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8 Best Programming Languages for Beginners in 2020

Top 8 Best/Powerful Computer Programming Languages 2020

In this post you will get some brief description of 8 most popular and powerful programming languages.


     JavaScript is an interpreted, multi- paradigm language. It is a  scripting language developed by Netscape to enable Web authors to design interactive sites. JavaScript can interact with HTML source code, enabling Web authors to spice up their sites with dynamic content. 

     Javascript is one of the most versatile programming language and nowadays it's nearly possible to do everything with it. If you love Type checking, then Typescript is there for you.  

Strengths: Large Community Support and Dynamic Programming Capabilities.

Weaknesses: Single Threaded.
2. Python

    Python is an interpreted, multi-paradigm programming language written by Guido van Rossum in the late 1980. Python is used as the main programming choice of both Google and Ubuntu.

Strengths: Excellent readability and overall philosophy

Weaknesses: Not Much Cross Platform Support. 

3. C++ programming

     C++ programming is a  object oriented programming language written as an update to C in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. Basically it is known as  C with classes. It is developed as an update for C language to make C more powerful. Today many games and office suites are written in c++ language.

Strengths: Speed.

Weaknesses: C++ is also older and make it difficult to learn in comparison to java or c#

4. PHP

     PHP uses a run-time interpreter, and is a multi-paradigm language originally developed initially in 1996. It was developed  by Rasmus Jerem to create dynamic web pages. In starting  it was not even a complete programming language, but with time it became a fully featured object-oriented programming language.

Today, PHP is the most popular language used to write web applications.

Example : You use Facebook everyday which was initially developed  in  php.

Strengths: Web programming, high security.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent syntax, too many ways to do the same thing.

5.  Java

     Java programming is an object oriented language and was first released in 1995. It was developed  by Sun Micro-systems. It  is the number one language in programming world today because of  many reasons. Firstly, it consists of a well-organized language with a strong library of reusable software components like function. Secondly, programs written in Java can run on every machine and different platform. 

Sometimes this is referred to as code portability or even  write once, run anywhere. 

Java Strengths: WORA, popularity

Java Weaknesses: Slower than other compiled languages like c language.

6. C#

     C# is a compiled, object-oriented language written by Microsoft.  It is very similar to Java in both
syntax and nature.

Strengths: Powerful and pretty fast.

Weaknesses: Only really suitable for Windows.

7. C programming

     C programming is a procedural language developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie for use in the UNIX operating.  C is used to write code for same machine as a result it is very fast. Although C is very old language, it is still widely used for system programming, writing other programming languages, and in embedded systems.

Strengths: high Speed

Weaknesses: Memory management like pointers can be difficult to learn.

These are some strengths and weakness of 7 major programming languages.
Hope it will help you with your choice of learning best programming languages.

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