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7 Blogger Template Edits to make your blog more seo friendly. Remove post atom, wrench icon, blogger Attribution gadget and navbar .

    We knows blogger templates are lighter and easier to customize. We all have seen how beautiful are bloggers blog but still there are some useless codes present in Blogger's template. To make your blog faster to load , we need to make it more and more lighter by eliminating those parts which are not necessary in blogs like bloggers wrench button ,  powered by blogger Attribution widget, subscribe to post atom and navbar . Deleting these elements from your blog will make your template lighter and the calls to resources will become less. As a website owner you should focus on its speed because a majority of people's closes websites taking more than 3 seconds to load. So it becomes necessary to reduce your page load time. You can check your page load time at for free. Today you will learn how to remove unnecessary codes from your blogger template.  Bonus tip:   Compress your your entire blogger template with / and

How to Add AdSense below the Blogger Post Title or anywhere inside blogspot blogs

Today i will help you in increasing your Adsense CTR and CPC with right placement of ads in Below Titles and Above comment section. These 2 places are known for higher CTR. You will also learn how to Add Adsense widget to your blog. This is a complete tutorial for implementing ads on your blog. Like Wordpress Blogs we don't have Plugins to do this work at one click but we have this useful guide for doing same on blogspot blogs. How to put Adsense on blogger Blog using Adsense widget. Step 1. Log in to your Dashboard. Step 2. Click on Layout. Step 3. Now your Blog's layout will open. find appropriate location for your Adsense ad.  Step 4. Click on "ADD A GADGET" button in your layout. Step 5.  Now a new popup will open just like below image. Now click on Adsense to add adsense widget. Step 6. Now select the format and color settings for your ads. For higher performance choose only recommended ad units. step 7. Save changes and see y