Friday, 7 October 2016

Reliance Jio Welcome Offer To iPhone 7 Users

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    Guys, Reliance Jio again won one more battle today with the launch of New Welcome Offer specially for Apple iPhone 7 users. They are giving everything for free till December 2017. This offer is applicable on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE. This welcome offer is worth 20k and Reliance Jio is offering it for free. How cool is it right.

     In this welcome offer for Apple users, Reliance Jio is giving 20GB 4G per month, unlimited 4G data at night, 40GB of WiFi data, Unlimited Voice Calls, Unlimited Roaming, 30 minutes of ISD calls per month, Unlimited SMS, All Jio Apps Subscription for free till 31st December 2017. This is the best offer you can go for. As it is totally free, i can say that this is the Diwali gift by Reliance Jio to Apple customers.

     You can buy these Apple smartphones from authorized Apple stores or from Reliance Retail to get a reliance Jio SIM and this welcome offer. At this time everybody is using Jio for free till 31st December, So, if you are going to buy an Apple Phone now then you will be able to use Everything Unlimited for next 15 Months till December 2017. With Apple + Jio you will get unlimited access to internet, voice calls and SMS. So for next 15 months, you don't need to recharge your phone, you don't need to check your mobile balance. You will be enjoying the true internet speed and unlimited data on reliance Jio.

    With this offer and iPhone you can do video calling using Apple FaceTime in Full HD & Live Full HD YouTube Streaming, You can do HD voice calls over VoLte network, you can also watch 300+ Live TV channels. So, definitely we can say that this is truly attractive offer at 100% discount.

     Reliance Jio is not alone in this market to attract iPhone users. Bharti AirTel is also giving Offers on iPhones but they are charging 19978 Rs more for 1 Year of slow Internet, Low quality Voice calls and 100 SMS per month.  The Rival Reliance Jio again won a Price war and proved that these old companies are just here to eat our hard earned money. Bharti AitTel is still unable to give a competition after asking for 19978 Rs. They are only offering 10GB data per month which is very very low. They are offering just 100 SMS only in direct competition of Unlimited SMS on Jio. They are unable to offer free ISD calls and Free Apps subscriptions.

Comparison  between AirTel & Jio offer on iPhone

Airtel: 79978 Rs
Jio: 60000

Get iPhone 7 with Jio and save 19978 Rs.


Airtel: 12 Months after connection activation.
Jio: 15 months till 31st December 2017.

Get Jio with iPhone 7 and enjoy offers of extra 3 months.

Voice calls:
Airtel: Unlimited for 12 months.
Jio: Unlimited for Lifetime.

Get Jio with iPhone and enjoy Full HD voice calls over voLte network.

Airtel: Unlimited.
Jio: Unlimited.

 It's a tie.

ISD calling:
Airtel: No free ISD calls.
Jio: 30 ISD calls per month.

Get Jio with iPhone 7 and enjoy 30 minutes of free ISD calls per month.

Airtel: only 100 SMS are free per month.
Jio: SMS are unlimited.

Get Jio with Iphone 7 and chat with friends over SMS for free.

Free APPS Subscription:
Airtel: No App subscription is available.
Jio: Get all Reliance Jio media apps for free till 2017.

Get Jio with iPhone to enjoy reliance Jio's premium apps for free.


     It's clear from the above comparison that Jio is best choice if you are going to buy an Apple iPhone 7. You will save 19978 Rs if you are going to purchase an iPhone with Jio. If we remove the prices and only compare the plan then it's again clear that Airtel is now giving much but still promoting their offer very hard. Last, Jio is giving this welcome offer to all iPhone launched after iPhone SE while Airtel is only offering this offer to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Users.
     So, Guys its your choice, whether to pay 19978 Rs more for a waste plan or to buy an iPhone with Jio and save 19978Rs.


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