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OpenSignal Report: Who is the Real winner? Airtel or Jio. A Deep Case Study.

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     Open Signal is here with a new report on telecom operators and here we are going to analyze it as a customer point of view. This analysis will help us in understanding the report deeply.

     Open Signal is a company that crowd source data on carrier signal quality using their App.  The open signal app measures the network strength, data speed, reliability, etc. They then collect large scale data and then generate an accurate and bias free report. For this innovative idea, OpenSignal was named the "UK's Most Innovative Mobile Company" by UK Trade & Investment in 2013.

     Before analyzing the report, let's see some facts about the report.
  • 7,369,029,252 Measurements. 
  • 708,504 Test Devices. 
  • Jun 1 - Aug 31, 2017, Sample Period. 
  • Report Location- India. 
     According to OpenSignal report, Airtel is giving 9.15Mbps speed where IDEA and Vodafone achieves 7.4Mbps speed. For overall 4G speed data, Jio is providing 5.81 Mbps leaving Airtel behind at 5.05Mbps. For availability, Jio is available in the  95.59% area which is better than 63.6% IDEA, 61.72% Vodafone and 57.16% Airtel. These are basic stats given by Open signal and here we are going to Analyze it deeply.

4G speed comparison open signal data

4G Speed Comparison

      As per OpenSignal report, Airtel is now on top and giving 9.15Mbps speed, while Jio is giving 5.81 Mbps speed. As per their report Airtel is winning this award. However, I want to compare it with Last report generated by OpenSignal. 

     In Last report, Airtel was providing 11.53Mbps 4G speeds and Now they are down to 9.15Mbps. It is a whopping 2.38 Mbps drop in speed. While for Jio, the last time speed was 3.92 Mbps and it is now 5.81Mbps. It is a sharp increase of 1.89Mbps in 4G speed. On the other hand, IDEA dropped from 8.34 Mbps to 7.4Mbps and Vodafone dropped from 8.59Mbps to 7.45Mbps. 

     This simple past and present comparison of reports which shows that Airtel, Vodafone, and IDEA are not able to improve their network and now their 4G speed is gradually decreasing every month. There is a reason behind this, All these operators are providing heavy data to the user like 1GB/day type offers and now they are not able to handle that pressure. On the other hand Jio is still offering 1GB+ data every day and still improving their 4G speed. It clearly shows Jio Infrastructure is able to handle heavy pressure and still improving every month. 

     So, who is the winner? the one improving their 4G speed every month or the one that are not able to handle data traffic and facing a sharp drop in 4G speed. I bet in the next report of open signal, Jio will easily leave all competitors behind as results shows they are improving every day. 

Overall Speed Comparison 

      So, in overall speed comparison, Open signal declared Jio as a winner here. Jio is providing 5.81Mbps overall speed, leaving Airtel, Vodafone, IDEA behind. As per report, Airtel is on 2nd with 5.05Mbps, Vodafone is on third with 4.06Mbps and IDEA on 4th with 3.69Mbps speed. 

     So, here is the question, is having high speed is worth when your average download speed sucks? Airtel is providing 9.15Mbps download speed, but overall speed is just 5.05Mbps. Similarly, overall download speed of IDEA and Vodafone is quite lower than their Download speed.
Isn't it a quality issue? It is like having a 100Mbps internet connection providing below 10Mbps most of the time. 


     We all travel from one place to another, and also encounter many places with no network or very poor one. Here the report shows which network is available in all parts of our country. Here, Jio again broke all records by providing 95.59% 4G coverage in India. This is far better than Airtel, IDEA and Vodafone 4G coverage. IDEA is on 2nd with 63.6%, Vodafone is on Third with 61.72% and Airtel is on 4th with 57.16% 4G network coverage. SO. guys tell me, what is the benefit of having high speed internet when you can't use it most of the time? Jio 4G is almost available all the time, which means you can use high speed internet without any limitation while on the other hand you are paying for 4G network and are not getting 4G signals on your device. is it like cheating you?
     The Overall speed test clearly shows that Jio is best and stable 4G Internet provider. 

So, what makes Jio efficient and better than other operators? 

1.  Jio's LTE network availability.

     Jio 4G network coverage is 95.59%, which is nearly 1 and half times better than the nearest competitor. It ensures every user is enjoying services, he is paying for. On the other hand, people using a competitors network are paying for 4G internet but are not getting 4G coverage. The Report shows that about 40% of the time people are not using a 4G network due to the  non availability of the network. 

2. Consistency.

     Jio is providing Seamless connectivity and consistent speeds that enhance user experience. It increases overall speed which further increases user experience. On the top it provides true & Quality service and customer experience. While on the other hand, Competitors are not able to provide consistency and then they see a drop in overall speed and hence bad user experience.


     The report shows that Jio is top in providing overall 4G speed and also Jio 4G is coverage is 95.59% shows the customers are enjoying true 4G services. On the other hand, Airtel 4G download is high, but overall speed is quite low and the reason is their 4G network coverage is just 57.16%. So, the reports are clearly indicating that, on Jio the customer experience, and the overall speed is far better than all the other operators. Having 57.17% 4G coverage and 9.15Mbps is like running sports car on damaged roads full of obstacles.

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