Reliance Jio Happy New Year with 1GB FUP till March 2017

Jio 50 million

     Recently Reliance Jio announced the much expected Happy New Year. Everybody can enjoy free data and other mobile services for free till 2017. Reliance Jio has extended Jio Welcome offer as Happy New Year Offer with slight changes. So here i am going to explain some info about the Happy New Year Offer to clear most of the doubts.

      We all know that Reliance Jio just made a world record of 52 million subscribers in just 83 days and this made everybody feel proud. We can say the Happy New Year is really a great Gift fro Jio to all Jio customers. This is for the first time a company is launching customer friendly offers.

What is Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer?

     As we all know that the Jio welcome offer is going to expire on 31st December, so from 1st January Jio Happy New year will Automatically start. Also, all who are going to get a new Jio SIM after 4 December, can only get Happy New Year Offer. So, till 31st March you are not going to pay anything for using Jio services. Everything is totally free.

How to get Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer?

     If you are an existing customer then there is no need to do anything. If you are going to get a new Jio SIM then also you don't need to do anything. Just visit Jio care and grab your SIM and you will get Happy New Year Offer as a welcome gesture. So for new customers Happy New Year will come with your new connection. This offer includes Free voice calls, SMS, and 4G Data along with all other free Jio services.

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What about calls and messages?

     Again, keep in mind guys, that Free Voice Calls is a feature of Reliance Jio. They are not going to charge you anything for voice calls in future. While with this Happy New Year Offer you can make free voice calls along with free messages.

     Please note that there is a difference between Welcome offer and Jio Happy New Year offer and that is 1GB FUP. It means you can use 1GB data daily at high speed and after 1GB speed will come down to 128kbps. In both plans, Data is unlimited. Only daily data usage limit is down from 4 to 1GB. So I would like to clear some doubts about this plan.

1. Before Jio and after Jio :

      Data Consumption is very very high for Reliance Jio. On an average 1 person uses 600 MB while reliance Jio customers was hitting above 26 GB. Earlier there was a 4GB daily FUP limit, exceeding which will reduce your internet speed to 128Kbps. Now in Jio Happy New offer, daily FUP limit is 1GB. 1 GB daily means 30 GB per month, which is more than enough for 90% of customers.

2. Rates as compared to competition :

      Before Jio Data plans were too costly, but now because of high competition, many competitors are giving some discounts. But after comparing with other operators, I found that Jio is still cheaper than other operators. This proves that Jio is only customer friendly operator. As per Jio per GB price, 30GB a month is around 1500 Rs which is Jio providing you for free while other companies are charging more than twice. Check out the below price comparison and do remember that Jio is not charging you anything.

Data Provider
30GB 4G
29GB 4G
30GB 4G
    *The above table does not include wifi data or night data provided by any of the service providers.

3. Offering of other Competitors

      The current scenario is, pay first and then get the free offer. If you are paying money, then you are not getting anything for free. For instance, 1GB costs you around 250 Rs and if company is giving you 2Gb in 250Rs it means 125Rs per GB. This is still costlier than Jio 51 Rs per GB. So guys where is free data?

      But Jio is more customer friendly, they are giving you 1GB free and if you need more data then buy at reasonable price. If 1 GB is sufficient, then enjoy free data everyday.

4. Less Congestion

      Jio is the fastest growing telecom operator. They are now having 52 million customers in just 83 days, which is record setting. Recently Mukesh Ambani mentioned that 80% of people are consuming less than 1GB daily, while only 20% users are creating congestion. So to provide high speed data to every customer, Jio is decreased the FUP limit. This step necessary to stop data hungry customers who were just spamming their network.

5. What after 1 GB

      In welcome offer, once the user exceeds the 4GB limit, the internet speed will become 128Kbps and the user have to wait for a 24 hour cycle to over. Now, after 1 GB your internet speed will come down to 128Kbps and if you want to use more data then you can buy more data. There are two top ups available which are 51 Rs offering 1 GB for a day and the other voucher 301 Rs offering 6 GB for 28 days. If you don't want to do recharge, then 128Kbps is sufficient for basic browsing and WhatsApp chatting.