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10th Indian Digital Awards Powered by Google

       On 9th and 10th Feb , I was invited to attend 10th Indian digital awards by blogmint. Let me tell you blogmint is my biggest sponsor and we are working together for last 6 months. The event was for two days and we enjoyed every moment of the event. We learned many things from entrepreneurs and it also increases our moral support to do the work of our choice. So, today I will share the brief of two day Indian digital award event here.                     Day 1st: Theme startup standup   The theme for day 1st is startup standup. There were many conferences and me and my friend aashish paliwal together cover the startup conference room. We were there to cover live news from the room. We posted many quotes and pics from the room. After tweeting regularly for 1 hour we saw our hashtag #10Ids started trending in top 10 hashtags. Now come to the conference room. Here both of us are excited to see new Indian startups. All of the startup ideas are awe

Ezebee the best online Shop & marketplace review

Dear readers, today I will introduce a brand new site that will help you in making money online. I know everyone have something to sell online but due to some obstacles some peoples are unable to sell directly on Internet. This is the reason I am writing this article to help you and small business to sell online. You just need to create an online store or shop and rest will be done by No headache of payment and no headache for taxes and other official work. Just create a shop online and become an online entrepreneur. Just check Ezebee the best free online  marketplace. Read:  Top 3 Productivity Booster Apps is best platform to start a website for selling your products. At you can sell almost every type of product without any limitation. It was founded in late 2012 by Ossian Vogel and Frank de Vries. is the best combination of all required features for a free online market with highly interactive platform for both buyers and sellers.

Best CPM ad Network for Publishers 2016

CPM ads are good for both low traffic site and high traffic website, because it totally depends on impressions, i.e. number of times an ad is displayed . You will get money for every impression of your ad if it under the CPI (cost per impression) or you will get money in every 1000 impressions if it is under CPM (cost per mile). It is the best ad network type for small bloggers because small bloggers get very low traffic and generates very low earnings as a CPC publisher. Bloggers from India also get benefit of Cpm  because Indian traffic has a very low CPC as compared to the united state's  and Canada's traffic . Today in this post I will give you a brief review of best CPM ad network companies and will help you in selecting your best ad company. Read:  Top 3 Productivity Booster Apps How much you will earn ?  Suppose cpm for a particular ad is 5$ then for every 1000 views you will get 5$ . So, if you are getting 5000 page views per day you can earn up to 2

Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites

     Get high quality do follow backlinks by commenting on high Pr blog sites . This post contain auto approve dofollow blog list so you can increase your PageRank and search engine rankings. All you need is to comment on below "instant approval blog commenting sites " . Bookmark these sites and build 1 backlink in 1 day List of high quality blog comment sites :  http://a

80+ Page Rank 9 Dofollow sites

In my last article I write about getting 11 backlinks from PageRank 9 sites and today I am giving you a massive list of 80 dofollow websites having PageRank of 9. This list also contains domains like,gov and edu, com, net and  org, in, ru, fr and many more. Use all sites below and start building your links.      These sites will surely increase your PageRank if links are gain properly. The way of getting backlinks from below sites are   Profile linking  Blog commenting      In profile linking sites you have option to create a profile and add your website link in homepage section. This method is perfect and google friendly. It also gives dofollow links in 90% cases however some sites have nofollow attributes in homepage links.  In blog commenting sites, you can comment on articles published on below sites. To get backlinks you have to enter your url in comment. These links are nofollow but you can get dofollow if they installed commentluv plugin into their website. Now,

Top 5 Best Addmefast Alternatives To Get Facebook/Twitter/Youtube likes for free

     Addmefast is a platform for social media exchanges like free Facebook likes and twitter followers. However, alternatives for addmefast is necessary because there is no perfect site.      So today, you will come across top 5 alternatives for ( for social media exchange  purposes ). Due to the rapid growth in, they are changing their plans very quickly like bonus points will only credit once you like 50 pages in a day. Which is very bad decision done by addmefast. That is one of the reason users are now searching for alternatives. 1.      YouLikeHits is free social exchange network which helps you grow your social networking presence. They are same as but with different user interface and good support. They are giving 150 points for everyday for daily login.       With YouLikeHits you can get more Facebook Likes, Facebook shares and followers, Soundcloud Listens, StumbleUpon Followers, Twitter Followers, retweets, Yo

205+ PageRank 5 profile backlinks sites and forums

     With this post, you can get Pr5 backlinks from different websites and forums through about me, biography and homepage URL sections. Join forums and websites and improve your website search traffic and authority.   In this list you will get 100+ forums and 100+ websites for improving domain authority. We already have written on list of social bookmarking sites, free classified sites, Indian forums, profile linking sites for developing good backlink profile. You can get maximum dofollow backlinks from the list below. 200 Pr 5 Dofollow Profile Linking Sites And Forums

S P Jain School of Global Management

S P Jain School of Global Management was established first in Dubai in 2004 and later on 2006 it expands its business school in Singapore on an invitation by the Singapore government. They further expands by  3rd international campus which was set up on 2012 in Sydney, Australia and now in 2015 they have Launched , 4th  international and latest campus in Mumbai,  India. The school is best known for its quality education and effective way of teaching. They have various forms of teaching to harness their students into future professionals. One of the example of their teaching is tri-city model in which students study for 4 months in each of S P Jain's campuses in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. This not only limited to local business knowledge but also helps students to get global exposure. According to Forbes in 2015, the School has been ranked #10 in the Best International Business School for its one-year MBA program. In year 2013- 2014 this school was ranked in top 20