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The Reliance Jio Perception: Myth vs Reality Explained

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      Reliance Jio, the most famous and trendy name since last 6 months is a VoLTE Network of India. Jio is providing its 4G services without 2G/3G network and became first 100% VoLTE telecom operator having service in all 22 Telecom Circles in India. Reliance Jio is a Pan India network, it means you will get their network and service all over the India. Reliance Jio was founded in 2007 and since 2007 they were expanding their network to each and every part of the country.

     On December 27 2015, The birth anniversary of late Dhirubhai Ambani, Reliance Jio launched their network for beta testing. The beta test service was made available to all reliance Jio employees and partners. Later on 5 September 2016, Reliance Jio was successfully launched and its service became available for commercial use.

     The visionary Mr. Mukesh Ambani launched Reliance Jio with the vision of providing best and affordable service to each and every citizen of India. Recently Reliance Jio made a World Record of making 16 Million customers in just 26 days. Now they are very close to 2 Crore customers, which is a very big milestone set by a new telecom entrant.

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     In India, before Jio we all were watching hike in data pack rates and reduction in speed of 3G every month or two. The 3G plans were very costly when Airtel launched it first. It was 300 Rs for 300 MB but later on Reliance came with revolutionary a 1Gb 3G pack at 123 Rs. But now companies are charging 200 to 300 per GB internet usage and reducing validity and Internet speed. Not a single company thinks about our need, they don't want us to be digitized. Because of them, we are way behind other countries in data unit consumption and free voice calls. But now a miracle happened and Jio came in the telecom market and start giving nightmares since their very first day.

     Jio made us kind and helpful. We just forgot what is a miss call and how to check data /account balance. Jio users are offering hotspot to their friends and neighbors. As reliance said that they have 16 million customers, we are saying they have 2 times more users. The reason behind is using Jio network as HotSpot. This made Jio feel proud and successful and other operators are feeling like starting phase of getting bankrupt.

The Jio Perception: Myth vs Reality

     Reliance Jio with the vision of making 10 crore customers are fully set to take the advantage of the strength of the users with their ways to penetrate deep inside this telecom market.  Reliance Jio is giving free voice calls assuring communication lines will remain open and free.

      During the beta testing phase, the initial customers were getting very high speed closer to 80 Mbps as compared to 1-2 Mbps of other networks. Research shows that customers have short term memory and they forgot that earlier they were paying for 1-2 Mbps speed. After the commercial launched Reliance Jio reduced the internet speed just to manage huge number of subscribers, but people started complaining about speed cap. Oh come on guys, you are still getting 10 times faster internet speed without paying a single buck. You all started defaming Jio for speed and forgot that you were downloading movies daily on your phone for free. Don't you know it's mobile internet and not a broadband service, but still you are complaining about the service which you are getting for free.

     For Jio all customers are equal, that is why they reduced the upper limit of internet speed so that your downloads would not cut speed of others.
According to Ookla, that is website which is famous for accurate internet speed reports that the Jio's internet speed decreased 23% month-over-month from 11.31 Mbps to 8.77 Mbps. Do you know guys Jio have 16 million customers and as data is free everybody is consuming 40 to 50 times more data as compared to their requirements. And those who are complaining about speed please buy 1GB 3G/4G from other operators at Rs 300 with a speed of 1-2Mbps and then compare free Jio 4G giving 8.77 mbps speed.

     Those who don't understand the reason behind reduction in speed, I would like to explain with some facts and data.

According to reliance, below are some data you need to check.

  1. During reliance preview offer, people were using 4Gb per day for a period of 6 months.
  2. Quarterly reports show that average monthly consumption is 26Gb per user per month.
  3. The average voice calls was 355 minutes per month.
As Jio voice calls are free for lifetime, let's calculate only the cost of data you are using per month. 
26GB * 300 Rs = 7800 Rs.
 26GB * 200 Rs = 5200 Rs.
     So, assuming per GB data pack lowest as 200 per GB and maximum as 300 per GB, you earned 5200Rs to 7800 Rs and still you were complaining that Jio reduced their Internet speed.

     Adding the cost of Jio voice calls and Jio apps, it is above 10k and all goes in your pocket just for being a beta tester.

     Still not convinced by above calculation, I have one more way to explain the situation.
As per data from Jio, average usage by customers has been increased 40 to 50 times more as compared to normal 600 MB of data usage considered as 1 data unit. It shows Jio is giving much more than you need and still not asking for a single penny in return.

     Let me tell you the situation with some facts. 
     Today Jio is close to 20 million customers and every user is using 40 to 50 times more data.
so the simple math is here,
20 million * 40 data units  = 800 million data units. (Eq. 1)
     # Data unit" is the average data consumption of a user on other telecom networks.

     Let's assume there are 200 million customers of Reliance Jio's competitor.
200 million * data unit = 200 million Data units (Eq. 2)
     So, from Eq. 1 and Eq. 2, Jio users are consuming 4 times more data than a network of 200 million customers. So, I believe, Jio is more capable and will provide better service as compared to others.

Affordable and Simple Tariffs

  1. No more Voice call charges – Local & STD
  2. No more roaming charges – One India
  3. No more high data rates
  4. No more high base rates and overages
  5. No more blackout days

Final Words

     In India we were getting 1 or 2 Mbps since last 3 years, Jio just increased the upper limits on internet speed. As telecom operators are giving internet access for our daily need, we know 1-2 Mbps is enough yet Jio is providing 8-10 Mbps internet speed. And Jio is a telecom operator not a broadband service provider. Be happy with what you are getting.

     It is because of Jio other companies are slashing their prices every week instead of increasing as we were watching so during the last 2 years. Jio knows customers are keys to success that is why they are giving their best to us and we know they are giving much more than what others are giving us.


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