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Top 100 forum sites list in india

     Forums are the best way of generating quality backlinks and to make a online business successful. In India we should have quality backlinks from Indian forums to get Indian business, that's why I decided to create a list of 100+ do-follow forum sites which are based in India and have high Page Rank and domain authority. These sites have 90% of Indian traffic, so it is easy to target Indian traffic for free.       We also have list of forums which are USA and UK based. In this post I created a list in 4 parts, 1st part consist of SEO related forums, 2nd contains forums of webmaster, 3rd is of gaming type forums and 4th is for chatting and discussion forums. I hope you will get appropriate forum for developing your business and niche. Feel free to comment below if these sites helps you. Related: Social Bookmarking Sites List Without Registration Dofollow social bookmarking sites list Dofollow Photo Sharing Sites 100 Top Indian Classified sites 55+ list of SEO rela

Review of TopNotepad - Cloud invoicing, accounting and CRM solution for freelancers and SMBs

Hi guys, here I am giving you the review of best online cloud invoicing, accounting and CRM software for freelancers and SMBs. In this review I will tell you why you should use TopNotepad for your Invoicing, Accounting, and CRM need. Here in this review I will explain Best features of TopNotepad software. I am also giving you the review about user interface and usability of TopNotepad, So that you can easily understand how cool is the user interface of TopNotepad is. I will also tell you why TopNotepad is best as compared to & Best Features of this software:  1. Invoicing & Billing The first feature of TopNotepad i would like to share is, Invoicing and Billing. When you logged in to your account, you will find an Invoices Manager section under which you will find all the below options for invoice management. Products Clients Estimates & quotations Invoices Payments Unpaid Invoices Refunds Invoice Dashboard The

How to Add Custom Robots Header Meta Tags and custom robots.txt blogger to Blogger

In the continuation to Blogger's blog seo we are here with two more seo tips that may increase your seo score and will index your website faster. These 2 techniques are Custom Robots header tags and Custom robots.txt . Using both these features in efficient way will give you a boost in search rankings otherwise it will completely destroy your blog's search rankings. So please don't use these techniques unless you know what are you doing.  Custom robots header tags are disabled by default in blogger and enabling this will be beneficial from SEO perspectives. These robot headers tells Web crawlers how your site is crawled and what to index and what to leave as it is. By default it is set to all and indexed all of your pages like archive ,  homepage and search pages.  In our Blogger's homepage we have recent articles and their short summary. For Web crawlers it's a sign of duplicate content as it is also present in your pages. So it becomes necessary to use c

53 dofollow photo sharing sites

I already posted many lists for better link building but I never share the method of link building with the help for photo sharing sites.       In this article I will give your list of popular and best website for image sharing. You can get links of high PageRank just by sharing your links with your photos . Also note that these photo sharing sites will give you many dofollow backlinks, it means you will get seo benefits as well as traffic from these backlinks.        You can share photos in JPG, GIF, PNG, and other available file formats. So its better if you create an account with below sites . Related : 100 Forum posting sites list india 100 Search engine directories list Best content sharing sites list Best Business Lo cal Listing Sites 100 Top indian Classified sites List of dofollow photo/image sharing websites for seo  : Page Rank  9 Page Rank 8 jalbum

15 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

     If you have a website then you can easily become affiliate earner by joining top affiliate ad programs from India , USA , Australia and Japan . Below I give a list of sites which are top rated and most popular in bloggers and website developers. You can find variety of online articles on this topic like top 10 and top 100 but I did some research and find these 15 working programs which are perfect to be in this list. Also in many articles we have google affiliate program in top 3 position but you know Google officially close their Affiliate Network because they want to focus on Adsense and AdWord Programs. So, please check the review of below sites which gives affiliate programs and select one which is best suited to your niche, this is the only tip I can give you right now. Read: How to Increase Adsense CTR rates Top 15 largest affiliate advertising programs sites 1. is India's rank 1 shopping website available till now . And this is t

