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How can I earn Rs 50k within a month with my laptop and internet?

     10 years ago Earning 50k in a month was very hard, but now it becomes easier if you have skills or a business mind. Today there are many companies which will give you online jobs to do and for that they will charge 20 to 30% of your earnings. However, many people complain about giving this much of the commission, but it's really great if you don't know how to get direct advertisers or jobs to do. You don't need to reach brands and advertisers for jobs and this all work will be done by various online platforms like Blogmint, Fiverr, Freelancer etc. These are various ways of making money online, but today I will tell you only best and working methods. Out of which some jobs require skills while others don't require any special skills.
     Choosing right skill to monetize with a job is very important. I would suggest you to check all types of online jobs posted here and then choose the best suited one. If you still have questions about making money, then feel free to contact me from my contact me page.

Technical Freelance Jobs

Technical Freelance Jobs need technical skills and can only be if you have technical skills like web designing, logo designing, Android app development, Data Entry, search engine optimization and social media marketing etc. These jobs are highly paid jobs and your skills will give you more out of it. There are many companies which give technical freelance jobs and some of them are freelance and Fiverr.
There website will offer you work for their clients from various industries. These websites are free to register for limited accounts and if you want more jobs than you need to pay for premium account. However, there is a commission which is fixed by these companies, and will be deducted from your total earnings. It can be anywhere from 20 to 30%, depending on the website you are using.  For it is only 20%  and same is for . As a newbie, you should continue as a free account and after that you can shift to a paid account to earn more. 

There are many technical projects available and many technical experts are present to do the job. Some many bid low cost then you so how you will get your project? Actually, it depends on your skills and ratings. A seller with 5 star rating will preferred in case there is many experts are present. But what if you don't have any star I mean you are new on these websites? In this case you can offer lower prices to your clients with some bonus services. So it will not be difficult for your first job.

Non Technical Freelance Jobs

You are here, as you don't have technical skills or maybe you want to earn more money. So what if don't have the technical skills to earn money? Don't worry, this section will help you in making money without any technical skill. As I already said making money online is now easy, but without technical skills you may not get higher payouts. But still you can earn money.

How to make money online in easy way with or without technical skills?


Fiverr, is everywhere if it's related to making money online. This is my favorite website because their business model is very simple. You can make 1000 of $  easily from this site. There are various categories to sell or buy and one category is another in which you can put every unrelated service. Fiverr is a marketplace where one person lists what he can do or what are it's services and then another person finds and order his service. In this way a seller sells and buyers buys the services. And to offer this service fiverr cuts a 20% of your earnings. It means if you earn 100$ online you will get 80$ as finalized earning. This is also one of my favorite sites because here you don't need to find advertisers or don't need to bid for a service/project however advertisers will find you and will order your services. One good thing is the minimum price you can charge is 5$ and you may add add-on packages for buyers. Add-on packages will help you in earning more from your existing services.
There are an infinite number of services you can offers and out of which some popular services are below.
At Fiverr, your gig can be "I will hold your logo and will click a picture for your company ".
I will sing a song for your birthday only for 5$
I will post your website link on my twitter account.
But remember, only creative and unique ideas, sells more than copied ones. So start thinking what you can sell which is not sold by other fiber experts. In this way you can earn 100 times more.


Microjobs as the name shows are small and easy jobs which you can do for very small earning. The jobs are so easy that anyone can complete it. Jobs like liking on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, plus one on Google+  or it can be signing up for an account. For Micro Jobs you can earn 1 or 2 $  easily. So to earn in this way you have to do more jobs in a day.

Make YouTube Videos

Become video blogger, the largest growing blogging community. You can earn money by creating videos for YouTube. You can create videos of any type you like.
You cannot use copyrighted contents in your videos if you want to earn from them.
Videos should be unique, creative and not boring. If you are good at creating interactive videos than you earn decent money from them. You can also create videos for companies to earn money or you can do reviews of products like mobile and tech gadgets. For a simple review you can charge a minimum of 150$ easily and can get more from bigger brands.
In India short films are going viral these days and every YouTube video blogger is trying to create viral short films. This is an easy way of going popular.
  On YouTube you will find an account DC Toys Collector which actually makes $4.9 million just by creating unboxing videos of Disney toys. She is now famous as the mystery woman as we can only see her hands on videos.


