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How to Get Your Website Ready for SEO

     Many set up a website with the aim of reaching more people to inform them about their services or cause. Website owners strive to have many visitors to their page; and the more, the better. Large numbers of visitors mean that is more likely to get potential customers. However, sometimes, there may be impediments to having visitors visit the website. In other cases, there can be huge traffic that is meaningless – cold traffic. Or maybe visitors do not know you or your brand and are yet to like you, while the website is not well equipped to convert them into warm leads. In this case, the website fails in its core role of company marketing and convert visitors into buyers. To boost the number of visitors to your website, you need to do search engine optimization (SEO) or engage SEO experts in carrying out the exercise for you. What are those factors that you will need to improve before your website is ready for SEO? Read on for more information.    Site architecture   

Top 10 Handpicked Widgets for Blogger

This article will help you in installing top and most popular widgets on your blog. Here are 10 cute widgets for blogger blogs that will beautify your blog. These widgets are necessary if you want to make a professional looking blog. These 10 handpicked widgets are best in its category. After installing these cool blogger gadgets your blog will look like a professional blog and your readers will love to stay at your website. Gadgets like popular post will allow your readers to read your most valuable content and this will increase your page views. If people stay on your site for more duration then it will help your website in better search engine rankings because it will decrease your bounce rate. Top 10 widgets/gadgets for blogger blogs  Author box / profile This is the must have widget for a website. The idea is , your visitors should know who is the owner of this blog so that they can follow you everywhere. If you provide quality articles to your visitors then your audi

How can I earn Rs 50k within a month with my laptop and internet?

     10 years ago Earning 50k in a month was very hard, but now it becomes easier if you have skills or a business mind. Today there are many companies which will give you online jobs to do and for that they will charge 20 to 30% of your earnings. However, many people complain about giving this much of the commission, but it's really great if you don't know how to get direct advertisers or jobs to do. You don't need to reach brands and advertisers for jobs and this all work will be done by various online platforms like Blogmint, Fiverr, Freelancer etc. These are various ways of making money online, but today I will tell you only best and working methods. Out of which some jobs require skills while others don't require any special skills.      Choosing right skill to monetize with a job is very important. I would suggest you to check all types of online jobs posted here and then choose the best suited one. If you still have questions about making money, then feel free