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9 ways to Grow twitter followers

     Want to grow your twitter followers or want to become famous over twitter, then read this article about increasing twitter followers in a short span of time. Follow the tricks below and get maximum twitter following in a day and go viral. #1: Set up your profile.     Set up your profile perfectly and In a professional way. Put your complete details about your passion, interest, hobbies and qualities. Add your website and blog to your twitter account. #2: Tell the reason to follow you      Show your talent to your audience. Tell them the reason why they should follow you by giving your talent details. What is your niche in which you are expert tell everything to your followers. #3: Tweet less but give more information      Give your audience interesting informations about your topics. Don't let them get boar. #4: Create viral content        Create some viral contents, so your audience will ReTweet and you will get more followers. In this way you can grow your twitter followers

How to Remove Subscribe to Posts (atom) from Blogger

Remove - Subscribe to : Post (Atom) From Blogger How to remove subscribe to posts (atom) from blogger. This is very simple, below we have various methods to delete, remove or hide Subscribe to post atom easily with less than 3 steps. Delete subscribe to posts atom From Blogspot Go to your Dashboard Visit Template and then click on Edit HTML Click inside the box and press CTRL + F keys to open Blogger' search box Now find the code  <b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/> Remove this code from your blogger template and click on save template. Now this will remove /delete  subscribe to: posts (atom) link from your Blogspot blog. Remove subscribe to posts (atom) with CSS Go to Your Dashboard Visit to Template and click on customize Find ADD CSS in your settings and add below code in textbox  .feed-links { display:none !important; } click on save changes and you are done  REMOVING THE WRENCH ICON FROM YOUR WEBPAGES Follow above steps till step 3 and add

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing and Adsense

     Everyone want to earn money online in an easy as well as trusted way, and blogs are one of them.  You just need to start a blog and apply for affiliate partner of Trusted Online companies or you can apply for an ad account like Google's Adsense. Today in this article you will learn how to make 1000 $ easily with a blog online. You can work from home with online blogs. How to earn money with blogs ?        BLOGS : Blogs are web pages present over internet and have very less cost for their maintenance. Blogs like Blogger and WordPress are usually totally free and will not cost you for hosting and domain name charges despite it will add " " or "" with your blog's name. But you can purchase a domain name and can easily map it to your blog. In this way you will have a professional blog name with free hosting space and unlimited bandwidth. Advantages of blogs : Totally free : Blogs are totally free to start. Free domain : You will n

How smartphone tech is helping the youth of the nation evolve.

     A Nation becomes great if it has quality education for their youth and it provide right environment to nurture their talent. If peoples of the nation are literate and talented then the nation will develop in short span of time.       As we are in digital era and largely supporting Prime Minister Modi's digital India campaign, we need to know about latest digital tech that will help India become fully digitized. One of the common Gadget popular among today's youth is Smartphone that replace traditional Mobiles and Personal Computer.       In countries like ours quality education may not be available in rural areas and even villages nearby to our 'Metro' cities.   Here comes the true use of Internet which is rapidly growing in the entire earth, where people can learn  everything with e-books and video lectures from different teachers and authors online right from their smartphones. They have freedom to ask thousands of questions many times on online education forums/

9 Best CPC/PPC ad network for publishers

     Every other blogger start blogging to make money online but with time blogging becomes passion for them. In this post I am gonna tell you how to earn from PPC network (pay per click) or CPC network (cost per click).       This post is for top and best high paying CPC/PPC ad networks or simply you can say this post is  top Adsense alternatives. As a publisher you need high paying ad network so that you can earn good sum of money from your blog. I have selected some pay per click ad networks that are suitable for both India and united state's traffic   1. Media Net      To compete with Google, Yahoo and Bing both came together and made their search engine a perfect rival for google. As we know in terms of marketing google have Adsense for publishers to promote AdWord's ad which is highly paying network in this world. That's why yahoo and bing started paying  ad network for publishers which is known as       They both launched this ad network after combining al

Top 15 Working Ways to Make Money with Your Website

     When I start writing this post I found that a lot of people are searching about the best way to make money with a website and without website. Then I checked the websites appearing in Google and found that only few of the methods listed for earning money are working and some of them are duplicate. So I decided to list only top earning methods that actually works .       You can make money from a website without selling anything. There are also some ways to make money off a website. Now earn money with working ways and not outdated methods of earning. Now get paid to advertise on your site. Here I provide detailed information about the domain of earning so that it makes easier to understand and also easier to figure which one is perfect for you. If you want to know pros and cons of earning online then I will recommend you to read this article thoroughly. I did a lot of research and hard work to write this post and that's why I want feedback from you, please comment below and

how to get gov and edu links

Seo becomes hard in past few years because of high competition in this field . However , some blogger and website owners found that generating edu and gov type backlinks can give them high search engine rankings. The reason behind this thinking is high authority of (.)edu and (.)gov backlinks. linkbuilding strategy told that its better to get some gov and edu backlinks of high authority . This is helpfull in increasing PageRank as well as pageauthority . A person who is doing seo for his website can create backlinks from educational and government domains. I will tell you the reason behind high authority and quality of these links. In last I have added list  to gov and edu sites for blog commenting purposes. They are instant approval edu and gov blogs. Bookmark this list and gain as many as possible links to your site. Why are EDU and GOV Backlinks are Powerful? The reason behind the power of this links are authority given by google's algorithms. Like us we can purchase any domain