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JioFi Review: Best Portable 4G Pocket WiFi Router & Hotspot in India

     Hi friends, today I am giving you a complete review of the JioFi portable Hotspot device. 3 Days back, I gifted this WiFi device to my younger brother as a Diwali gift. So, after 3 days, I am here to give you a complete review of this device. This device will let you do many things which you can't do on your smartphones. Lets read some details about it. What is JioFi? JioFi is a portable broadband device through which you can create a WiFi hotspot to use internet on many devices. Where can I buy a JioFi device? JioFi device is available at all Reliance Digital stores and Dx Mini Stores. What is the cost of the JioFi device? The cost of this device is Rs.1999/- Tech Specifications: No. of Devices supported: Recommended 10 (Wi-Fi) + 1 (USB tethering) Rated Capacity: 2300mAh Standard Compliance : WAN: LTE (2300/1800/850MHz) & WLAN: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Power supply: AC 100~240V; DC: 5V&1A External Interfaces: Micro - USB port

No Blackout Days On Reliance Jio

     Hi guys, today, I am going to discuss on some Issues reliance is facing. We all know from the first day of Reliance Jio, Rival operators are doing politics. They don't want to let Jio come in. As Reliance Jio is offering free calls for lifetime, Other Operators are not releasing Point of Interconnect. Due to the shortage of interconnections, Reliance Jio is facing 60 to 70% call drop issue. Jio is now crossed 24 Million subscriber count, which is a world record in making this much of customers in a short span of time. The reason why other telecom operators are getting nightmares is because Jio want to make 100 Million customers in 1 year of commercial launch.      Many times TRAI told Airtel, Vodafone, and IDEA to release optimal points of interconnect but they are not doing this. You can read more about Point of Interconnection issue here: Reliance Jio Issue of interconnection Points .      Now, after lots of warnings, TRAI is charging 50 crore per service area. TRAI foun

Payoneer the Best Option for Receiving Money Globally for Indians

     Hello friends, today i am writing an article for you which, will save you 71% charge on receiving international Payments. We as bloggers have clients from all over the world and they pay us through online payment services like Payoneer and PayPal or through wire transfer. But the problem is the extra charges you have to pay for every transaction done by you and the time delay for successful transactions.     After reading this article, you will save more on receiving payments from your international clients. No need to pay charges when you receive money and get it transferred directly to your local bank. So this review will help mainly Online freelancers and SMEs.        So guys, read, think and select the most suitable way of receiving money in your account and save more of  your International/global/foreign payment.  Payoneer       It is an online platform which allows you to send or receive international money quickly, simply and at reduced cost. Payoneer was fo

Reasons for Jio 4G Speeds being slow

     Hello friends, Do you know Reliance Jio now have 20 Million customers? Yes, it's true and party time for all of us because most of our friends and relatives are now Jio users. Jio is a PAN India company and they are providing their services in all 22 telecom circles. Jio also made a world record by making 20 million customers in a short span of time. Do you know handling 20 million customers is not so easy and also when your network is completely free. Everybody is using their service to extreme limits. Still Jio is giving better service to its customers.      Yesterday, TRAI announced that Reliance Jio 4G is slowest internet service provider in India and their rank is 5th according to their analytic. Before clearing this misconception, let's check the report from TRAI. Some key points from TRAI website on 4G speeds. Reliance Jio is 5th fastest 4G internet service provider and average speed is 6.2 Mbps. In Delhi, Ranking is 3rd but the average speed is 5.9Mbps.  I

Jio Voice is for Lifetime, now fully Approved by TRAI

     Friends, We All are using Reliance Jio since a long time and we all knows that other telecom operators are trying to defame Jio by spreading rumors. Few days back, I had cleared most of the myths related to Reliance Jio.       Read here: The Reliance jio 4G perception myth vs Reality explained      Now, we heard some more rumors and that is the reason I am writing this post. So, let's first check what are those rumors. 1. Reliance Jio Calls are not free for lifetime. 2. Reliance Jio welcome offer is going to expire on 3rd December.      The above two statements are totally myths. Do not trust on rumors without confirming with official sources. Let's prove the above statements as rumor/myth. Truth about Reliance Jio  Unlimited free calls for lifetime.      Nowadays, some peoples are spreading false news that Reliance Jio calls are only free during Jio Welcome Offer. You have to pay for calls after the welcome offer expires.     Do you think it is true guys?,

