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GetResponse vs Aweber vs MailChimp: The Battle of Dominance

Branding has become a dire need of every business looking to grow its assets in the market. Promotion of business on internet has become one of the necessary things. Email marketing is what that can be linked closely to business promotion online. Though there are lot many things to promote business, but email marketing is the effective one.  Aweber ,  MailChimp ,  GetResponse  are few of the fabulous tools that acts as an effective email marketing solutions for big and small businesses and eradicates the need of hiring too many people in the marketing team. GetResponse & Aweber & MailChimp: What is in Common? GetResponse, Aweber & MailChimp are the three notable email marketing tools used by people scross the globe. Though all these three tools are different, but they have something in common. ⦁    The mailing list can be imported at ease and the data entered by users in sign up forms can be recorded. ⦁    The HTML templates can be created by editing exiting template

KickOffLabs VS. GetResponse Landing Page Builder Review: Which Landing Page Creator to Choose?

      Hi there, we all know Landing Pages has an important role to play in the lead generation and email list building. The increasing popularity of the trend of creation of Landing Pages has given birth to many of the services and tools to create Landing Pages. Thus, with the arrival of so many new tools, it is becoming tough for one to choose the right tool to build the Best Landing Pages. To help, we already ran a series of comparison reviews of various Landin Page Builders and today we are going to review two popular such tools,  KickOffLabs  and the  GetResponse Landing Page Builder . GetResponse Landing Page Builder Overview  GetResponse is a tool or service, which do not need any Introduction. Anybody related to email marketing may be known to GetResponse. It is such a powerful glow of light in the world of email marketing which can’t be fade by any tool or service else. Here are the quick features of the Landing Page Builder offered by GetResponse. ⦁    You do n

Top 15 Working Ways to Make Money with Your Website [ 100% Real Methods]

     When I start writing this post I found that a lot of people are searching about the best way to make money with a website and without website. Then I checked the websites appearing in Google and found that only few of the methods listed for earning money are working and some of them are duplicate. So I decided to list only top earning methods that actually works . You can make money from a website without selling anything. There are also some ways to make money off a website. Now earn money with working ways and not outdated methods of earning. Now get paid to advertise on your site. Here I provide detailed information about the domain of earning so that it makes easier to understand and also easier to figure which one is perfect for you. If you want to know pros and cons of earning online then I will recommend you to read this article thoroughly. I did a lot of research and hard work to write this post and that's why I want feedback from you, please comment below and let m

12 most popular Travel blogs in India

       Hello bloggers, here is the list of top travel blogs of India.  These bloggers are famous travel bloggers and are very skilled and professionals. Here we have only 10 Most popular travelers and you can be one of them as there are 2 slots available right now.  Some Basic factors for selecting top Travel Bloggers in India. 1. Website's traffic. 2. Industry Experience. 3. Popularity. 4. Writing skills. 5. Achievements. 6. User engagements on Blog. 7. Photographic skills.   Top 12 most popular Travel blogs in India 1. Shivya Nath      She is just a girl who travels and At the age of 23 she quit her job. She hitchhiked along Romania's northern countryside, lived with the chocolate farmers in Costa Rica, journeyed along Canada's great wilderness by train and swum with black tip sharks on Malaysia's east coast. Her world famous travel blog - The Shooting Star - was awarded India's best travel blog at The Indian Blogger Awards 2013 held by Ind

Review of 360 Degree Security Lite App

     This article is about new android app which is 360 degree security lite. This app is intended to help peoples with low ram size ie  for devices less than 1 GB ram. This app comes with variety of inbuilt functions like free antivirus , free task cleaner and free storage optimizer. This app is doing the task of 3 different apps isn't it cool. This app also tries to reduce space on your phone and is of only 3.84 MB. So if you have 1 battery optimizer of 10 MB , 1 antivirus of 15 MB , 1 ram booster of 5 MB and 1 cache and junk file cleaner of 10 MB , then you need to manage 4 different apps and need 40 MB of space in your internal memory. You know each app generally needs 10 to 25 MB of ram to work, and for 4 different apps you need 80 to 100 MB ram to use these apps. Now come to 360 security lite antivirus , it is of 3.84 MB , uses your ram lightly, saves you data cost of updating 4 different apps, saves your internal space , saves your time of managing 4 different apps , do wo

Why SNOV.IO is my First Choice For Email Drip Campaigns

     When it comes to marketing, people trust and spend their time and money on email marketing campaigns. This is because of good response and conversion rates. But sending just emails and waiting for conversion/response is now old-fashioned already.      Nowadays, email drip campaigns are in trend and they give higher conversion rates, automation, and statistics. Email drip сampaigns make email marketing automated which saves your time and money. You can also automate follow-ups.      Here, in this post, I am going to show you one of the best and my favorite tools for email drip campaigns. It is Snovio which stole my heart with its unique features and rich user interface and the best part is, it's highly customizable. How To Create The First Email Drip Campaign using Snovio?     It is very simple to build an email drip campaign when Snovio is here. You can easily generate leads. Everything is so simple, you just need to build the email drip campaign

Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

     Hello Guys, here I am providing you a short review of Top 5 keyword Research Tools to do perfect Search Engine Optimization. Read carefully before using any tool given below . Bookmark this list for better keyword research tips and tricks. Read: 10 Best keyword density checker 1. Google AdWords : Keyword Planner     It is owned by google and launched for AdWord customers. An AdWord customer who want to publish his ad can use google AdWord tool to know volume of search terms and their competition. This will help them in planning their bids and keywords . However this tool can be used by others without paying anything to google . Benefits of google keyword planner : keyword search : You can get keyword's total monthly search volume and competition and set your keywords accordingly to this . keyword suggestions : After searching for a keyword you can get similar keywords , so you can add those keywords in your blog or website and can easily increase your searc