Friday, 29 January 2016

The Incomplete Love Story

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   It is a story of a shy boy and a not so shy nor too bold girl. They don't know each other and had no idea what relationship they build with each other in coming future. The boy first met her 1 month after he shifted in her neighborhood during play time as they were in the age of 14.
     One day a mad lover of her meet the boy and asked the boy for his help to get the girl. The boy tried as the another boy was his friend now and the girl was also good friend of him. Later the boy found that another guy is not good in nature and for her also, so he started telling all the activities of that another guy to the girl. He started doing so on daily basis but with good intentions of saving girl's future life, but during this time period they fall in love for each other but never expressed it in words. The boy always try to tell her about his feelings but not being able to do so, but one day the girl proposed him after 2 years of friendship but he said he likes her not love her, whilst having same feelings but not accepting it but it hadn't disturbed their feelings for each other. The boy wasn't one from early wakers but he started waking early in the morning only to see glimpse of her girl. The girl had many restrictions by her parents on her. So they meet only in route to their tuition. He always try to make their relationship cheerful and it always was. The time they were in relationship, they both were in their childish age, so in his childish way and hidden relationship from world he sometimes gift her rose petal on rose day, heart like figures on her birthday, couple key-chain and many more proved his puppy love. 

One day the boy had to go to her house to take care of her as her parents were not at home and her phone wasn't reaching so her parents asked him to do so then he realized that the girl still think that the boy only like her, so at that time the boy expressed her feelings for her in words for the first time. After that all the things were going smoothly as before, in between many boy approached her and many girls approached him but they never separated. But sometimes later there started many misunderstandings about their feelings for each other because by the boy's thought process the girl never expresses her love for him any more.

Here starts the story of their separation we can say, he tried many time that girl will express her feelings but always failed but then also they both were happy even after many misunderstandings due to presence of true love. But one day the girl left him after 4 years of relationship without telling him reason, but the guy tried a lot because he loved her very much but resulting in nothing even after trying for 1 whole year. He tried in many ways by taking help from his best friend or by making her jealous but nothing happened. In between girl tried to be only friend with him but he was not being able to do so because of his strong feelings for her but after trying for 1 year and failing to get her love back he tried starting to forget her to move further in life but he failed in forgetting her while moving further. Today after 1.5 years of separation he couldn't forget her and waiting for the acceptance of his love and also for the reason of leaving him alone.


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