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Blackout Days for SMS on Bharti Airtel

     Hello guys, yesterday all Airtel customers got a beautiful new year surprise. A beautiful new year wish that will make most of us unhappy. Lets read whats that message.     What? SMS are chargeable on 31st December and 1st Jan 2017. Seriously? What Airtel is trying to prove?. Ans see the wording of this message, Nav Varsh Ke Avsar Par, AApke Airtel Pack ka koi bhi benefit maanya nahi hoga.      Why Airtel? I am paying you charges for SMS pack in advance and still you want to earn more from your regular customers?      It would be a big new year gift if you say Calls and SMS are free for new year week but in that case your tag of money hungry operator will be removed which you don't want to lose i guess.      This is a 4G era and everybody is now using internet calls and instant messengers. More than 70% mobile users are now using instant messengers like WhatsApp, Line, Wechat etc and only few percent are still using SMS for chatting with friends. Still when few peop

50 Best Global business listing sites

     Establishing an international business may be easy but if you want your business online then you need to do lot of task for better search engine rankings and website traffic. listing your new business online is very beneficial for your website's traffic and leads to high increase in sales.      International market is growing online at a huge rate that's why I create this list to increase your online business. List your online business and convert your new business into brand in few days.  Related : 100 Search engine directories list Best content sharing sites list 100 Top indian Classified sites Free top best 50 business listing sites from all over the world  ( new listing site ) http://

How to Create Categories in Blogger with Labels

      Like WordPress , Blogger's Blog doesn't support categories but still with labels , you can achieve this functionality easily . This article will guide you how to add categories in blogger with the help of labels. So , create categories in bloggers manually . For a website , or a blog , categories are the best way to increase pageviews and this also make your website user friendly . With increase in pageviews , you wil get a boost in your adsense or affiliate earnings.      The most easiest way to add categories is by renaming label widget of blogger to categories. This is not the best solution but still it will help you in making your blog a more categories blog. Read: 15 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers Steps to add categories section/widget to blogger's blog .  First of all , decide unique tag for your articles . So that you can easily distinguish between other blog articles. It will also help you in creating groups of your article pages . After addin

How to get Unlimited traffic from Reddit

     Reddit is a community where people share information with each others , website owners shares their content to gain visitors.  How many people use reddit All knows Reddit have huge daily visitors which is the reason why most of the business are attracted towards Reddit . Also Reddit have maximum visitors from USA which makes Reddit most useful if you want to drive traffic from USA . As we know Reddit gets 174,088,361 unique visitors from 186 different countries which makes more than 6,175,912,111 page views. The huge traffic helps reddit in making huge profit from advertising and with increase in this traffic , we see more competition in online businesses . Read: How to Increase Alexa rank Faster How to use reddit to drive huge referral traffic as already told , Reddit have huge number of daily visitors , every one knows hot to get huge traffic from Reddit without getting shadow ban. Want to know what is shadow ban ? Shadow ban is a special type of ban in which you will

High PR/DA Press Release Sites of India/USA/Canada/Australia

What is a Press Release or submission ?      A company or a business owner or you can say a service provider writes an article about their services, important information and offers, these information and offers are publicized by a medium of press release.      As a business owner or a service provider, you need list of press release sites or sites for submitting press release. They have high importance in business and for a organization which we learn in next section.      Press submission can be paid or free depending upon your budget. However you should go for paid press release just because of high exposure to targeted audience and dofollow press release backlinks  . Pro tip : Look for free PR sites if you have financial problems. Otherwise go for paid press release sites. Benefit of Free Press Release Submission Sites Increase website traffic, sales, conversions, of any company, brand Press release can give you a good image in market and helps you in establishing your bu

Top 50 Classifieds Website in Singapore

     Hello friends, lets target singapore's online market for our business. Today you will get a list of 50 most popular and high PageRank classified websites list for ad posting in Singapore. Ad posting helps us in getting backlinks for free and traffic as well.       Among 50 classified sites in Singapore, the last 20 are new classified sites. This list is generated in order to increase business and visitors from Singapore with a mixture of new and old sites, popular and trending sites, free and paid sites, and high quality sites. Pro tip : Start posting ads on below sites in a way given below . 5 ads on 5 sites  everyday . 10 ads on 5 sites everyday. 10 ads on 10 sites everyday . Do not post all ads in a single day. But post ads in consistent way. This way your site won't get effected by google's penalty algorithms. Related articles on classified sites : 100 Forum posting sites list india 100 Search engine directories list Best content sharing sites lis

How to Port to Reliance Jio in 3 Easy step

     Reliance Jio is the world famous telecom operator which is famous for its cheapest rates and quality service. Reliance Jio has already set record of getting 16 million subscribers in one month and 50 million customers in 83 days. Reliance Jio is the only telecom operator having transparent terms and conditions. Reliance Jio is currently on top of data consumption in a day and in a month.      All calls on Reliance Jio are free and hence there are no roaming charges for its subscribers. The Company is highlighting free calls as one of their features, hence they are completely free for lifetime. Jio 4G per GB cost is still the lowest in the market. Jio is the only Pan India 4G network provider means Jio is present in all 22 circles of India. hence full network coverage to all parts of India.      Jio is now giving MNP service, under which you can change your operator from the old operator  to Reliance Jio.      MNP allows you to transfer your number from old operators to a new

Airtel's New Infinity Plans are Biggest Fail of The Decade. Read Why?

