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Jio Voice is for Lifetime, now fully Approved by TRAI

     Friends, We All are using Reliance Jio since a long time and we all knows that other telecom operators are trying to defame Jio by spreading rumors. Few days back, I had cleared most of the myths related to Reliance Jio.

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     Now, we heard some more rumors and that is the reason I am writing this post. So, let's first check what are those rumors.

1. Reliance Jio Calls are not free for lifetime.
2. Reliance Jio welcome offer is going to expire on 3rd December.

     The above two statements are totally myths. Do not trust on rumors without confirming with official sources. Let's prove the above statements as rumor/myth.

Truth about Reliance Jio  Unlimited free calls for lifetime.

     Nowadays, some peoples are spreading false news that Reliance Jio calls are only free during Jio Welcome Offer. You have to pay for calls after the welcome offer expires.
    Do you think it is true guys?, No it's not true.
Last month, Mukesh Ambani told everybody that Free Voice call is one of the feature of Reliance Jio. He clearly told everybody that they are not going to charge you money for voice calls as Free Voice is  the consumer's right. 

     The rival operators including Airtel, Vodafone, and IDEA approached TRAI and asked to regulate Free voice call feature of Jio. They told that providing free calls are against rules and regulations of TRAI. They tried everything against this Free call service of Jio but the Good news is TRAI gives clean chit to Jio and approves their Free Call as a feature. 

     So, Guys, it is clear that Jio voice calls are free for lifetime, which is now approved by TRAI.

Truth about Reliance Jio Welcome Offer expiring on 3rd December.

       This is again a false news that is being spread by Media Sites. The reason behind this is, TRAI sends a notification that no company has been allowed to offer Welcome Offer for more than 90 days. According to this statement, the reliance Jio welcome should  expire on 3rd December. So, all media sites started promoting this news as Jio have 2 Crore customers and this News have a large number of organic viewers. 

     Do you know, this is a incomplete truth. These media sites didn't ask Reliance Jio before posting this news which is not good. Their one false article gives huge damage to the company. After heraing this news, Reliance Jio clarifies that their welcome offer is valid till 31st of December as per their promise. Reliance Jio added, In accordance to Trai Rules and regulations, new customers can enjoy Jio welcome offer till 3rd December. 

     So guys, existing customers can still use Jio services for free till 31st December. Don't get trapped in rumors and always confirm with officials before spreading false news. 

     Do you know after all clarifications made by Jio officials, News sites updated their content, but they are still using old headings as click bait. This is the reason I hate these TRP lover media. 


     We all come across various rumors and to know the truth behind it, we usually visit the news sites. But in this case, Media sites are spreading false information without confirming with officials. So, is there any way to confirm the truthfulness of rumors? Yes, just approach the officials and clarify all your doubts instantly. In this article we found that Reliance Jio calls are free for lifetime and Reliance Jio welcome offer is valid till 31st December as promised by Jio.


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