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How CMOs can leverage Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing?

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computers in which a computer programmer adds human like decision making power into a program. This is done by adding situations in the programs with solutions and the ability to learn by experiences. A Natural Language Processing is needed to Make Expert System Interactive with User.

How CMOs can leverage Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing?

This can be done very easily with proper planning and better research of marketing needs and technologies. In this post, i am giving you 5 areas where Artificial Intelligence is successfully installed in B2B marketing by Big Companies.

1. Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is very popular since Google is using it on their platform. Now its already a big Business in online marketing and Advertising. This Type of advertising is done by automation of ad planning, buying or selling, optimization of ad size and format, so that it becomes easier for advertisers to target specific audiences and demographics.
     Nowadays it is used for online advertising(Display ads, and Text ads), and social media campaigns. This Programmatic advertising finds optimized time and ad for a marketing campaign to make it 100% efficient. This approach is also used by TV channels to show high paying ads at the time of highest number of audience. According to a recent survey, it's clear that 50% of online display ads are bought programmatically in the US.
The biggest example of this approach is Google Ad Exchange. This Ad exchange Platform is an Artificial Intelligence platform which is known for its efficiency while doing ad campaigns for a client. They care about 100% success rates without wasting a single penny of the advertiser.
     This Ad exchange platform automatically sets the cost of display ads in an efficient way which is very hard for a human to do. The benefit of this platform is its simple concept, efficiency, full automation and better customer targeting for increased sales.

So we can say that Programmatic approach is widely used by big companies and the same can be used in B2B marketing by CMOs.

2. Content production

In above approach, it is clear that AI can generate Optimizes Ads and Optimized targeting for increasing the sale. Now it's clearer than AI can take decisions and do a process automatically without human involvement.
So, it should not be a new thing if a say that AI can create content like articles, ads, summary, and NEWS. AI is very helpful and Successful in generating reports to analyze a Business Performance.
AI can be used as virtual authors for writing automatic Press releases and News Contents to Balance sheets of a company.
Gartner predicts that by 2018, 20% of business content will be authored by machines.
Associated Press ( is already using an Artificial Intelligence system to produce many of  their financial stories in seconds.
  If you still have doubts in auto content generation bots, then check it here  and see at the end this is written “This story was generated by Automated Insights".

How cool is this right?
 The performance of this AI But is too much higher. It can create 2000 articles per seconds for companies like AP, Yahoo, and Samsung.
So, AI with Content Production skills can also help in B2B marketing. It can show Ad Campaign summaries, performance, weak and strong points of marketing strategy and a high level report.

3. Insight from data

As we know data is king in online or offline marketing and without data, we can't prepare our marketing strategies. As we have big data generated from various sources of a business, we can generate an insight to improve our strengths. But doing this without An expert System, it will take years to get a single bug free report. And in many cases the complexity of data is beyond human understandings. In this case, we use application of AI to generate insight from Raw data.
This insight will help CMOs in their marketing campaigns.
lets take an example of a Google Street View project, where people have the task of capturing street photographs and tagging addresses of the buildings. It will take years if humans will do it manually, but thanks to Google AI power, it was possible to complete above task in France in less than 1 hour. This type of technique is very accurate and are free from human errors.
AI can generate insight from big data within minutes for you.
One Example of this technique is here. We all know how big is the database of Google Analytics and there are too many views and custom channels are there. So, it becomes hard to analyze the data from Google Analytics. Here comes the Narrative Science’s Quill, that will show you professional reports in an easy and understandable way.

SO, AI can be easily used in getting Insight from big data to make future strategies and to set goals.

4. Social Media Influencer Marketing by CrescendoSPeak

CrescendoSPeak is a social media marketing company which is known for doing viral campaigns. They have a special AI bot which will find the right time of doing social media campaigns. So that it can reach to the huge number of online people easily.
 The idea behind this startup is promoting a campaign as a social cause. I did some basic research about their work and found that they were able to touch around a million lives with their campaign! Suppose you have 200 followers on Facebook and at CrescendoSPeak you have 10 friends who have 200 friends each. So, logically you have 200* 10+200= 2200 friends. When you start your campaign, the CrescendoSPeak will automatically post on all your social profiles including your friends' profiles. In this way this AI tool will post your marketing ad to all connected social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, etc. You should try this service because it's 100% free right now.

In B2B marketing this tool can give you above 100% efficiency in your marketing campaign. Your single ad will become viral and you will start getting huge business.

5. New product launches

Companies are coming with new marketing techniques, some are coming with smart technologies like LG smart fridge. But if we talk about marketing, we can get help from AI in new product launches.
However, much perfect product is developed by brand, however much detail is prepared and explanations are provided by them, there will be many customers who will still ask questions.
This shows the curiosity of customers about the product. And through AI we can provide them a personal guide for that product.
For Example, Recently you all have heard about a new tech named iGenius which is an ad campaign developed by BMW to increase the popularity of the very first electric car.
This way they are able to seek the attentions of other companies about their AI tech. iGenius have experience based and evaluation based learning capacities and it can memories previous questions to give meaningful answers for upcoming questions. They can handle queries very fast and are able to collect huge data for their knowledge database. The Company will use asked questions to improve their upcoming products.
So we can say an Artificial Intelligence Expert System can launch and market new products easily and companies are widely using this to grow their revenue.

6. New customer experiences

A computer can give you answers for the questions you have asked, but do you know it have limitations?
Yes, check out below questions.
USER: Who sings WHY NOT ME?
USER: How old is he?

So here, AI is well needed to overcome this type of limitations. Now brands are developing this type of AI to enhance Customer experience. 
 They are giving virtual assistants to customers so that customers can easily understand new product and its scope with new functionalities.
Let's take examples of 2 Big companies who are using virtual assistants to enhance customer experience.


Google was working with voice search for past few years, now they have their own virtual assistant which is GOOGLE NOW. But at this time this is very data hungry to provide much improved results.
A user need to say OK GOOGLE and it will automatically start Google Now voice search. Now ask your question and get answers within few seconds.


Apple, the brilliant smartphone maker has its very own personal assistant, which is Siri and is now fully optimized to serve you even in more better way. However, it requires an internet connection, but it's not data hungry as Google Now is.
It's capable of doing almost every electronic task like showing you pictures, playing songs, setting up the timer, answers to your questions etc.
At this time this tech is only available for Apple Devices making an apple product more valuable in the market.
So we can say that introducing AI in your devices and make your product more valuable and it will do product marketing without investing more in ad campaigns. In B2B marketing CMOs can implement this type of AI tech to make their product unique.

Hope you guys have understand the need of artificial intelligence in B2B Marketing.
Comment, if you have more ideas about leveraging AI in B2B marketing.


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