Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Jio Free Call Quality Review

     Hello friends, Today I am going to share my experience about the Reliance Jio preview offer. We all know that since last 3 weeks Jio has been Everywhere and everyone is talking about Jio and their preview offer. So, today i decided to share my story of becoming a reliance Jio's loyal customer.

     Two, weeks ago, I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy note 4 for my dad. We tried to convince the Retailer for giving us discount on the mobile but he refused to give us any discount. He told me that this device is coming with the Reliance Jio preview offer and i will get everything for free. I can enjoy free calls, free SMS and free 4G data without paying a single rupee. I was thinking that this is just an offer and possibly it will have hidden terms and conditions. Because my past experience shows that these types of offers coming to smartphones were always full of terms and conditions.

     So, i bought the phone and my dad started using it. But after 3 days one of my friends who usually use the 2G internet to save money was streaming full HD movie on YouTube. I was totally shocked, thinking that i wasted my 3 days thinking that the offer was just a marketing gimmick. He told me that he is using This preview offer since first day of launch and then I use his Lyf smartphone and found that everything is superb.

     After that i ran back to my home and started searching the SIM. Then i did google search to know how to activate it. I found that it's so easy to activate your Jio Preview offer.

What i Did is.

1. Collected one copy of my Address proof and 2 photographs.
2. Then I visited the nearest, Reliance Jio Care and submitted all the required documents.
3. After that they checked my smartphone because at that time, this preview offer was available only with few partners.
4. Now after verification I became a reliance Jio customer. 

     So, it was a very easy task to get my sim activated.

     After that, my life became superfast, the 4G was giving superb performance. No issue at all.

     One problem i found was there in call connectivity. As reliance Jio was offering Free calls to any network, few operators were blocking calls from Jio but within hours, with the help of TRAI everything was back to normal again. This happened because other operators was loosing their customers because of free calls.

     And later on everybody came to know that few operators were blocking reliance jio and after few minutes, #DigitalIndia started trending on twitter saying that we don't want to go in analog India.
People started asking TRAI to take unbiased decision for this cheap tactic of rivals.

     So, its my question to other operators, What wrong they did if they are offering free calls. We all are happy with the offer. I as a student and can't afford voice calls so, usually have to talk on whatsapp or through Text messages. But Reliance Jio has changed my life, With their free calls, i Can do studies with my friends over call. I can chat without thinking about my Balance. No need to ask my dad to refill my account balance. I am a student and i am enjoying this Preview offer. Reliance jio is like whatsapp, fully free without a single term and condition.

     The voice quality is superb HD and you will experience the true benefit of VoLte network. Jio is the first and largest network in India to provide VoLte network. The call connectivity is instant and there is no call drop or noise problem in signal even with 1 signal bar, there are no such issues. while with other operators, we usually faced interference, call drops and signal fluctuations.

     Thanks Jio for changing my life, now I am calling my distant friends everyday without any reason and just because of you, our relations are becoming stronger day by day.

     I know that, the day is not far when people will forgot about miss calls.


Reliance Jio is changing our lives with their revolutionary products. As a student this free calling feature is the best gift for me. I usually clear my doubts in Accounts with my class friends over voice call. It like my Free WhatsApp for me.


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