How to make Blogger template Responsive & mobile friendly

How to make blogger template responsive      You are thinking How are Responsive Layouts Designed. For me it's very simple to design responsive blogger template. In fact every template can be changed into responsive template. The only thing you need to know is HTML and CSS. If you know both,  then it will be very easy to make your template responsive. Every template can be made responsive in just 2 simple ways which are:  1. Meta viewport. 2. @media queries.        Normally browsers opens Web Pages in desktop view. It is OK to view Webpages in desktop but when you open your Web Pages in mobiles or low resolution screens, It becomes very hard to read and click on links.      You have to zoom every time you want to read a portion of Webpage. To overcome this situation we need to help our browser in detecting device-width which is done with metaview ports.      Meta viewport helps in detecting device width for the browsers. Now the next step is to add media queries . In

How to backup BlogSpot blog (Blogger Site) & Template in easy way

     Friends, today I will tell you How to create a backup copy of your blogger blog in easy way with few clicks. This backup copy will help you in restoring your blog articles & templates or to migrate in other platform like WordPress. You can download entire blog's copy in XML format including posts and comments.        This all magic is possible in blogger with handy Import & Export feature of blogger. This export feature you can download a complete backup of your blogger blog and in any case if you accidentally delete your blog articles then you can easily restore all the deleted blog posts. One of the major reason why people dislike blogger is because Google can delete your blog for violating their terms & policies. If in any case your blog is deleted by Google then you can migrate your blog content to other platforms easily. So make a habit of downloading your blog once in a week. To access this setting you need to follow some below steps . Step 1: v

How CMOs can leverage Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing?

What is Artificial Intelligence? In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computers in which a computer programmer adds human like decision making power into a program. This is done by adding situations in the programs with solutions and the ability to learn by experiences. A Natural Language Processing is needed to Make Expert System Interactive with User. How CMOs can leverage Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing? This can be done very easily with proper planning and better research of marketing needs and technologies. In this post, i am giving you 5 areas where Artificial Intelligence is successfully installed in B2B marketing by Big Companies. 1. Programmatic advertising Programmatic advertising is very popular since Google is using it on their platform. Now its already a big Business in online marketing and Advertising. This Type of advertising is done by automation of ad planning, buying or selling, optimization of ad size and format, so that it be

Review on Jabong Coupons from CouponRovers

     Today, Everyone loves to do shopping online just because of the better price as compared to local shops. But still everyone wants more and more discount so that he/she can save more. We Indians love discounts as much as possible. This is the reason we usually spent a few hours in search of coupons but due to the fact that there are thousands of Coupon sites that are claiming to give you coupons and deals but a majority of sites have outdated coupons or fake ones.       Now a question will come in your mind that how to find real working coupons? Ultimately, it becomes very difficult to find a working coupon for your online shopping. But still it is possible to get some for your shopping.      Now you will ask me how to save more on online shopping. And I will recommend you one website which is my all time favorite.      A research says that there are 65% peoples who are willing to try a product which is recommended by an old user. That's the reason I am here

How to Start a Self Hosted Blog in 15 Minutes

Nowadays, there are lots of Successful Bloggers in India and they are earning a very good sum of money. This is one of the reasons, many students are choosing blogging as a profession just like me. Here in this article I will help you in starting your blog which is a first step towards your successful career.      Blogging needs good writing skill, lots of hard work and a complete research before writing on any topic. Add images to keep the interest of your visitors.      So guys what are you waiting for? Start your blogging journey today. Follow below tutorial and enjoy your blogging journey.    To make this tutorial simple, I have divided it in 5 easy steps. Check out all steps and sub-steps below. Don't miss a single line. Every line has much importance here. The Five Steps to launching a blog  Register a domain name  Get a Webhost  Install latest WordPress  Get an eye catchy theme  Log in and start blogging Let's elaborate all these 5 points in depth be

GetResponse Review: The Best marketing Software for Any Business

Businesses have seen a rapid boom over the years. All thanks to technology and globalization. Online marketing has come as a hope for many businesses. A large percentage of world population is using the internet. This is the reason why most of the businesses are going online these days. Email marketing has become a popular activity over the internet. Businesses are using email marketing tools to expand their reach to larger audience around the globe. Not only email marketing tools, but several landing page creators available online has also helped the businesses to attract more clients. GetResponse is the Email marketing/ Landing Page Creator software which has been involved in branding activities of most of the businesses. A lot of exaggerating features are offered by GetResponse to its clients. The appealing templates added with the responsiveness and drag & drop functionality makes it really simple for the users to edit templates and create email newsletters. The tool is ef