How to Get Your Website Ready for SEO

     Many set up a website with the aim of reaching more people to inform them about their services or cause. Website owners strive to have many visitors to their page; and the more, the better. Large numbers of visitors mean that is more likely to get potential customers. However, sometimes, there may be impediments to having visitors visit the website. In other cases, there can be huge traffic that is meaningless – cold traffic. Or maybe visitors do not know you or your brand and are yet to like you, while the website is not well equipped to convert them into warm leads. In this case, the website fails in its core role of company marketing and convert visitors into buyers. To boost the number of visitors to your website, you need to do search engine optimization (SEO) or engage SEO experts in carrying out the exercise for you. What are those factors that you will need to improve before your website is ready for SEO? Read on for more information.

Site architecture

     The way a site is coded and the content is arranged are very important factors that affect technical SEO. Make sure your site has clean code, external CSS files, and clean JavaScript.  During a search engine result, the site is crawled by the search spider which needs clean code to index what is important on your site. You must find what the matter is if Google cannot crawl your site.

SEO friendly platform

     Nowadays, it is easy to build a website due to the wide availability of a variety of platforms, some even industry-specific. Sadly, some of these platforms were built without having SEO in mind. SEO is impossible without access to the right meta-tags. Having no option to add content renders a website impossible to attract organic traffic. Your site must be accessible and SEO-friendly.

Loading speed

     For a high position in search engine results, loading speed is one of the key factors. There are ways of increasing your site’s loading speed, but they are expensive and time-consuming. You can test the loading speed of your site using some tools.

Multiple-page website

     There is a large number of one-page websites in the digital scene lately, and they have become the in-thing. They may look attractive from the point of view of a simple user. However, it may be impossible to get search engine optimized without a variety of keywords. If you dream of ranking on Google’s first page of results, you should rethink about making your site more complex to include a larger number of keywords.

Mobile-friendliness or mobile-responsiveness

     Mobile-responsiveness is not only important for search engine results rankings, but also for an improvement of the user experience. A good portion of the web traffic, more than half, occurs on mobile devices. It is expected that this percentage to get even higher. It is crucial to ensure that your site is responsive to mobile devices before getting SEO done as surfing on mobile devices is the new frontier.



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