ads you will get traffic , sales , conversions and quality backlinks.
Try Myspace and other major classifieds sites like iMadespace Kugli, Vivastreet, etc. For more list see my classified ad sites list

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4.  Forum Postings

     Forums are great way of building relations directly . Join some popular forums of your website's niche and start conversation . When people see your conversation they probably click on your links present on your comments . Few years ago These links are more powerful than others but today some seo experts tells that this is a black hat technique of link building. So its better to acquire few links from high quality sites/pages.

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5. Search Engine Submission

     When you first launch your website , its necessary to submit your site to search engines . The more your submit your site on search engines , the more presence you get on search engines. Ultimately this step is useful to let search engine know about your sites. Just add your site to google , bing and yahoo to get 80% of online market traffic. MSN,
Altavista, Alexa, Alltheweb, Lycos, Excite, etc are few more .
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6. Blog Submission

     Blog submission is another important seo activity in our top seo checklist . When you submit your blog to blog submission sites. You start getting trust and traffic from search engines are backlinks from blog submission sites are of high quality and trustworthy.
7. PDF or document Submission
Now a days , PDF and document sharing activity becomes very popular. This involves sharing your documents on big document sharing sites and in return you will get backlinks to your sites. This activity is only useful if you want better search traffic from search engines.

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8. Directory Submission

     Directory submission was best known seo activity a few years back but now most of people agree that this is another black hat technique which you should never use. I personally recommend you to use only 5 best directory submission sites of high PageRank , traffic, and trust .
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9. Profile Link Creation

     Link building techniques includes profile link creation is another best seo checklist of 2015. In this type , we register on bigger websites for an account and then we add our website's link in about me section. This is the easiest way of getting backlinks for free .

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10. Local Listings & Yellow Pages

     Instead of targeting global market first try to target local market to gain enough traffic for your business. As the global market is hard to target due to huge competition you can target local traffic to increase your business. Use sites like google local , yahoo local , maps , google business , google places , yellow pages , super pages , hot frog etc . Search engine loves local sites and gives preference to this type of sites.
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11. Article Submission

     Instead of writing articles to your sites, you can write articles for other popular article submission sites like go articles , ezine etc and earn huge deep backlinks from these sites.

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12. Press Release Promotion

     If you are a business owner or a service provides then you can submit press release to sites like 1888pressrelease, Open PR, PR Leap, etc . These sites are very popular and will help you in publishing your site in google news.
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13.Social Bookmarking

     Social bookmarking sites for seo is a great off page activity . These sites are used by peoples to save bookmark of their favorite sites online . You can also bookmark your site with sites like dig , delicious , StumbleUpon etc . These sites gives you high pr backlinks but nowadays these sites are hugely spammed by bloggers , so be carefull and create your links wisely .

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14. Pinging

     When you do changes in your site , then you should inform the search engine about your changes . But how to do that . ? This can be done by using pinging services. These sites inform search engines to crawl your site and update your search listings .

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15. Link Exchange

     Link exchange is a type of activity in which two bloggers or website owners exchanges links through their website , hence increase both people's backlinks count . This is also known as reciprocal links. This technique comes under black hat seo techniques but you can do this in limits .

16. Cross-Linking / internal linking

       Cross linking tells how deeply your website's content is related to each other. You should link your internal contents wherever is possible. This shows that you have very strong bonding between contents. This also shows that you have high quality contents. So build a better internal linking strategy.

17. Photo Sharing

     To acquire links , you should do every possible activity . Photo sharing activity is one of the important off page activities presented here . In this strategy , you have to share your pictures/images in photo sharing sites with a link to your site. This gives you traffic and target backlinks . Share your photos
in major photo sharing websites like Instagram , Pinterest , Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, Picli, etc.

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18. Business Reviews

     Write a review about your business on your own or get it from your friends and family . Ask them to submit your review to major sites like. RateitAll, Shvoong, Kaboodle, Stylefeeder, etc.

19. Video Promotions

       Sites like YouTube gives option to write about videos , in about video section you can write your website's link and get quality backlinks. Craft a high quality video and publish on sites like Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc .

20. Guest Post Submission

     Guest post submission is a strategy in which bloggers write content to be published by other bloggers and in return they get backlinks from their contents and sites. To find guest blogging sites search "  write for us " or post your articles etc .

21. Answers

     Question and answers sites are like forums in which you ask something important and get answers from other peoples. You can answer questions of others and can include your website link in reference section .

22. Comment Posting

     Comment posting is used by bloggers to gain backlinks in easy way . One have to comment on other sites with included backlinks and after successful publishing comment on other site user gets a backlinks . However this way you can easily get banned from commenting but doing in limits can give you big seo benefits. 

23. Profile Linking

     Some websites have about me section for their users . Nowadays blogger uses this feature to get backlinks from these sites. You can create an account on sites like apsense , YouTube etc. For more sites you can also click on below articles.

24. PPC Ad Campaign

     This is last activity , if you are not satisfied with about activities , then you can promote your site by using PPC (pay per click ) programs. In this program, you will get paid traffic by registering on sites like adsense , clicksor , and .


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    Infographic submission on Reddit infographic,
    PPT submission on,, Issuu


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