High PageRank pdf sharing sites List

     One of the most effective way of link building is, submitting PDF and other documents to document sharing sites or you can say PDF sharing sites. PDF are files that contains your tutorial and other materials that you write on your blog and make them available to read offline.       When we talk about seo with PDF sharing sites, we add links to our website in description of documents on PDF sharing sites. To get instant sharing you can also use apps for PDF and documents sharing sites, which means you can easily publish your documents to any sites with their app and without need of any software or script.       Here in this article we have 50+ file sharing websites for free to publish your docs easily on the go. So use PDF sharing sites list wisely for your seo purposes.   Related: 100 Forum posting sites list India 100 Search engine directories list Best content sharing sites list Best Business Local Listing Sites 100 Top Indian Classified sites PageRank 9 PDF sharin

The Reliance Jio Perception: Myth vs Reality Explained

      Reliance Jio, the most famous and trendy name since last 6 months is a VoLTE Network of India. Jio is providing its 4G services without 2G/3G network and became first 100% VoLTE telecom operator having service in all 22 Telecom Circles in India. Reliance Jio is a Pan India network, it means you will get their network and service all over the India. Reliance Jio was founded in 2007 and since 2007 they were expanding their network to each and every part of the country.      On December 27 2015, The birth anniversary of late Dhirubhai Ambani, Reliance Jio launched their network for beta testing. The beta test service was made available to all reliance Jio employees and partners. Later on 5 September 2016, Reliance Jio was successfully launched and its service became available for commercial use.      The visionary Mr. Mukesh Ambani launched Reliance Jio with the vision of providing best and affordable service to each and every citizen of India. Recently Reliance Jio made a W

Free classified sites list in Australia

      Classified sites are great way of increasing online reputation, trust, backlinks, PageRank, direct traffic, and brand awareness. Classified sites are also helps us in targeting a specific country or a location.      In this article we have 59 websites from Australia for free classified ad posting. These sites will increase your brand presence in Australia . For business owners in Australia, these sites are of great importance. When you post a ad in these sites, you have to pay a little fee to them, however some of them accept trial ad posting for a month and some have completely free ad posting services.      After posting ad, your ad will go under verification phase, after successful verification, your ad will published at the site. When you have working do follow classified site ad , you will also have a backlink to your site which will increase your website's do-follow backlinks count and you will get high search engine ranking in Australia .        This will grow your a

Reliance Jio Welcome Offer To iPhone 7 Users

    Guys, Reliance Jio again won one more battle today with the launch of New Welcome Offer specially for Apple iPhone 7 users. They are giving everything for free till December 2017. This offer is applicable on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE. This welcome offer is worth 20k and Reliance Jio is offering it for free. How cool is it right.      In this welcome offer for Apple users, Reliance Jio is giving 20GB 4G per month, unlimited 4G data at night, 40GB of WiFi data, Unlimited Voice Calls, Unlimited Roaming, 30 minutes of ISD calls per month, Unlimited SMS, All Jio Apps Subscription for free till 31st December 2017. This is the best offer you can go for. As it is totally free, i can say that this is the Diwali gift by Reliance Jio to Apple customers.      You can buy these Apple smartphones from authorized Apple stores or from Reliance Retail to get a reliance Jio SIM and this welcome offer. At this time eve

7 Great Ways to Increase click through rate in adsense

     Adsense  is the best and most reliable ad network for professional bloggers and website owners as a source of their permanent online income. Bloggers/Website owners place adsense ads on their sites and their visitors clicks on their ads.      Adsense gives you 68% share of earnings generated from that click and hold remaining 32% share as their commission. For a successful online earner from adsense you must know about two terms 1. CPC for ads 2. CTR for ads.      These 2 terms makes huge difference in adsense earnings. Professional bloggers generally tries and some of them manage to increase their CPC i.e cost per click while newbies in this field focus on increasing their CTR rates because they think increasing CTR will give you more money then increasing CPC. But the real truth is a good CPC with good CTR rate will generate more income than others. Read: How to get Huge Traffic from Reddit What is CTR – Click Through Rate?      Click through rate means number of clicks on a

High PageRank UK , USA Classified Sites List

     Yesterday my friend ask me about USA, UK and Australian classified sites as he want to target these website to grow his online business of eCommerce website. Then I decide to write about an all in one post that is sufficient for you to target developed countries.       This article consists of best free classified sites from USA, UK and Australia. Some of them needs to register just to prevent spam ads and some doesn't require to register to post free ads. In my experience every other person want to post free classified ads without doing registration i.e no account is needed.  To bloggers, when Adsense is their primary source of earning then traffic from  USA, UK, Australia and other developed countries is necessary to earn decent money. Also, classified sites can give you dofollow backlinks which is necessary to increase site's domain authority, PageRank and organic traffic. Please note: this is new classified sites list and submission of ads is free on all these sites