Friday, 29 January 2016

Affimity Social Media: New Home for Bloggers


Affimity Social Network

     Hello readers, today I will introduce a brand new social network that will not bore you like Facebook does. This is a next generation social network, which helps people connect with similar interest. As we all know, social networks give us news feeds from our friends and in most of the cases those feeds are not interesting or mostly annoying. Here comes a revolutionary social networking website that I personally liked too much because of their channel based social feeds. Now I can get relevant feeds based on my interest for example, I subscribed to an India Humor Channel and getting all feeds related to Humor/jokes. Similarly, You would get Music related feed only & talk to people have interest in Music and so on. You can make friends, follow, post, Like and comment on others post.

Affimity channels

How Affimity can help Bloggers getting more Traffic & Followers on their Blog? 

     As most of our readers are bloggers that is why I decide to write this article focusing on the benefits our blogger friends will get from Affimity. Affimity is interest based social media platform so people with similar interest will share relevant information and talk to one another. Here bloggers can get huge benefits by subscribing to blogs related channels. Your every post has same visibility opportunity unlike Facebook & Twitter where your visibility is limited to only Followers that you build over time. Another benefit is you can share your blog articles with a targeted audience that is willing to read your articles and not to unwanted audience. People having similar interest will visit to your blog and most probably if they found your articles interesting then will follow your blog for further reading. In this way you will increase your blog's audience and hence it will convert into more money. If you are doing SEO for your site, then you can get quality backlinks from this site. Trust me users of this Website are highly engaging. I see lots of people liking, commenting on my posts at Affimity. I am overwhelmed seeing my follower base growth there.

My viewpoint

On Affimity, you don't need to make friends with people just because you know them. You connect with people because you share an interest with them and you are able to keep the conversations real. I am using this social network for quite some time and I love keep coming here to check what is happening in my world of interest like read more tech articles daily on Digital Channel. Affimity has great Android & iOS App too.

Finally, I found that Affimity is a place to connect with interest based people to get social & informative feeds around my interest & taste and to build long lasting relationship with new people. Join Affimity and ask your friends to try this out and surely you'll stick here forever.

     You can follow me on Affimity as I share all my future articles regularly there.
Join me at Affimity 


  1. The list shown in the above blog is really nice and essential too. I too using one of the best Free Classifieds site post ads free

  2. Thanks amit for your awesome review of Affimity. I think I will join this social media network. It looks interesting.

    Will you tell me Affimity and affinity are similar?

    1. No Lokesh. Affimity is different from Affinity. As Amit mentioned, Affimity is social media based on interest.

  3. Amazing article about 'Affimity' . Loved it

  4. Hi Amit Kudos for the job.
    Although I am skeptical about the success of this new Social media networking site , a good attempt has been made by the Indian IT techies. Anyway good luck and Thanks for Promoting "Make In India".

  5. Your give very good review . make one post how to write Movie Reviews it will help me

  6. Nice post about affimity social media. This is very useful and gave me some ideas. Thanks so much for a great resource! I have checked out your site and I found it very interesting and informative.


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