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Top 5 Home Service App in India

     Hi guys, today I am reviewing the top 5 Home Service apps in India. My reviews are based on apps that excel in customer service, ratings, and pocket friendliness.  Home Service apps are those apps which give you the options of ordering services like Pest Controls, Plumbers, Laundry, Ac Service or Mechanic.     The best aspect of these apps is that they have active professionals who are known for their works. You can check their ratings and reviews before getting any service. They can't charge you more cost for a service while your local service provider can charge you too much for same service. So there is transparency in every service and cost. You can also set the time as well as professional for a specific service which makes it all the more customer friendly. So, let’s have a look at those apps that have made it to my list. Top 5 Home Service apps of India 1. Zimmber     Zimmber was founded by Amit Kumar, Gaurav Shrivastava and Anubhab Goel , in

List of best micro blogging sites

     Hello friends, today we are giving you review of 12 best micro blogging sites which will help you in developing your blogging career as well as your website. These sites gives you quality back links that in turn gives many seo benefits.       Use wisely and see the magic of these micro blogging platforms. These popular micro blogs can make your blog more popular. The list is specially designed to help Indians in getting targeted traffic from USA and Canada. 1. Plurk: Plurk is about 2 years old and become highly popular in USA and some parts of Asia. It have a user interface in time line format. Its great to check this site for your micro blogging career. 2. Twitter As everyone knows Twitter is most popular micro blogging platform among rich peoples and celebrities but these days this site is commonly used by website owners to get traffic to their site as well as to get backlinks from them. Twitter have a perfect PageRank of 10 and Alexa rank of 10 in the world. Twitte

How to Find the Best Smartphone for You

     Hello friends, today i am writing a review of a site where you can easily search for best smartphone within your budget. We know that comparing phones one by one is a very difficult task. We also know that we cannot buy a smartphone because it have good on paper specifications. Nowadays every company has both good as well bad points for their smartphones for eg, Moto G4 plus is a good phone for camera performance, but this is also a bitter truth that the phone heats up within seconds and you will see a performance issue. One more problem I found is a poor battery backup and Ghost Screen problem which is also known as screen dead pixel problem.      Here, with the above example, i am trying to prove that you cannot trust on paper specifications blindly. You have to do proper research before making any decision of buying a smartphone. This is because we want to use a smartphone more than a year without any issue.      So, guys, the most valuable reviews came directly from user

20 best Domain name suggestion tools

     Buying a domain is not difficult but finding right domain that will boost your business is difficult. Your domain is your key to success because keyword rich domains can get lot of search traffic from search engines.       Below  I am giving you 20 best domain name generator tools . You can use them and find your domain suggestion and also find expired domains. You can also check domain authority with my post on " best tools for checking domain age ". You can use bulk domain finder and get domain suggestion in bulk. Only few of below sites supports bulk checking of domain names. Read: Top 5 free online Plagiarism checker tools 2016 1. BustAName      This is the perfect domain finder or domain search tool. You can check domain names in bulk and select the best and keyword rich domains for your niche.  You can use word combiner and get domain name suggestions.      You can also check whether your desired domain is available or not and if it is not available you

How to Choose a Good Gaming Device

Games are something which attracts every single person on this earth. There was a time when Games were the part of entertainment only but now they are way of education and money making also. The gaming industry is booming at a higher speed because games are becoming part of the life of every single person. With the boost in internet, Smartphone’s and gaming consoles now a day’s every single person is connected with some sort of games during his daily routine. These people could be playing internet casino games to win real money , games like FIFA soccer to get entertained and games like hungry birds to learn. For you to earn more with internet casino games or get entertained with the other games you must have the right gaming devices. Every year, we see a new army of gaming consoles coming into existence and old consoles are being replaced by new devices. The main purpose of new gaming devices is to increase the gamers’ engagement and create the feeling of reality. As w

How to Get Your Website Ready for SEO

     Many set up a website with the aim of reaching more people to inform them about their services or cause. Website owners strive to have many visitors to their page; and the more, the better. Large numbers of visitors mean that is more likely to get potential customers. However, sometimes, there may be impediments to having visitors visit the website. In other cases, there can be huge traffic that is meaningless – cold traffic. Or maybe visitors do not know you or your brand and are yet to like you, while the website is not well equipped to convert them into warm leads. In this case, the website fails in its core role of company marketing and convert visitors into buyers. To boost the number of visitors to your website, you need to do search engine optimization (SEO) or engage SEO experts in carrying out the exercise for you. What are those factors that you will need to improve before your website is ready for SEO? Read on for more information.    Site architecture