Saturday, 5 March 2016

Top 3 Productivity Booster Apps Review

Being a student is hard, although "childhood is the best part of your life" is a popular saying, it's not always the case. Atleast not for those undergoing the stage.

Only a student understands how hard it is to find the solace of mind, needed to focus on a specific topic, and specially when it's the exam time. Normally you might study for hours but during exams this whole scenario just overturns. It becomes impossible to concentrate on a single topic and the mind starts roaming in every corner of the world .

And it's not the case with just one exam, be it the JEE mains, any medical examination, or AILET 2016 Exam, the mind betrays us

Or if you can somehow control your brain not to do so, you still have many best friends on Facebook and twitter who are all eager to ping you on the networks and thus whatever your study plans for that day might be, are gone.

So, I just thought "as a responsible citizen of the country" , It's my duty to compile this post, featuring some Apps that would help you concentrate and focus better during your exam times, and this boost your overall performance.

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So that's what I'm covering in this piece today, these apps are bound to boost your concentration, or putting it differently, atleast reduce the distraction to the minimum.

1. Solve me to Shut me Up

I do understand how it feels if your alarm clock starts ringing when you're enjoying your dreams, I've been through it's  harsh treatment too.

Now, it's easy for you, me or just about anybody in the world to just click the "snooze" button, and it shuts up . Now that's exactly not why the snooze button was made for. You keep hitting the snooze button everytime it rings and you'll wake up at around 11 in the morning.

So, there's this cool app called Maths Alarm Clock  .
The point is that you've to solve a real maths question, in order to stop the alarm. Now this has a lot of benefits.
Maths alarm clock

The first one ofcourse is that, the Math will wake you up faster than any cup of coffee ever can. Additionally, solving a math equation the first thing in the morning is probably the best brain exercise ( or Cognitive Training as Wikipedia calls it ) you'll ever have to do.

2. I need pictures !

Well, if you're one of my kind of humans, maybe a math problem might not be enough to wake you up in the morning.
So well here's something more advanced.
This app demands that you actually wake up, and take a picture of something that you've set before sleeping, it can be anything like your laptop, bathroom or just anything. Only then the alarm goes off ! Now that's just bound to wake you up!
alarmy app playstore

3. Self control:-

Remember that social media best friends I was talking about? Well, Self Control just makes things easier for you.
You can block certain websites, for a specific amount of time. During that time frame you just can't access the websites no matter what. So now, no matter who pings you or what your brain wants to do, you just don't have any other option, except concentrating on your books !
self control app


The above apps are a real productivity boosters, but maybe we shouldn't reply on machines as much as we do.
Although humans have advanced pretty much by now, but still I'd say it's much better if you can just control you mind and desires, and concentrate on your studies without needing to use any of the above apps.
But I know it's not as easy as I'm making it sound, so you're free to use them, it's your choice anyway!


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