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JioMoney: The Revolutionary Digital Wallet of India

     The whole India is now suffering from having less cash. Demonetization is seriously effecting many people. However, this step is taken to improve our economy and within few months everybody will start getting benefits from this Step. But what to do now? how to do daily shopping without cash?    India is a country where 78% of transactions are usually done in cash. This is why people prefer paying their bills in cash. But this habit of paying bills in cash leads to black money. In many cases customers do pay the full sum including all taxes, but retailers/shopkeepers hide that sale from the government to save some tax. India is such a big country and this small small savings contributed a lot in the creation of black money.      Recently Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes are banned by our Government and asked everybody to exchange their notes. Almost everybody is now fighting with black money by not accepting Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. So, how can you pay your bills of Milk, Groceries

Reliance Jio 4G SIM Doorstep Delivery Service

     As we all know Reliance Jio is now in everybody's heart because of their limitless free services. We can make unlimited calls, SMS, Can use unlimited 4G data. Because of this everybody has started using telecom service to a greater extent. Recently, a report states that Reliance Jio is crossing the 16000 trillions of data units which is 9 times higher than Airtel's data consumption. Just because of Jio's free calls and data, Rival operators are regularly slashing their prices and we all know that they can't drop their prices to FREE.      However, because of Jio, all other Telecom operators are suffering from huge losses. They tried  everything to tackle this loose but they can't compete with the new entrant Reliance Jio.      Now, after Demonetization, everybody is suffering from cash problems. Our Government is now fighting with black money holders and now this currency ban makes shortage of cash for the common man. Everybody has stood in long queues for

Jio Call Drop Rate is Improving & will Improve Fully with TRAI's New Policy.

     Hello guys, Today I am going to give you two good news. One is for Jio customers and other is for all consumers. We all are aware of point of interconnect issue which leads to call failure for Jio users. about 60 to 70% calls was dropping due to inadequate point of interconnect issues. However, TRAI support Jio openly because other operators are doing politics with Jio by not accepting calls from Jio customers. After lots of Notices by TRAI, Airtel Idea and Vodafone released some Points Of Interconnects. Due to the release of Few More POIs, the call drop ratio of Reliance Jio is now improving. This is the first good news of today and I would like to tell 2nd good news in last part of this Blog Post.      I would like to compare call failure data of last 1 Month. This data will let you know about how many customers are being affected by POI issue between telecom operators. Call Failure Details for 23 Sep 2016  Call Failure Details for 1 Oct 2016 Call Failure Details

25 High PR Trusted Ping Site List

      Ping services are used to notify search engines that your website contents are changed ,updated or modified. In order to get better search engine ranking you should ping your site every time you publish new things. There are several benefits like better search engine ranking, faster indexing, high search traffic, increase visibility etc.       As the internet world is very large, there are many sites offering free ping services to their users, while there are also some sites that gives fake ping notification through JavaScript. That's why I decide to write top and best ping sites with high PageRank and domain authority. You can see below list with PageRank from 7 to 1. Bookmark this post so that you can see this article as many time as possible. PageRank 7 ping services PageRank 6 ping services http:/

Ultimate List Of dofollow social Bookmarking sites

       Social bookmarking sites can give you dofollow backlinks if you use right one. If you got backlinks from Bookmarking sites with high PageRank and high domain authority you can surely increase your PageRank, search rankings and website organic traffic.       Last month I wrote an article about " social bookmarking sites list without registration "  now decided to write one more article about social bookmarking sites that will give you quality dofollow backlinks.       This list is advance and can't be found on other sites. Check PageRank of website and then start building link for free. Here I added only PageRank 9 to 4 social bookmarking sites because below PageRank 4 they are useless.  Related : 100 Forum posting sites list india 100 Search engine directories list Best content sharing sites li st Dofollow Photo Sharing Sites 100 Top indian Classified sites Top Best Dofollow list of bookmarking sites PageRank 8

30+ high PageRank profile linking sites

    Welcome back friends with our new post for generating backlinks of high quality from authority sites. Pr 9 backlinks are necessary for increasing site's authority and PageRank and these 2 metrics helps in getting good organic search traffic.       But the problem is that getting Pr9 backlinks is impossible for some site owners. So today, this post is written specially for new blog site owners to gain better search ranking and increasing domain authority. We will provide you list of some good websites having PageRank of 9,8,and 7 respectively.      You have to visit those sites and register for a account,then after verifying your email account you can add your profile details. All the sites have features of website homepage linking in about me section or biography section.       Search engines loves the quality and quantity of incoming links that is backlinks for providing better serp to websites. Search engines like google uses more than 200 factors for filtering website for