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Reliance AGM Live beam on VR: First time in history

     Today, Reliance Industries chairman, Mukesh Ambani on the occasion of 40th AGM (Annual General Meeting) addressed the company’s shareholders. It is the 40th anniversary of Reliance Industries and also 40 years of glorious history & success. He also gave some amazing facts and records about Reliance Industries. The entire event was covered with VR or Virtual Reality, which made Reliance the first company in the world to do this. Yeah, we all know only Reliance can do this and when it comes to set records, Reliance is always first.      The Reliance Annual General Meeting was broadcasted live for the first time in history on VR. Any People with VR device and compatible smartphone can watch entire event. Apart from this Reliance had VR Stations setup across  its various offices so that their employees can watch live event from their offices.This step is possibly taken, so that their employees can get access to the new revolutionary tech VR.      As per Sources, there was 40,0

Top 10 + 279 Local Business listing sites of United States of America ( USA) (top citation sources)

     Today, we will target America as our traffic source. If you are from USA or your want to target American market then you are in right place. We will target USA as our online web traffic with the help of back links and business listing sites.       In this article you will get complete review of 10 best and top business listing site of USA and its neighbors. For advertising your site, you have 2 plans which are free and paid. Free will give you basic services while paid one will give you premium services and fast results.       Use these cool business directories and see the increase in your website's organic traffic. The advertising companies are world famous and are used by almost every popular website owners.       Take an example of yelp and foursquare, which are great marketplace for online advertising and are used by almost every webmaster. Almost every site in this article gives you free services for posting instantly and approve easily.      Social media sites like Fa