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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing and Adsense


Every person want to earn money online in easy and trusted way , and blogs are one of them and found to be the key to success. You just need to become a affiliate partner of Trusted Online companies or you need a ad account like Google's Adsense . Today in this article you will came to know how to make 1000 $ easily with a blog online. You can work from home with online blogs .

How to earn money with blogs ?

             BLOGS : Blogs are webpages present over internet and have very less cost for their maintenance. Blogs like Blogger and WordPress are usually totally free and will not cost you for hosting and domain name charges despite it will add " " and "" with your blog's name . But you can purchase a domain name and can easily map it to your blog. In this way you will have a professional blog name with free hosting space and unlimited bandwidth.

Advantages of blogs :

  1. Totally free : Blogs are totally free to start.
  2. Free domain : you will not charge for domain name charge.
  3. Free hosting : blogspot will give you free hosting , i.e the charges for webpage storage are free .
  4. No need for knowledge of html language .
  5. Easy and well optimized dashboard .
  6. Highly customizable : you can add gadgets and change your templates according to your niche .
  7. Can make money with adsense .
  8. You can convert your blog in a descent website .

Disadvantages :

  1. Blogspot will give you too many domains example: .com , .in , .au , .uk , .tk etc. This is a disadvantage because this will effect on your PageRank . Means different PageRank for different country or domains.
  2. Mobile template is not customizable . But you can only change templates .
  3. Not known so far .


       Everybody wants to know how to earn money online . Today I will give you a working way of making money online . With the method iam giving below , gives you the opportunity to convert your blog's traffic in Us dollars . when you successfully publish your blog online and getting decent amount of organic traffic then you can apply for online monetisation company's account .

How to monetize your blog's traffic 

  1. Signup for online companies like Adsense , Cliksor etc for displaying ads in your blog . once your account will approve then you will able to show ads on your pages . so , when user come to your blog and click on ads , you will get money for that add . the amount you will get is set by advertisers on PPC bases .
  2. If you are not getting any account of above type then don't loose hope of earning online . go to sites like , etc and signup to get an account there . when you get you account , you are ready to display ads on your blog. but earnings are different in this case , you can only earn money when a user click on your link and purchase some item from them. This type of earning are known as affiliate earning .


What is Adsense ?

        Adsense is a program for publishers by Google which will pay you for per click on Google ads on your blog or your website  . Google will give you 68% of money earned by clicks on your blog or website .

How Google will pay for our earnings ?

  1. Cheques : Google will issue cheques when your finalized earnings is greater that or equal to 100$ and will send them through post to your doors. .
  2. Electronic funds transfer : in some countries Google can pay directly into your bank accounts .
  3. Western union quick cash.

How to signup ?

Go to : adsense sign up .

  1. Select your email account for Adsense signup
  2. Fill your details and blog address for Adsense approval.
  3. Submit your Adsense  application.
  4. Now wait for your Adsense account approval.

If  you are having trouble in getting Adsense account then please comment below or message me through contact form .

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