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The Incomplete Love Story

This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane .      It is a story of a shy boy and a not so shy nor too bold girl. They don't know each other and had no idea what relationship they build with each other in coming future. The boy first met her 1 month after he shifted in her neighborhood during play time as they were in the age of 14.           One day a mad lover of her meet the boy and asked the boy for his help to get the girl. The boy tried as the another boy was his friend now and the girl was also good friend of him. Later the boy found that another guy is not good in nature and for her also, so he started telling all the activities of that another guy to the girl. He started doing so on daily basis but with good intentions of saving girl's future life, but during this time period they fall in love for each other but never expressed it in words. The boy always try to tell her about his feelings but not being able to

The Story of My First Love

This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane .        Falling in love is the cutest experience one can experience in his/ her life. I too fall in love so many time since my childhood but only one girl came to my life and cleared the difference between love and affection. It's already 1 and half-year that I know her but I am afraid of loosing her. I know I can tell her that I am loving her but I think if I told her early then most probably she will reject me and that is the reason I decided to remain her best friend. Today I will share my story of first love and I am afraid that my mom will read this.       I was a boy who thinks " Pyar wyar kuch ni hota " and me and my friends always roam around streets in search of beautiful girls. We know many of girls in our locality but one day a girl came to my life. She was new in our locality. I was just ignoring her for few days and I don't know when I s

Affimity Social Media: New Home for Bloggers

     Hello readers, today I will introduce a brand new social network that will not bore you like Facebook does. This is a next generation social network, which helps people connect with similar interest. As we all know, social networks give us news feeds from our friends and in most of the cases those feeds are not interesting or mostly annoying. Here comes a revolutionary social networking website that I personally liked too much because of their channel based social feeds. Now I can get relevant feeds based on my interest for example, I subscribed to an India Humor Channel and getting all feeds related to Humor/jokes. Similarly, You would get Music related feed only & talk to people have interest in Music and so on. You can make friends, follow, post, Like and comment on others post. How Affimity can help Bloggers getting more Traffic & Followers on their Blog?       As most of our readers are bloggers that is why I decide to write this article focusing on