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Jio Call Drop Rate is Improving & will Improve Fully with TRAI's New Policy.

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     Hello guys, Today I am going to give you two good news. One is for Jio customers and other is for all consumers. We all are aware of point of interconnect issue which leads to call failure for Jio users. about 60 to 70% calls was dropping due to inadequate point of interconnect issues. However, TRAI support Jio openly because other operators are doing politics with Jio by not accepting calls from Jio customers. After lots of Notices by TRAI, Airtel Idea and Vodafone released some Points Of Interconnects. Due to the release of Few More POIs, the call drop ratio of Reliance Jio is now improving. This is the first good news of today and I would like to tell 2nd good news in last part of this Blog Post.
     I would like to compare call failure data of last 1 Month. This data will let you know about how many customers are being affected by POI issue between telecom operators.

Call Failure Details for 23 Sep 2016 

Call Failure Details for 23 Sep 2016

Call Failure Details for 1 Oct 2016

Call Failure Details for 1 oct 2016

Call Failure Details for 15 Oct 2016

Call Failure Details for 15 oct 2016

Call Failure Details for 7 Nov 2016

Call Failure Details for 15 oct 2016
     This Call Failure data shows that on 23 Sep there were about 75% call failures while on 1 Oct its about 65%. The call drop issue is rapidly improving with increase in Point of Interconnects. As we can see on 15 Oct 2016 the call drop issue is about 50% and now on 7 Nov its again slashed down to 26.67%. It means that the problem is now 73% solved which is good for Jio users. So, within next few months this problem is going to solve completely.

     Also, you can check that the call drop issue is more with Airtel followed by Vodafone and Idea. These 3 companies tried to compete with Jio by blocking calls but in actual they suffer from huge loss.

     The second good news which is for all consumers, is a new law in which for every call drop, culprit operator have to pay Re 1.  TRAI is going to implement this new rule and you can get compensation for 3 calls in one day. However, this law is still on stay because Airtel, Vodafone and Idea thinks that this law is going to improve networks, so how they are going to earn money.

What will happen if this law become a part of TRAI's Rules and Regulations? 

     First of all these operators are not focusing on solving call drop issue because for every call drop they are earning some money. If TRAI had implemented this law earlier, then there will be no call drop issue. No operator want to give compensation for call drops. If this law  become mandatory to follow then this  will be giving  1 Rs for 1 call drop. Now according to above data, call drops for  Airtel is 4.7 crore. So they need to pay 4.7 crore Rupees if this new law is passed.

     But the problem is that there are no such strict rules and that is why companies are not able to improve call failures.

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  1. JIO is no doubt a big revolution to the country, but now they needs to improve their network as well. They need to manage their network well as manager do the fine Projekt Management for their projects.


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