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Apple really stole features of new competitor LYF

     Guys, Apple iPhone 7 is finally here. Apple introduced many new features and improvements in this most awaited smartphone.  Everybody is thinking that this one is a revolutionary iPhone, but Is it so? No this is not a revolutionary product. We all were waiting for many months just because apple is known to provide unique and revolutionary features like 3D touch and reply from notifications. But i don't know why they stole some features of LYF smartphones.

    LYF earth 1 which was launched publicly this year have all features of this iPhone 7. Lets compare the features of both smartphones.

LYF Earth 1: Specifications





Front Camera



1080x1920 pixels




Android 5.1.1



Rear Camera


Battery capacity


IPhone 7 : Specifications




Quad Core

Front Camera



750 x 1334 pixels




iOS 10.0.1, upgradable to iOS 10.0.2


32/128/256 GB

Rear Camera

12 MP

Battery capacity

Non-removable Li-Ion 1960 mAh battery

So guys, you can see LYF earth 1 have better specifications as compared with iPhone 7. The only good thing about iPhone 7 is their highly optimized IOS but we all know Android 7 is the biggest competitor of IOS.

Let's come on the point. We are here to tell you some stolen features in iPhone 7. Lets check them below.

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Apple stole features of LYF earth 1

This time there is no revolutionary feature of IOS which is revolutionary and unique. This time Apple uses features that are already available in LYF Earth 1. Strange guys, but it's true. so lets discuss some stolen features we found in iPhone 7.

1. Dual Rear Cameras

Apple lovers are feeling proud to see dual rear camera in Iphone7 but do they know LYF earth 1 users was enjoying this feature since January? HA HA HA, of course they will come to know after reading this article.

Apple is using two 12MP sensors : One for telephoto photography & the other for standard. Although they shoot descent pictures and those dual camera work together to make an illusion of optical zoom. But do we really need dual camera features? Yes, we need to have In-depth photography.

This time I am not impressed with Apple iPhone 7 because same thing we can do with LYF earth 1 and that is available since 9 months. So why we wait for iPhone 7? Still Don't know.

2. "Bokeh” effect (background blur)

Bokeh effect is a special type of effect in which the background of the image will become blurred, giving a beautiful look in your image. This Bokeh effect is already available in LYF earth 1 since January and now Apple is highlighting this feature and Apple lovers are thinking this is a revolutionary product. Let me tell you guys, Google already implemented this feature in google camera app so, everybody can have this feature just by installing Google Camera.

Is it really revolutionary feature guys?

3. Stereo Speakers

Do you think stereo speakers is a new concept? This is a very old feature and many top smartphone manufacturers are giving us Dual Speaker feature. We all know Motorola, HTC and nexus are already giving us stereo speakers.So, guys how can you say iPhone 7 is a revolutionary product?

Comparison Between LYF earth And IPhone 7


The Apple iPhone is a smaller 4.7 inch smartphone while LYF earth 1 is a 5.50-inch one. Nowadays everybody loves bigger screen so that they can watch movies and play games.


The Apple is equipped with a Quad core processor while LYF earth is equipped with 1.5GHz octa core processor. LYF can complete your tasks easily with 4 extra cores.

Front Camera

iPhone 7 have a 7 megapixel camera and we all are aware of picture quality of iPhones, but we also know that LYF earth 1 is able to click descent pictures with 5-megapixel front camera.


Again, we are missing a full HD resolution in our iPhone 7, don't Know why apple is not giving us High resolution devices. Here LYF earth comes with Full HD 1080x1920 pixels resolution for superior display quality.


Here apple is available with 2GB ram while 9 month old LYF earth is running on 3GB RAM. The bigger the RAM the better will be the performance.


Apple vs Android no comparison here. As LYF earth is running on 5.1.1, iPhone 7 is a winner here.


iPhone 7 is available in 32/128/256 GB storage option while LYF earth is coming with only 32GB storage. We can't extend the storage on iPhones but we have option to increase the storage via otg and micro SD card in LYF earth 1.

Rear Camera

Here Apple is using the 12 megapixel dual camera while LYF smartphone users are happy with 13-megapixel dual camera.

Battery capacity

Here the battery is almost double in LYF earth 1 which is 3500mAh while apple is happy with 1960 mah battery.


The competition in this smartphone market is huge and the major features of iPhone 7 are already present in this market since few years. This time Apple made me sad by stealing features from LYF earth smartphone. Apple is giving water resistant while few year back SONY XPERIA Z gave us complete waterproofing. Now i will not wonder if iPhone 8 will give us feature of underwater photography. A budget segment smartphone LYF is giving huge competition to this Iphone, then how you can say Apple iPhone 7 is revolutionary.. But i can say LYF earth is Revolutionary as it is available With all features at Rs 14499 vs 60000 Rs iPhone 7.

So, guys its time to say Hello Apple, Welcome to 2015.


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