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Submit your Business Website to 100 Free Search Engines | SEM | add url for free

     Friends, the first step to off page SEO is URL submission. This step is mandatory because search engines do not know about your sites. So whenever you publish a new blog or website please submit your site to top search engines.

      Here you will get free search engine submission sites list to add URL to all search engines. You can use URL submitter to submit your site in one click but it will be good if you manually do URL submission. The reason for manually submitting your site is keywords. If you use URL submitter then you will not able to provide exact keywords to all search engines. 

     So do a free web submission by using top 100 search engines which are listed below. You don't need to register for submitting your Homepage Links in all major search engines. Example: In google you can directly add your site's address for free.

     The need for doing search engine submission is to get organic traffic + backlinks to your website from all major search engines. Yes,  we will get backlinks from search engines too if you add your homepage URL to all major search engines. This is also called search engine marketing.
how do you submit your website to search engines

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     It's simple. You need to do a Google search of below mentioned search engine names. After searching open search engines and find add URL /  add website / submit website and any similar keywords.

     Click on add URL or similar keywords and then submit all your details like blog name, blog address,  blog description,  blog keywords. When you provide all the necessary details then a human editor will check your entry and will add your site in their search directory. So you will start getting backlinks from search engines too.

 Friends this is one of the easiest ways of building organic backlinks, so never miss this opportunity. 

Google Yahoo Add url


Top 70 Search Engine Submission Sites to Add your Website URLs.

  1. Google
  2. WhatUSeek 
  3. Bing
  4. AOL Search
  5. 24/7 Web Directory
  6. Yandex
  7. ExactSeek
  8. Open Directory 
  9. Anoox
  10. GigaBlast
  11. WebCrawler
  12. WebSquash
  13. SimilarSites
  14. Scrub the Web
  15. Dogpile
  16. GhetoSearch
  17. Family Friendly Search
  18. Secret Search Engine Labs
  19. Acoon
  20. Boitho
  21. MyaHint
  22. Viesearch
  23. InfoSpace
  24. SearchSight
  25. Find Info
  26. Ixquick
  27. CurryGuide
  28. Beauco Up!
  29. Feedplex
  30. Kartoo
  31. Active Search Results
  32. SurfSafely
  33. Rseek
  34. LinkPedia
  35. 10Directory
  36. Meseek
  37. Link Centre
  38. Claymont
  39. Amidalla
  40. Clusty
  41. Amfibi
  42. SonicRun
  43. DirectMyLink
  44. AceWebDirectory
  45. Elite Sites Directory
  46. Pegasus Directory
  47. BusinessSeek
  48. Nonar
  49. WalHello
  50. Triple W Directory
  51. link too
  52. oneMission
  53. Bhanvad
  54. MasterMOZ
  55. Cipinet
  56. Thales Directory
  57. OneMillionDirectory
  59. Polymeta
  61. MegaGo
  62. Mamma
  64. MetaEureka
  65. Excite
  66. EntireWeb
  67. Hotbot
  68. MetaCrawler
  69. iZito
  70. 1WebsDirectory
  71. MetaSearch
  72. Lycos
  73. Info Tiger
  74. ZapMeta
  75. SitePromotionDirectory
  76. A1WebDirectory
  77. Sites Web Directory
  78. SubmissionWebDirectory
  79. Gain Web
  80. Ananar
  81. SoMuch
  82. W3 Catalog
  83. 9Sites
  84. Directory Free
  85. OBLN
  86. Online Society

      Please note that submitting your site to Bing will automatically add your site to yahoo because yahoo now uses Bing's database for search results. 

     The last tip I want to give is that please don't submit your site to all search engines in a single day. Just pick 5 search engines and add your site to them. In this way you will add your site in 15 to 20 days and then all the links will be treated as genuine and organic and not as spam.


  1. Hi, I am using only google add url. Thanks for give me other search engine list for submit. is there anyway for Video Contents Crawling faster than Google add URL.

    This is my Video -

  2. These all are the best place to submit websites :)
    Good going
    keep sharing :)

  3. It does not help in SEO in anyway.You DO NOT need to submit your sites zillions of search engines.The ones that really matter will find you out if you follow normal link building.This method is useless.

    1. i think you dont know about seo. do some homework then comment these type of silly comments.

  4. Nice list. Mostly all are working. Some of the site not supporting website submission.

    1. sorry for the inconvenience. some sites listed here have alternate names like open directory project==> .

  5. Hi Amit,
    Good to meet you.
    This is for the first time i am visiting your page,
    In fact, I am here via VashistaKapoor's latest roundup post.
    Glad to be here today, Great information, but sad to note,
    how can we reach these sites if you provide the direct links it will be good to reach the destination. of course that is a tedious job so at least provide the link at the side of it so that your readers can reach the page easily.

    Great information, though i have been using some of them a majority I never tried. I will surely make a search. Thanks Amit for sharing
    Have a great year ahead
    ~Philip Ariel

    1. i believe that if people find the site from google search then they will be benefited. if any time these search engines looses popularity then they will not come higher in search results and if they are not popular than submitting sites to them is purely waste. how ever you are right and i will add links in my future posts but not in this one.

      thanks for your feedback.

  6. Nice post with great information.

  7. Thanks very helpfull article.

  8. Hey Amit
    But i read a blog at moz that is the biggest platform for all latest seo updates that it is a waist of time and infact has negative impact for your site as it can point to several bad links that is not beneficial.

    Are you aware of it !!

    1. Yes you are right and that's why I only provide top 100 sites that are trusted and is of high quality.

  9. Very Very Good post and all sites are very nice thank you Infiblogger

  10. usefull information thyanks..........

  11. How can I improve my Organic traffic? I have 1 year trying but nothing seems to work, please tell me what is wrong:


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