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120+ Advance web 2.0 sites list

Hello friends, We are ready with a new article of best search engine optimization. We have compiled 100+ Web 2.0 websites and blog list for better link building. Create backlinks wisely with good anchor tags and see the true power of backlinks seo. This list consists of more than 50 blogs for blog commenting.     What are Web 2.0 Sites?      Its a 2nd generation of world wide web in which new features are added like online web apps that can run on web browsers, social networking sites, wikis, blogs etc. The term 2.0 comes from software fields where a new versions of Softwares are incremented by 1.  Importance Of Web 2.0 Sites In Link Building and seo.     Web 2.0 have higher number of online users that means higher engagement to websites. Web 2.0 sites are more helpful in generation of backlinks. A simple "social bookmarking site " can give you many do-follow backlinks.      Blogs with high PageRank can increase your PageRank with great extents. That's why it