5 Best addmefast alternative for 2016-17

        Addmefast is a great site for social media exchanges like free Facebook likes and twitter followers . However , alternatives for addmefast is necessary because no Site is 100% perfect for users. So today I decide to give you 5 best alternatives for addmefast.com ( for social media exchange  purposes ) . Due to the rapid growth in addmefast.com , they are changing their plans very quickly like bonus points will only credit once you like 50 pages in a day . Which is very bad decision done by addmefast. So sites like addmefast becomes necessary to use.


1. Youlikehits.com

   YouLikeHits is free social exchange network which helps you grow your social networking presence. They are same as addmefast.com but with different user interface and good support. They give 150 points for daily login .
With YouLikeHits you can get more Facebook Likes, Facebook shares and followers, Google+ Circles, Soundcloud Listens, StumbleUpon Followers,
Google +1's, Twitter Followers and reTwitts YouTube Views and subscribers ,  YouTube Video Likes , Pinterest Followers,

2. Like4like.org

  A perfect alternative is like4like because for every problem there is a support team to help you. In 2015 they are planning to invest more in online social media marketing. They also gives Facebook likes twitter followers StumbleUpon followers YouTube subscribers and website hit and lot of more features. They also have high security softwares that defend from automated bots, so don't plant to use bot software for like4like.org. They can suspend your account for using bots also.

3 . Socialclerks.com

  Socialclerks.net is growing network and currently have 125409 members registered. The best thing is they have forum for support . You can ask your query their to get help. You can get Get Free Facebook likes , Twitter Followers and Retweets, Youtube Views and subscribers , Website Visitors , Youtube Views , Google +1 Delicious Saves,  SoundCloud Followers and lot of more social exchanges.

4. Likesasap.com

This site gives you free Facebook likes and share along with twitter and other social networking sites. The key feature of this site is you can earn money with Facebook likes and share. The minimum payout is just 0.7$ only . There you can earn in chain means for your referral's earning. Joining bonus is 50 points and for liking 15 Facebook pages you can get 75 bonus points also. You can redeem your points to get Facebook likes , shares , twitter followers and reTwitt , StumbleUpon followers, instagram followers , YouTube subscribers , views and lot more . So its you who decide whether to earn or to grow social media presence.

5. Likesplanet.com

  It is ranked 17461 in alexa world wide rankings . It have 221000+ members and growing at rapid rate. they also give money for liking other's social media. And the minimum payout is 2 dollars . You can get social exchanges like Facebook post shares and likes and twitter followers. Signup bonus is same as 50 points . Join the larget community and earn money also .


The above 3 sites are very reputed sites for social exchanges . Be active there if you only want to grow your social presence otherwise you can join last 2 sites for earning money with or without social media exchange. My favourite site is likesplanet.com because I found that its completely secured from bot activities so you can get likes which are 100% genuine and real ones.


  1. If you use these sites for exchange of likes on YouTube, can't Youtube remove your video?
    because that would not make sense as anyone who wants to bring down a video can easily just add many likes to a video for YouTube to remove.

    What's your insight?

  2. great work.. i would also like to mention some more addmefast alternative.. check out this

  3. Hi all of this website are decreasing, I recommend http://kingomdlikes.com :P

  4. Youlikehits.com dont have option for facebook when i checked. i dont want to signup and be disappointed

  5. wow this is Awesome information

  6. Thanks for the article. Wanted to add a very similar new alternative for 2018 I found YouGetLikes: http://www.yougetlikes.com

  7. Hi!

    I have created an alternative and modern site with the like4like functions.
    Check it out and let me know what i can improve :).




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