     Blogging is what I am doing on my blog. Blogging is of two type first one is a hobby and 2nd one is for money. You should make a good combination of both if you want to become popular.
If you have good writing experience then blogging can be a good career option. If you don't have writing skills but still you want to earn money, then you can hire content writers who will write for you.
      Remember, to start earning from blogging it may take somewhere between 6 to 12 months. However a lot of bloggers discontinue their blogging as they don't know how to earn money.
You can start blogging in a niche which you like the most. But be sure to select unique niche and not multi niche or general category niche. If you want to become popular then you should focus on your niche. Example of popular niches are product reviews, tech how to,  Wordpress themes, SEO etc.
But remember, it will take time to earn money from this way and it will require a lot of hard work and dedication towards blogging.


This job can be classified as technical job and you can learn it easily from online courses or through a certified institute. SEO is short form of Search Engine Optimization which is easy to learn but very hard to implement. It is a fact that A person with some technical and analytical skills can easily learn this technical skill.

So what SEO basically is??

      You know how many websites are available online and out of which only a few are managed to come in the top 10 results for your search query. Do you ever think how a website come up or goes down in search result page? This all is the game of SEO. The more perfect you do, the higher you will rank on search results pages. So it's clear that the competition is too high for SEO and this competition is increased by many bloggers coming online in search of making money online. Without SEO your site will start loosing ranking, which depends on more than 200 ranking factors.  Out we these 200 factors, some factors are out unofficially, which is the result of deep research of SEO experts.
     This job can be highly paid if you have good skills and yours client trust you otherwise you will see that client will bargain over price and will ask you for more work hours.
SEO can be your job or it can be your project and both want to increase sales and traffic of your client. You can earn as much as you can and minimum price for basic SEO can be something 30k to 50k.

Keep your price low for the first few projects and maintain a record of your work and graph of your client's growth. It will help you in driving more projects at a better price.

Paid To Click (PTC) Jobs

As the name suggests, you need to click in order to earn money. These type jobs are the easiest and that's why payout of these jobs is lowest in the online market. However, there are many websites that pay a good amount to pay for click jobs. You can search over Google and will find that clicksense is the beast in this industry. Clixsense also offers you from earning money by doing surveys and completing other offers. It also offers micro jobs through Crowdflower to offer better options for their clients. The best part of clicksense is their affiliate program. With an affiliate program you can earn commissions on the earnings of your referrals. So if your referral earns 100$ then you will get some percent of it like 5 or 10$ as a reward.
If you start doing surveys you will not get many offers at level 0 but when you reach at level 1 you will start earning 1 to 3$ per hour.

 Get paid using your iPhone (or Android)

This is the new way of earning money online. There are many simple jobs like clicking pictures of you, updating traffic details etc. You can also earn from your phone by seeing ads on your phone. A new app is in the market which is known as slide app. You just need to download the app and then every time you unlock your phone you will earn some money. This app will show ads on your lock screen and when you click on ads you will get 0.05 rupees and for unlocking screen you will get 0.05. So it depends on how many times you unlock your mobile screen. You can earn 50 to 100 per day easily.

Teach English (or other language) classes online

English teachers are highly demanded in Asian countries, that's why many teachers are now freelance English teachers.
There are many websites which required online tutors like This website act as an online virtual classroom for teachers and students. Anyone can become a teacher and can charge as 15$  to 20$  per hour, which is a fair charge for an hour.
Become an online tutor with Transtutors and earn money for skills you know. The best way to earn money is to sell your expert opinion and your knowledge.

Rent out your car for $10+ an hour

This is not a new concept but now it becomes viral as you can earn money from your car. Have you heard about, if not, then you should check out this website. If you are living in a big city, then this business can be more profitable. You can rent your car for 10$ per hour with guarantee by this website.

SKILLS Approx earning Scope of jobs

Here is some basic pay for a project of respective skills. Please note that these are estimated earnings and you can get more or less depending on your clients. 

  1. Stacks like LAMP extra ₹10,000 [ high end web applications ]
  2. J Query/ AJAX / Javascript  extra ₹7,000 [dynamic websites advanced ]
  3. PHP/Python Django / MYSQL extra ₹15,000 [dynamic websites with database]
  4. Ecommerce sites - Magento extra ₹25,000  [dynamic websites like Flipkart]
  5. HTML/CSS/JavaScript ₹15,000 [basic static websites]
  6. Basic Photoshop editing extra ₹5,000 [photo manipulation and basic editing]
  7. Illustrator & Photoshop extra ₹8,000 [Logo creation and advanced editing]
  8. CMS like Joomla/WP extra ₹15,000 [dynamic websites with CMS]
If you have any doubts, then feel fee to ask them in comments.


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