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10 Best Keyword Density Checker/Analyser Tools

     Ideal Keyword density is very important for on page seo optimization. We can maintain this ideal density of keywords with best seo tools for calculating keyword percentage i.e. No. Of time a keyword is repeating in an article . Google gives importance to optimal keyword density for ranking in search results that's why it is necessary to find best websites to check seo keywords / suggestions . Google doesn't have any tool or calculator for keyword analyzing but there are 10 tools given below in this article . Link to these 10 websites are also given in brief reviews . These are keyword checker free to use . This is the perfect seo book on internet and helps you in site keyword checking for free.

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1. Free Keyword Density Analyser Tool

top keyword density checker tool     SEOBook is best place for wonderful seo tools and services around the web and their results are quite accurate which helps in SEO optimization with best seo checker tool. When you check for keyword density checker on Google ,  you will find this tool on top of search engine result page.

Features of seo book keyword density analyzer :

  1. You can check both text as well as URL for keyword density .
  2. You can set "Include Meta tag Keywords " option to count meta keywords also .
  3. You can set "Include Meta tag Description " option to count keywords present in description tag .
  4. You can set "Include Page Title" to count keywords present in page title .
  5. You can set " Minimum word length and Minimum word  occurrences" while calculating keyword percentage for optimizing your article.

Link :

2.  SEO Tools : Keyword Density Checker -Keyword Cloud

     Its is simple but reliable tool for checking keyword density percentage and word count . It also gives keyword cloud present in your web page . It doesn't have option to check plain text keyword density but their formula for checking keyword percentage is quite good .


3.  Keyword Density Checker- is well known for its reliable seo tools and services . The best known tool from this site is backlinks checker tool ,which provides all the backlinks with their attributes and PageRank . But in keyword density checker tool they are present at 3rd place on Google .

Features of small seo tools keyword analyzer .

  1. Check both URL and plain text for keywords.
  2. Check title tag keywords and meta tag keywords .
  3. It also check image alt text for keywords .
  4. You can check for long tail keywords and set maximum word count limit .

4.  Keyword Density Tool -

     This keyword checker contains only URL analyser to check keywords. SEOCentro have many seo tools like seo analyzers to check your site's seo performance. It get 4th position on Google but still it is more popular than other tools.

Feature of this tool:

  1. Only URL checking .
  2. Include meta tag and title for keywords.
  3. It check for numeric keywords also . 

5. Keyword Density Analysis Tool- marketing ninjas

     Marketing ninjas are evolving fast in online market and they develop this tool which count both words and keyword phrases as well . This tool can get 1st position if they add plain text checker and make it simple for users .

Features  of Keyword Density Analysis Tool .

  1. Count total words present in webpage .
  2. Count links keyword in webpages.
  3. Count words repetition and percentages.
  4. Count no. Of words coming together e.g. 1 word keyword and 2 word keyword .

6. Keyword density checker -

     Personally , its not my favourate tool because , they have limitation on every tool . When I first check backlinks from this site , it shows no.of request exceed for this hour. It never gives my backlinks profile. But it gives you 10 attempts to check for keywords .

Features of iwebtools keyword checker .

  1. Only URL option is available.
  2. It displays keyword cloud .
  3. It displays no. Of words for keywords .
Link :

7. Keyword density check -

     Searchmetrics gives powerful tool for checking keyword density for specific keywords . Eg if I want to check keyword density for term seo , I have to add seo in keyword textbox and then this tool shows no. Of repetition for seo keyword.

Feature of

  1. Check webpages for keywords .
  2. Can count specific keyword density .

8.  Free Keyword checker by

     It is only tool which is completely free and available with plain text feature . You can check your keyword density by putting your article in plain text analyser.

Feature of keyword analyzer tool.

  1. You can Check the keyword density of your articles before you publish them with plain text feature .
  2. You can check your long-tail keywords .

9. Ranks NL

     Its not a free keyword checker tool but if you have budget for investment you can use this tool and get all paid benefits of ranksnl tool.

10. Live Keyword Analysis

     This tool is simple and you can paste your article in textbox and check for specific keywords up to 3 type of different keywords .
You can edit your content and at the same moment your keyword percentage will change without pressing enter or submit button .


  1. Great article, am trying out most of these now!!
    Blogger tips and tricks.

  2. Nice tips to get easy dofollow tips. how to get them indexed easily.
    Search Engine Optimization

  3. picking the first two options is relatively straight forward, Likes and Interests can be a bit harder. check for duplicate content

  4. I don't think you can put a general % on keyword density. So long as it reads well and doesn't appeared to be stuffed, it should be fine. Mention it as many times as you can without it appearing forced. There's no doubt that having a keyword appear more times on the page will help Google deduce what the page is about, but similarly anything that would compromise a user experience or attempts to over-optimise for the algorithm can easily be penalised. Saying what number this is though is highly dependent on context, so you can't put a broad figure on an "optimal level"

    If you haven't changed the density on the page, I don't believe that your density level would have caused a fall in your rankings (unless it was overdone, as said before). The strength this signal has on your rankings would be small at best, so there's very likely another reason for the fall. I'd start looking at other on-page factors and especially what sort of links you might have earned recently (or indeed lost).

    Thanks & Regards,
    Seo Analyst - Madhu


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