Sunday, 25 December 2016

How to Create Categories in Blogger with Labels

      Like WordPress , Blogger's Blog doesn't support categories but still with labels , you can achieve this functionality easily . This article will guide you how to add categories in blogger with the help of labels. So , create categories in bloggers manually . For a website , or a blog , categories are the best way to increase pageviews and this also make your website user friendly . With increase in pageviews , you wil get a boost in your adsense or affiliate earnings.

     The most easiest way to add categories is by renaming label widget of blogger to categories. This is not the best solution but still it will help you in making your blog a more categories blog.

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Steps to add categories section/widget to blogger's blog . 

  1. First of all , decide unique tag for your articles . So that you can easily distinguish between other blog articles. It will also help you in creating groups of your article pages .
  2. After adding a label to your article , just head over to link of your label . Example , it will look like , for my label seo. Which contain links to seo categories
  3. Now you need to add A blogger widget which is named as Linked list . 
  4. To add link list just go to Dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget > Link List .
  5. Change the title to  "Categories"
  6. Now configure link list by adding link of your label .
  7. Add the name for your link which will be your category .
  8. Now click on add link to add new categories in your widget .
  9. To add new categories , just create new labels and get your new categories.
  10. You can customize the order of your links by changing them manually by mouse .

2nd easy method of adding categories section to blogger .

  1. Go to dashboard of your blogger blog.
  2. Visit layout and click on add new gadget .
  3. Now add label widget to best place .
  4. Customize your label widget by selecting selected labels and make your own blogger's customize categories.


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