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Apple really stole features of new competitor LYF

     Guys, Apple iPhone 7 is finally here. Apple introduced many new features and improvements in this most awaited smartphone.  Everybody is thinking that this one is a revolutionary iPhone, but Is it so? No this is not a revolutionary product. We all were waiting for many months just because apple is known to provide unique and revolutionary features like 3D touch and reply from notifications. But i don't know why they stole some features of LYF smartphones.     LYF earth 1 which was launched publicly this year have all features of this iPhone 7. Lets compare the features of both smartphones. LYF Earth 1: Specifications Display 5.50-inch Processor 1.5GHz Front Camera 5-megapixel Resolution 1080x1920 pixels RAM 3GB OS Android 5.1.1 Storage 32GB Rear Camera 13-megapixel Battery capacity 3500mAh IPhone 7 : Specifications Display 4.70-inch Processor Quad Core Front Camera 7-megapixel Resolution 750 x 1334 pixels RAM 2G

10 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

      Bloggers write their articles with both research and hard work but some lazy peoples are always there to copy contents because of their greed for money . That is why most of blogger and website owners use DMCA protection to secure their contents but still they didn't know who copied their content and that's the reason why their hard work and research gone waste . Today with the help of this post , I will provide you 10 online plagiarism checker tools and software that are widely used by website/blog owners from all over the world. These tools and software uses google and Bing to find duplicate contents because google and Bing have largest database from other search engines. Use below software that are freely downloadable and get plagiarism percentage as well. Read:  10 Top backlinks checker tools 1. Turnitin     Turnitin provides one place for all type of users .FOR STUDENTS WriteCheck is available , FOR PUBLISHERS & RESEARCHERS iThenticate is available ,  FOR

Importance of Domain Age and Tools for checking domain age

 Want to start a new business with old domains to get SEO benefits , ranks, and traffic ? Then you can get idea about buying old domains after reading this post . If you want to find aged domains or check domains ages , you can go to last section of this page to get 7 top website for checking bulk/single domain age. These website will tell your age along with expiry of your domain. Before writing this post, I was searching for domain age checker script , so, that I can install it on my website but still I didn't find any script for it . If you have java/PHP script of finding domain age you can comment below with your website link. Read:  Best Domain name suggestion tools Is Domain Age Important SEO factor for Google search Rankings?      In part few years , people used to believe that domain age is one of the 200 factors of google's search algorithms . It is not clear whether domain age is important in terms of seo or its just a number for knowing how old your websit

Airtel's Free 3 Months 4g data pack exposed

     Hello guys, In this article you will find that how big companies like Airtel is doing misleading advertisements to make customers fool. This dirty marketing gimmick is now exposed.  So, what is this all about?      Airtel has announced a new data pack in which all customers will get free 4G data for 90 days in order to give direct competition to Reliance Jio welcome offer. This data pack is available for prepaid users only. This is very sad that there is no such offer for postpaid customers. When I check this Free data plan of Airtel, I found that new users can get Free 4G data for 3 months only when they do a recharge of 1494 and for old customers its 1495. You can see that the free is not actually free and you can see that Airtel is giving a whooping 1 Rupee discount to new customers. This plan is now available to Delhi/NCR customers. So, Delhi/NCR peoples Are you ready to enjoy Unlimited FREE 4G data.?        I wonder that they are advertising Free data Pack, which is not

Best Free Online Classifieds Web Sites List for Ad Posting [Worldwide]

     Today, we are giving you worldwide list of free and best classified websites for ad posting services. Here worldwide widely means India, USA, UK, Australia, Europe, UAE, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Russia .      As these countries have high market value, you will find every business in these countries. So how will you promote yourself in high competitive marketplace? The answer is simple, just go through the below classified website list and start posting your business ads like services you provide and products you sell.       If you have country specific business, then try to post ads on country specific classified sites. Otherwise stick to these sites and start posting ads to get worldwide increase in sales and services. What is the need for classified sites ? Classified sites have many benefits, however the most important are two, which is seo and brand popularity. Seo : when you start posting your ads, you need to add a link to your website. When y

Truth about IMEI lock in Jio SIM and other Rumors

     Hello friends, today I am writing this article to clarify some rumors about Reliance Jio. We all know that Reliance Jio services are revolutionary and reliance wants to make 10 crore customers in 1 year. Reliance Jio is offering high speed 4G internet and free voice calls, that's why competitors are spreading new rumors every week. These competitors have fear that they will loose their money laundering business and customers. We all are aware of fake 4G speeds of Airtel, IDEA and Vodafone. You can watch ZEE NEWS report on 4G Internet Speed Scam on YouTube. Now these companies are spending more by creating false information against Reliance Jio. Must Read: Jio Call Quality Review. Rumor 1. Once you purchase & insert the Jio SIM, your mobile will be locked for Jio only and no other SIM will work on your phone. Truth:     We all are living in 21st Century right?. we all are aware of Rules and Regulations made for telecom operators by government. So, How can it be

