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How to Start a Self Hosted Blog in 15 Minutes

Nowadays, there are lots of Successful Bloggers in India and they are earning a very good sum of money. This is one of the reasons, many students are choosing blogging as a profession just like me. Here in this article I will help you in starting your blog which is a first step towards your successful career.
     Blogging needs good writing skill, lots of hard work and a complete research before writing on any topic. Add images to keep the interest of your visitors.

     So guys what are you waiting for? Start your blogging journey today. Follow below tutorial and enjoy your blogging journey.

 Blogging As A Career

 To make this tutorial simple, I have divided it in 5 easy steps. Check out all steps and sub-steps below. Don't miss a single line. Every line has much importance here.

The Five Steps to launching a blog

  1.  Register a domain name
  2.  Get a Webhost
  3.  Install latest WordPress
  4.  Get an eye catchy theme
  5.  Log in and start blogging
Let's elaborate all these 5 points in depth below.

How to Register a domain name for your website.

Bluehost Domain Name Registration

     The very first step to start a business is you need to register a name on it. Same here, we need to register a domain name for your blog.
     To get a domain name like infiblogger.com you have to select a domain name provider.
It is highly recommended to purchase a domain name from a Web host because it will become easier to map your domain to your website. However, you will get a free domain with some Web hosting packages which is not free in other Web hosting companies.

Note: if you have an already purchased domain name you have to point the name servers to the Web host. To do this you can get help from Bluehost customer support.

How to Get a reliable Web host.

     First of all, to access your website it should be live 24* 7 so that everyone can access it anytime. To do so, we need a space on the server to save our websites and make it live so that our visitors can view it easily. So basically a Web host is a service provider which gives you hosting space on his server where your website will be stored and become live for all users. However to provide this service they will charge you some money. The charges can be from 0$ to 100$ per month depending on your host and you need.
     As there are thousands of Web host providers available in the market out of which some may give you free storage with some restrictions. I will recommend you about not using free hosting if you want to do blogging seriously. Free hosting are never reliable and your host will not give you high up-time and bandwidth.

So, to select a reliable Web host you need to do a little comparison of top Web hosting providers.

There are 7 comparison points that are very important to select a Web host. I am explaining every point here so that you will understand It's a little bit better

The major comparison points are below.

1. Disk space: it is the total space you are paying for. Just like a pen drive you purchase to store movies and documents. You can't store 9gb data on an 8gb pen drive. Similarly, for your website you need some disk space. There are many companies which are giving you unlimited disk space while some will give you only a few GB of storage. So you should try to get more disk space and prefer an unlimited disk space package.

2. Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the total exchange of bytes from your server to your website visitors. It's like buying an Internet pack of 1 GB for 1 a month and after crossing this limit your data pack will be expired. Same is in our case, if you have 10gb bandwidth and if your visitors are viewing your website regularly you will consume lots of bandwidth daily. It may increase your cost and you will be always worrying about your bandwidth limits. So it's my suggestion to select an unlimited bandwidth package for tension free blogging.

3. Up time: up-time is the time for which your website is available to your visitors. As there are lots of technical errors your website will become offline for a few minutes. If your website becomes offline, you will lose your precious visitors and revenue too. So, it's my suggestion to buy a Web hosting package which offers you 100% up-time or closer to 100%.

4. Security: There is a huge community of black hat hackers who always try to hack websites or their private data. If your Web host is not secure you will lose both your privacy and your website. So if you lose your website you will also lose your hard work.

5. Price: price is a biggest factor while comparing web hosts. Some will give you good hosting at 5$ and some will charge you 100$. But why should pay more when you are getting reliable Web hosting at cheaper prices? Also high charge Web hosting will reduce your profit earned from your blog. So sometimes your expenses may become higher than you're earning and nobody will try to earn in this way.
     Also, you should compare SignUp price of Web host and the renewal price. Some may offer you 5$ per month Web hosting for a year and after one year they may charge you above 50$ per month. In this case you will try to move your website from one host to another which is not recommended for serious bloggers.

6. Customer Support & community: every Web host may have some technical or support issue. You should choose a Web host which has good customer support as well as have a big active community. A community is very helpful if you want a solution without going for customer support.

7. Server location: geographical locations can impact your blog rankings. A blog hosted on a USA server will give you more preference of USA visitors and your server will work faster in the USA. Similarly, if you are in India and your target audience is from India, you need to have a server located in India. It will make your website faster and you will receive lots of visitors from India.

Here after comparing may top Web hosts, I will recommend you Bluehost as your Web Hosting provider. If you are living in India, you can get web hosting at Rs 249 per month only. You will get Indian servers for faster performance, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts. So you are getting premium Web hosting which is pocket friendly. So what are you waiting for? Order now and get one of the best Web hosting providers with 24* 7 customer support.

How to quickly Install WordPress.     

 Cool, now you have land for your business, you have a name for your business, now you need a building for your business where your processes will be done. It means, to start a blog, you need a blogging software. Here I will recommend WordPress which is most popular and number one blogging platform for professional bloggers.
     If you are a Bluehost customer, you need to click on one click WordPress installation button.
It will save your precious time in setting up your blog.

How to Get a theme for your WordPress blog.

       For blogs we have both free as well as paid themes.You can make your blog beautiful and eye catchy with premium WordPress themes.
     To get started with free theme I recommend Twenty Sixteen a simple and elegant theme.

Wordpress Themes Free

     Now, you have a building for your business and you want to give it a premium and eye catchy look what will you do? You will hire an interior decorator right?

How to Log in & start blogging.

Now your business is fully set up. You need to work hard if you want to run it for longer time. Do blogging seriously. Don't think about money, just blog as a hobby and you will start getting lots of visitors and advertisers.
To log in to your WordPress dashboard you have to open a URL yourDomain.com/wp-admin.
After successful login you have to click on "Posts" on the left hand side, then click on "Add New to write a new blog article.

Now guys, welcome to blogging community, happy blogging journey. If any time you feel any difficulty in your blogging journey you can ask me here. I will always help you in making you a professional blogger.


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