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What is Reliance Jio's Point of Interconnection Issue

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Hello Friends, today i am going to explain you about  Reliance Jio's Point of Interconnection Issue in full detail.

     Reliance Jio is currently testing their network, So they are giving free calls and data to their test users. According to the latest stats, they have 1.5 million test users, including Lyf and Samsung Smartphone users. These users are getting unlimited Data, Calls and SMS for 3 months as a Jio preview offer. But now they are facing call connectivity issue again and the same was mentioned in my last review ( " Jio Free Call Review ").
     Please note that, The Reliance Jio to Jio calls are fast and are of Good Quality and International Roaming calls are also good but the problem is with only other operators.

    According to Reliance Jio, there are about 1.8 Crore daily failed calls. This is all because of inadequate Point of interconnection. As per Industry norms,  to support 22 Million subscribers, there is a need of  12500 Interconnection Ports. The Top 3 COAI members( Airtel, Vodaphone, and Idea) are claiming that they have released adequate Interconnection Points to support 15 Million Subscribers and Reliance Jio have 2 to 3 Million users. To counter this claim Reliance Jio is claiming that only 1400 interconnection points are released so far by top 3 telecom operators.
     Due to the shortage of interconnection points, over 65% calls to these 3 top network operators are failing daily. Over the last few months, Reliance Jio is consistently asking COAI to release more interconnection points so that their testing can done completely and they can improve their services before commercial launch.

But COIA said that they have released sufficient Points of interconnection for testing their network and they will not release any more point before commercial release of Jio network. They also put the allegation that Jio is providing commercial service to 1.5 million users in the guise of testing network.

     Now COIA is also claiming that TRAI is supporting Reliance Jio. And they are going to meet PMO against TRAI.

What is the reason behind Interconnection Issue?

There are several reasons why these top 3 Telecom operators are against the new entrant Reliance Jio. Out of them, I will provide few of them below.

1.  Airtel, Vodafone and IDEA are top Operators of the Telecom Industry. They want to rule in this Industry, hence fearing that new operator will reduce their subscriber counts.

2. These top 3 Operators are regularly increasing call charges and data pack rates. It is noted that they are increasing Data pack charges in every 3 Months and decreasing validity too. But now Reliance Jio is here Offering 4G data packs cheaper than 2G packs along with Free VoLte calls. This step is making these money Hungary companies uncomfortable and that is the reason they have started decreasing their tariff rates.

3. These 3 operators are making Indian Internet Users Fool. According To ZEE NEWS DNA Report, it is clear that 4G is giving speed much lower than 3G speed and 3G is few percent faster than 2G. And the average speed of these 3 operators is 2.5Mbps which is too below than claimed speed.
     Now Jio is here in the market and they are giving 60 to 80 Mbps download speed which is 30 times faster than other operators. This is one more reason why Airtel is thinking that their market is in trouble.

4. We all are aware of poor network and call drop issue. We usually blame our network provider, but no one filed a case against them. They are charging us money for the whole minute (Pay Per Minute Tariff) but who is the culprit for this call drop? should we pay for that call? No? but almost all users never asked for a refund of their money.
     Now Jio is here to provide full HD calls without call drop issue. Even at 1 signal bar, the quality loss is close to 0%. You can ask a Jio user about the call quality.
5. All the 3 Top Operators are known for spending our money for Advertisement but they never invested this money for Infrastructure development which is leading to poor signal in our country. While Reliance Jio is spending More on their Infrastructure development and less on Advertisement.

What do we Want?

We want India to become a fully Digitized country. Want to get same network quality in every part of our country. We want High Speed Internet at affordable rates.
But what we are getting is just opposite of this. It is time to Reunite against these Telecom companies which are just spending money on advertisement.

One thing i want to share is my experience about Airtel's dirty tricks. You can ask your friends about experiencing the same. I have used Airtel since my first smartphone, but since last 3 years I have been using Reliance for 3G internet. During the last 3 years, many of my friends complained that my number is showing not reachable. So, is show them that my number is in reach by calling on their number, and what happened is , the call got connected immediately. This is the reason i will never buy Airtel's connection in future because they are playing this dirty game with competitors. Now if anybody asks me, that my number is showing Switch off or not reachable then i have only one answer and that is you are an Airtel's customer and the answer is always YES.


Reliance Jio is testing their network and all the allegations made by Airtel, Vodafone and Idea are wrong. The reason for this is given above. Jio wants to make India a fully digitized nation and we should support them if we don't want Analog India. TRAI is with Jio and that is why these  3 operators are against TRAI too.
Last Thing I want to tell you is, Reliance following all the rules and regulations and they are paying money for every call gets connected Through the Interconnection Points under Interconnection Usage Charges. So, logically and legally Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Does not have any reason to block Jio Services. They should release all Interconnection Points so that reliance can continue their test phase and we can enjoy their commercial service.

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