Top 100+100 free classified sites in india

    Here is a  free list of Indian classified sites which are highly active with lots of users. You can post ads free of cost and get dofollow backlinks also for your sites. Classified sites are easiest way of getting popular v.i.a free ads. You can promote your new brand easily and the good thing is you will not pay anything for your ads.       Suppose, you post ads in below 100 classified sites, then surely you will get 10 visits per day per ad for free. It means you will get 1000 unique visits from these classified sites and it will also boost your Alexa rankings. It also recommend to use classified sites with high Page-rank and descent domain authority because when you post ad you will get a backlink from them which helps you in SEO purposes.      Related posts: 100 Forum posting sites list india Social Bookmarking Sites List Without Registration Dofollow social bookmarking sites list Dofollow Photo Sharing Sites Free business listing sites in India. List Updated on 30 May 2020

45 Pr 9,8,7,6,5 Auto Approve Article Directories

       In order To do perfect SEO optimization, the first step is to be listed in high PageRank directories . So here we are giving you PageRank 9 to 5 directories . These directories are auto approve and you can submit your website in appropriate categories.      Generally your listing will approve immediately when you submit. Here in this post, I give only high PageRank directories which offers article submission also,so you can get backlinks from high PageRank directories for free. I omitted PageRank 4,3,2,1,0 directories because of no use in SEO. The list below is sufficient in gaining authority backlinks from authority sites. List of 45 high PageRank article directory submission PageRank 9 PageRank 8 http://www.feedup.infox PageRank 7

TOP 30 SMO sites LIST

     SMO stands for social media optimization and sites used for SMO are known as SMO sites. Here in this post I am giving you free and top 30 SMO sites list for 2015. I already  gave a review on best and top 10 social media sites for best optimization. These sites are free and you don't need to pay anything for using it.   30 smo sites 2020/2021 1. : The best social media optimization site with millions of active users. You can get high quality traffic and no follow backlinks from Facebook. 2: Twitter - The best social media site for professionals, you can share your messages publicly with 140 character limit. Its a good way of getting pr 10 backlink. 3. Digg : It is a social bookmarking site and currently very popular in social media optimization field. 4. Stumble - It is the best collection of cool websites and hence it is best social bookmarking website for new users. 5. LinkedIn - IT is a social network for corporate world and job seekers. 6.

Mypoolin is the coolest app to share money with friends in a social manner

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss a problem that usually comes in between money and our friends. If we have friends, we will go out with them. We may watch movies or dine in at the restaurant together. There may be a chance that you are going to pay your friend's bill. In case you paid for your friend and he forgot to return your money or maybe your friend does not want to return your money, then what will you do? Though many of us are frank enough to ask, when you are going to return my money back or rich enough to forget the due. But some of us who are not rich and also feel shy while asking money to return from our friends.  We don't want to lose our money and we also don't want to break  friendship with them just for money, What we can do in this situation? don't know? This problem introduces to help you in solving all these problems.  So today in this article I will write how easy, fast and social it becomes to plan an event with your f

What is Reliance Jio's Point of Interconnection Issue

Hello Friends, today i am going to explain you about  Reliance Jio's Point of Interconnection Issue in full detail.      Reliance Jio is currently testing their network, So they are giving free calls and data to their test users. According to the latest stats, they have 1.5 million test users, including Lyf and Samsung Smartphone users. These users are getting unlimited Data, Calls and SMS for 3 months as a Jio preview offer. But now they are facing call connectivity issue again and the same was mentioned in my last review ( " Jio Free Call Review ").      Please note that, The Reliance Jio to Jio calls are fast and are of Good Quality and International Roaming calls are also good but the problem is with only other operators.     According to Reliance Jio, there are about 1.8 Crore daily failed calls. This is all because of inadequate Point of interconnection. As per Industry norms,  to support 22 Million subscribers, there is a need of  12500 Interconnection Po

Jio Free Call Quality Review

     Hello friends, Today I am going to share my experience about the Reliance Jio preview offer. We all know that since last 3 weeks Jio has been Everywhere and everyone is talking about Jio and their preview offer. So, today i decided to share my story of becoming a reliance Jio's loyal customer.      Two, weeks ago, I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy note 4 for my dad. We tried to convince the Retailer for giving us discount on the mobile but he refused to give us any discount. He told me that this device is coming with the Reliance Jio preview offer and i will get everything for free. I can enjoy free calls, free SMS and free 4G data without paying a single rupee. I was thinking that this is just an offer and possibly it will have hidden terms and conditions. Because my past experience shows that these types of offers coming to smartphones were always full of terms and conditions.      So, i bought the phone and my dad started using it. But after 3 days one of my friends w