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How Startup Expo gives mileage to Student entrepreneurs

Hello bloggers. Today I wish to share my experience of the Startup Expo held at the Epicentre Gurgaon recently. The place was buzzing with so many aspiring student entrepreneurs and I learned a lot about upcoming startups. I will explain everything I learned at the Startup Expo in this article to help you build your startup idea. At the Startup Expo event, many young minds shared their dreams with investors and bloggers like us and it was such an uplifting feeling. Out of all the sessions, the one that caught the eye was the student entrepreneurs section. It was about a bunch of young inspiring student entrepreneurs who marvelled all with their confidence and were willing to help others by sharing their experiences. Some experiences shared at the event are as under: 1. Renewable energy by Aeolus consultancy group This startup is really great and I would love to put them in the first position just because they are supporting our environment. The idea behind this star