Sunil Mittal said Reliance Jio's free offer is hitting the sector adversely

     Hello friends, recently  Sunil Mittal said Reliance Jio's free offer is hitting the telecom industry adversely and has created an unfair competition in the telecom market. He said this in an interview after the launch of Airtel Payment Bank. Airtel is still trying to stop Jio from successfully setting up their customer base.  They tried to stop Jio's extended offer after 3rd Dec with a 25page petition filed before TDSAT which is Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal. And we all know their every step against Jio got failed and Jio is still offering everything free which will last till 31st March.
     Today, I would like to point out some facts which you can never hear from Media. These facts will clear everything about Jio and Sunil Mittal's interview and allegations.

 1. Free means Pay us Money for Airtel

     This is natural that humans love free stuff. Everybody in this planet love free and something extra. But for Airtel 'FREE' word is trick to attract customers. For Airtel Free means Pay us and we will give you Free minutes, calls and SMS. How can you say It is free if you are charging for it?  So, since last few months most of us are very angry and usually don't give any importance to Airtel's Advertisements. Sunil Mittal said Jio's free offers are disturbing market while they are using this Free word in all of their Advertisements. Remember, what is Airtel to Airtel free calls? it means pay us money & get it for free. If you can use free stuff for your growth why not Reliance Jio?

2.  Free means 100% free for Reliance Jio

     Everybody knows that Jio is giving us everything for free and this free stuff will continue till 31st march. When a company is trying to think about consumers Airtel tries to create hurdles everyday. Airtel knows that They can't give anything for free to It's customers that is why they are trying to stop Jio and their Offers. It clearly shows that Airtel doesn't want to see us getting free stuffs and they only want us to pay more and more. Even if Jio is providing free services, it is not helping Jio earn any profit, it is only the customer who getting benefits. So what is making Airtel angry like that? Isn't is money? yes Airtel is a money Hungry company whose service is getting worst day by day.

3. Misunderstanding on Reliance and Government

     People always blame Reliance for using government for making profits and that is not always right. People also think that Jio is converting "Black Money" into white, but they don't know that Jio is  registered since 2007 and since December 2015, Reliance employees are using Jio services[ Just ask any Reliance Jio employee about this.]. So those who thinks that Jio is converting Black into white, please note that Jio is not charging you any money so how can you say they are converting it?

     While It is clear that Jio is suffering from loss because of giving everything for free and yet people are behaving like that. Airtel is also suffering because of Jio's free offers but that is not actual loss. That type of loss is like I can sell 10 Rs stuff in 100Rs but because of Jio I am selling this at 50Rs or 60Rs, so they are assuming it as a loss. Airtel's actual loss is because of Demonetization and everybody knows that demonetization affects everybody including IDEA and Vodafone.

     BAML already said in their report that Airtel has the most loyal customer base and had about 97.7% customer retention rate, so they don't need to worry about but still  they have to go after the extension offer.

4. Airtel Payment Bank

      We all know about Airtel's Payment Bank and offers you can redeem after opening an account. They gave a very high Interest rate along with free calls to acquire 100 million customer base. No one said asked Airtel, why they are giving free calls and very high Interest Rates. While Jio is trying to get 100 million customer base by giving free services, Sunil Mittal thinks that they are disturbing the telecom market. Can you tell me Mr. Sunil, if Jio is doing what then what are you doing with your payment bank?.
Also in Payment Bank, you can't get Loan, so what is the source of generating high profit, which makes you able to share 8% Interest rate. . As mush I know, there is no industry which is generating this much of the profit which makes you pay 8% interest to customers.

5. Telecom Industry is Open Market

     Yes, this industry is an open market and everybody is allowed to set their own charges for their services. Airtel is charging very high for their so called good services while Jio is offering everything for free and after a free offer period, there will be very cheaper plans available to customers. So, when everybody is allowed to set their own charges, then  why does Airtel get to decide what the minimum price should be.

6. Data Pack charges

    If you remember, Airtel was the first one who gave us 3G at a higher price which was about 100 Rs for 100 MB. After few Years, Reliance Communication got 3G network and gave us 1GB at Rs 123 which made everybody drop their prices. And, just before Jio's launch, 1GB 3G data costed about 250Rs to 300Rs and now It is about 100 Rs for 1GB. So, It clearly states that For Airtel making profit is actual competition and giving free stuff to customers is disturbing market.


  1. Jio speed is decreased while evening starts and im using only facebook and whatsapp no other downloads, so suggestion for the same?


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