No Blackout Days On Reliance Jio

     Hi guys, today, I am going to discuss on some Issues reliance is facing. We all know from the first day of Reliance Jio, Rival operators are doing politics. They don't want to let Jio come in. As Reliance Jio is offering free calls for lifetime, Other Operators are not releasing Point of Interconnect. Due to the shortage of interconnections, Reliance Jio is facing 60 to 70% call drop issue. Jio is now crossed 24 Million subscriber count, which is a world record in making this much of customers in a short span of time. The reason why other telecom operators are getting nightmares is because Jio want to make 100 Million customers in 1 year of commercial launch.

     Many times TRAI told Airtel, Vodafone, and IDEA to release optimal points of interconnect but they are not doing this. You can read more about Point of Interconnection issue here: Reliance Jio Issue of interconnection Points.

     Now, after lots of warnings, TRAI is charging 50 crore per service area. TRAI found only one area where Point Of Interconnects are above 0.5% of allowable limit and that is Jammu & Kashmir. So, Airtel and Vodafone need to pay a fine of 50 * 21 = 1050 Crore each while IDEA has to pay  for 19 circles only that is 950 Crore.

The three giants, Airtel, Vodafone and IDEA are money hungry companies. They don't want to give cheaper services to their customers and that is why opposing Jio in every key area.

No Blackout Days On Reliance Jio

Guys do you know on blackout days our tariff, free calls and free SMS are not eligible? We all are paying money to get free calls, SMS and cheaper call rates, but these 3 Giants are again cheating us with blackout days reason.
They always make festive days as blackout and on those days your tariff, free calls and SMS are waste. You have to pay for calls and SMS, no matter how much free calls and SMS you have. I seriously hate this money laundering scheme and recently I found that there is No Blackout day on Reliance Jio.

    Jio is committed to what they have committed before and that is Free Voice Calls for Lifetime. They are not going to charge extra on blackout days. So, if you are using Jio this is a big news for you. Now enjoy festivals without thinking about call and SMS charges. So, I can say, Again Jio is making Relationship better and closer with 0 Blackout days. In addition to this they have announced the new year offer clearly thinking about the benefits of the customer.

Final Thoughts

     To get a call connected, a company has to pay 14 paisa per minute to the other operator. For example, if Jio customer is calling an Airtel customer, Reliance Jio will pay 14 paisa per second. This is also known as a little fee to use another operator's resource.
     Now the problem here is, Reliance Jio is giving charges to other operators, but still they are not releasing point of Interconnect.
     Due to the reason Reliance Jio is unable to Test their network properly. However, TRAI is charging fine for this license violation, but I don't have a single Percent faith on these cheap companies.

     TRAI should give the last warning stating that we can cancel your Telecom License if you continue violating license agreements.
     Reliance Jio want to give us free services, but other operators don't want to lose their money laundering business.
     Do you know guys, Reliance Jio is still making profit by giving everything free to us. There are lots of ways to earn money.
     Airtel is earning US $ 800 million from their subscribers which is a huge amount and we all know the reason behind it.
So guys, ask your friends to join Jio because Jio to Jio calls are superb. No call drop issue and HD voice calls are feature of VoLte calling.