     Hello guys, first of all, let's say thanks to Reliance Jio for making this Telecom Industry highly competitive. Before Jio, everybody was fed up of paying extra money for data packs, but now, everyone is getting cool offers from all Operators. Even broadband companies has doubled their data packs on same cost.      Recently, Airtel has launched two new Infinity plans. These two plans are highly competitive to Reliance Jio plans only for Airtel Employees. This is because, they never tell us hidden terms and conditions while advertising new plans. So guys, here I am giving you a short comparison  of Airtel's and Reliance Jio's postpaid plans. Related: Airtel Offers are always Misleading      Airtel has launched its Rs. 549 and Rs.799 offer in a bid to counter the growing popularity of Jio's Happy New Year Offer. But these two plans are like a rock in front of the Himalayas. For the first time this plan looks attractive but when you go in detail, It became on

Airtel's Offers are always Misleading and Now launching Repacked old offers

     Airtel, the name we were proud of, is now a name we don't want to listen. There are many reasons why Airtel is losing their creditably. Till now Airtel is known as most expensive telecom network and during the past few years the hike in price was tremendous. I know most of the people were using Airtel SIM just for incoming calls, but since last few years, their network connectivity becomes worst. Many times I complain about the low network coverage. Few times Airtel Network Engineers came to my house and never gave any solution except to say we are forwarding this issue to higher authorities.      I remember, during Common wealth games the call drop issue was very high. I raised many complaints and got reply that there is a big building in front of your house and that was a false reason. When I said I am going to port my number, they said we are giving you 150Rs Good Will Waiver. So, first charge extra for bad service and if a customer asks for the good service they will sta

Airtel Payments Bank and useless 1 minute talktime for 1Rs Deposit

     Airtel Payments Bank is here, which is a part of Bharti Airtel. They are here with innovation of giving 1 minute of talk-time for 1 Rupee deposit. However, many customers found that this offer is totally useless. Before explaining why it is useless, lets see what are the features of this new payment bank.      This new payments bank is a subsidiary of  famous telecom company Bharti Airtel. According to them if you deposit Rs 1 then company will give you 1 Minute of free call. However, this free call is only available for Airtel to Airtel network. So, if someone opens an account in Airtel's Payment Bank and deposit Rs 1000 for the first time, he/she will get 1000 minutes of Airtel to Airtel calls. This free minutes can be used all over India and validity for same is 30 days.      The other feature is that you will earn a whopping 7.25% interest on your saving account with Insurance worth Rs 1 Lakh per account. At this time this interest rate is higher in the market. Why

UK & USA dofollow social bookmarking sites list

     Hello friends, now we come with our new article on UK and USA bookmarking sites. I was thinking to write a post about list of USA social bookmarking sites but then I thought to add dofollow UK sites too in this list.       In this list you will find dofollow UK and USA based social bookmarking sites with and without registration you can post your backlinks easily. Here all social bookmarking sites are free to use and have high PageRank and top ranking in google search engine. Use this free list to submit your backlinks to do seo for your website and earn more and more money.      This article consists of 100 high PageRank websites from UK and USA only. Related: 100 Forum posting sites list india 100 Search engine directories list Best content sharing sites list Best Business Local Listing Sites Do follow social bookmarking sites Www.sharingit.

Reliance Jio Happy New Year with 1GB FUP till March 2017

     Recently Reliance Jio announced the much expected Happy New Year. Everybody can enjoy free data and other mobile services for free till 2017. Reliance Jio has extended Jio Welcome offer as Happy New Year Offer with slight changes. So here i am going to explain some info about the Happy New Year Offer to clear most of the doubts.       We all know that Reliance Jio just made a world record of 52 million subscribers in just 83 days and this made everybody feel proud. We can say the Happy New Year is really a great Gift fro Jio to all Jio customers. This is for the first time a company is launching customer friendly offers. What is Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer?      As we all know that the Jio welcome offer is going to expire on 31st December, so from 1st January Jio Happy New year will Automatically start. Also, all who are going to get a new Jio SIM after 4 December, can only get Happy New Year Offer. So, till 31st March you are not going to pay anything for using Jio