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Top 10 free Backlinks checker tools [Best]

 Every new blogger /website owner ask a popular question " how many backlinks do I have " the answer of this question is this article which gives you most accurate and free backlinks checker tools that will check both inbound links and outbound links. If you want to check Google links the search in Google search engine and you will find links to your site if you have with backlinks checker Google tool . These tools are specially developed to find link popularity of websites . The key to success is link building and some SEO persons try to build dead links or broken link building and for this purpose it becomes necessary to use a dead link checker tool for free . Here in this article I have reviewed 10 best online backlinks checker tools , read and comment if you found any new tool. Now check your backlinks details online without installing any software at your personal computer . Read: 10 Best Keyword density checker tools What is the  need of Backlin

How To Optimize Images for SEO and Search traffic [all in one guide]

Today,  we decided to tell you how important are images in terms of SEO. Here with the help of this article you will learn how to do SEO for images and how to maximize your search engine ranking with optimizing photos. Just read all the points thoroughly and be a pro SEO expert. How to write seo-friendly alt-text for your images. Title Tags :  these tags are used for showing the title of images. This tags tells what the image is. Title Tags are good for images as whenever a user hover on the image he will get the title of the image. This creates a user friendly environment for your blog visitors. As we know there is a huge debate about title tags for SEO but we know it's better to be on the safe side and use it for rich user friendly environment.  Alt Tags :  Google puts a lot of weight on alt tags. Alt Tags shows when a image in not present or not available. These tags are used for putting keywords of your articles. Nowadays peoples are putting all their keywords on a

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing and Adsense

Every person want to earn money online in easy and trusted way , and blogs are one of them and found to be the key to success. You just need to become a affiliate partner of Trusted Online companies or you need a ad account like Google's Adsense . Today in this article you will came to know how to make 1000 $ easily with a blog online. You can work from home with online blogs . How to earn money with blogs ?              BLOGS : Blogs are webpages present over internet and have very less cost for their maintenance. Blogs like Blogger and WordPress are usually totally free and will not cost you for hosting and domain name charges despite it will add " " and "" with your blog's name . But you can purchase a domain name and can easily map it to your blog. In this way you will have a professional blog name with free hosting space and unlimited bandwidth. Advantages of blogs : Totally free : Blogs are totally free to

Top 3 Productivity Booster Apps Review

Being a student is hard, although "childhood is the best part of your life" is a popular saying, it's not always the case. At least not for those undergoing the stage. Only a student understands how hard it is to find the solace of mind, needed to focus on a specific topic, and specially when it's the exam time. Normally you might study for hours but during exams this whole scenario just overturns. It becomes impossible to concentrate on a single topic and the mind starts roaming in every corner of the world . And it's not the case with just one exam, be it the JEE mains, any medical examination, or  AILET 2016 Exam , the mind betrays us Or if you can somehow control your brain not to do so, you still have many best friends on Facebook and twitter who are all eager to ping you on the networks and thus whatever your study plans for that day might be, are gone. So, I just thought "as a responsible citizen of the country" , It's my duty to compi