Friday, 21 October 2016

Reasons for Jio 4G Speeds being slow

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     Hello friends, Do you know Reliance Jio now have 20 Million customers? Yes, it's true and party time for all of us because most of our friends and relatives are now Jio users. Jio is a PAN India company and they are providing their services in all 22 telecom circles. Jio also made a world record by making 20 million customers in a short span of time. Do you know handling 20 million customers is not so easy and also when your network is completely free. Everybody is using their service to extreme limits. Still Jio is giving better service to its customers.

     Yesterday, TRAI announced that Reliance Jio 4G is slowest internet service provider in India and their rank is 5th according to their analytic. Before clearing this misconception, let's check the report from TRAI.

Some key points from TRAI website on 4G speeds.

  1. Reliance Jio is 5th fastest 4G internet service provider and average speed is 6.2 Mbps.
  2. In Delhi, Ranking is 3rd but the average speed is 5.9Mbps. 
  3. In Mumbai, Ranking is 2nd and average speed is 10.7Mbps.
  4. In Karnataka, Ranking is not in top 5 but the average speed is 7.5Mbps.

Is Reliance Jio 4G really slower than other networks? 

     Before clearing the reason why TRAI is showing this analytic i would like to ask you some question.
  1. Is Jio charging you money for their services?
  2. Is Jio imposing any limits on their services?
  3. 20 million Customers using every service for free is a small thing?

     Just think and you will get answers to these questions and after that you will never go to complain anything about Jio.

     Jio is a new telecom operator and they are trying everything to provide you their best free service.

     So guys, TRAI analytic is right or wrong? it's right, but the reason behind this is very simple.
When a user normally checks and report internet speed using TRAI application? the answer is, normally a user reports internet speed when they are not getting good speed. That's the reason Jio ranking is down in TRAI report.

Why people are getting slower Internet Speed?

     According to Jio, their customers are using 40 to 50 times more data than average usage, it clearly means that they are consuming data equal to 40-50 customers. Now Reliance Jio have 20 Millon customers and if you are going to multiply 50*20 Million it's 1000 Million customers. SO guys Jio users are consuming data which is equal to 1000 Million customers.

      Having a network with 1000 Million customers and still giving 5 to 10Mbps speed is the best part of Reliance Jio. Now I can say that, their network testing is complete.

     Recently, Reliance Jio announced that to provide the best service to every customer they are now imposing 4Gb daily FUP limit and after consuming you will get 256Kbps speed which is 4 times higher than the Airtel speed after FUP.

     Now, most of the customers are not aware of 4Gb data capping and after consuming 4GB their speed goes down to 256Kbps which is the reason why TRAI is showing Reliance as a slow internet provider. As I already told you that people only report internet speed when they are getting slow speeds, hence it is not good to say Jio is slowest network.

     Also, guys after 24 Hours your internet speed, will go normal. So, try to check your speed when you have your daily data limit.

     After talking to a Jio official, he told me one thing which i want to explain here.
Let us suppose that I am a Car owner. We know that after some KM we have to visit a service center for proper service. Same is the case of Jio, users are complaining about internet speed and Jio is ready to make their spectrum more powerful. One step they had already taken which is the 4GB daily data limit. 

Reliance Jio Beats China Mobile to be number 1 in Data consumption in the world.

     So far Jio was claiming that their users are using 40 to 50 times more data than national average. Now a Report says that Jio is the world biggest data consumption network. On an average 1 reliance Jio user is using 1GB per day, so 16Million customers are using 16000 TB data. The Data consumption is more than this number as reliance have above 20 million subscribers.

The data Consumption rank is below.
  1. Reliance Jio - 16000 TB
  2. Chine Mobile - 12600 TB
  3. Vodafone Global - 6000 TB
     If we sum up data consumption of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, The Reliance Jio will still consume 4.2 times More data. So Reliance Jio is still Father of all telecom networks.

Two new Jio Data offers

Reliance Jio is happy to announce Two New Jio Data offers which are,
  1. 25% more data for students on all plans.
  2. 1 year free data on all iPhone purchases from 5SE to 7+. 

Final thoughts

Reliance Jio is testing their 4G network at extreme levels and 4.2 times more data consumption that Airtel+Voda+Idea shows they are best network provider in India. After a commercial launch, Nobody will hit this much of data limits and everybody will get faster data speeds. 

The TRAI report is right, but the reason is already explained above. 

If you want to increase your Internet speed, you can download the Speedify Android app. Just download and feel the difference as Speedify selects the best server before downloading on your phone. 

Recently, Reliance Jio announced to add 1 Lakh Cr capital to Jio which is equivalent to add a NEW IDEA network in the market. This shows that Reliance Jio is committed to giving better service than others.


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